As an office worker, it is quite bad to like the original God but cannot touch the computer. The problem of playing the original god on the phone is not big, but the large -screen visual experience on the PC side is missing.

Fortunately, Teacher Chen Zhiyi’s original god music feast has not discounted in mobile games. If you do n’t play games, you can also open Netease Cloud at any time and enjoy the OST album of Monde and Liyue.

Of course, the premise is that you need to have a Bluetooth headset with good sound quality, and the noise reduction function must be available, so no matter how troublesome the surrounding environment is, the light strategy Zhuang in your heart is still quiet and beautiful. Let’s talk about a pair of TWS headphones that I use to play original gods and listening to music. Three pictures first, and then use the experience.

Rapoo = Lei Bo, I have the most contact with the keyboard and mouse in this brand. I did not expect that in the field of Bluetooth headsets, Ra Bo also came up with sincerity.

This real wireless headset model is Leibo TI100, which is mainly ANC’s active noise reduction and inductive delay. At the same time, it has a long enough battery life and supports wireless charging. It is more convenient to return blood. The sound quality of the headset is also worth saying, I will put it behind the article.

Simply open a box, the accessories include Type-C charging cable, multi-sideline replacement of ear caps and ear wings, as well as product manuals. Here I want to thank Zealer for providing test products, let’s talk about the details of the headset.

Leibo TI100’s headphones are moderate in the TWS headset I have used. The charging warehouse is slightly larger than that of the charging warehouse. It corresponds to the built -in lithium of 6 (headset itself) +30 hours (charging warehouse blood). There are silver decorations on the back of the white warehouse and the back of the headset. The overall design coordinates the atmosphere. It is obviously different from the other TWS headphones I have used. “It is the key.

When the earphones are out of the factory, they are placed in the charging warehouse. When use, tore off the stickers at the metal contacts of the two headphones and put them in the middle of the warehouse to activate the use; support the automatic pairing of the boot. After binding with the mobile phone Bluetooth, You only need to remove the headset at a time to automatically turn on.


Leibo TI100’s headset has a built -in 9mm composite film speaker, supports ANC active noise reduction, and also supports single and two ears independently. Although the weight of the single ear is 6.9g, the headset is smart and the structure is more reasonable. Therefore Wings and ear caps will be very comfortable to wear in the ear. It will not feel squeezed and can be worn steadily.


Close -up: The outer silver solar pattern decorative surface is quite temperamental. There is a blue and white two -color LED indicator below the RAPOO logo. The small hole above is the outer noise reduction wheat. Reverse environmental noise, the minimum noise reduction depth can reach -25DB. In addition, the Leibo TI100 also supports three noise reduction modes. APT → ANC is turned on → ANC turning cyclic switching. Just double -click the touch surface.

Leibo TI100 has two characteristics that I like better. First of all, it is control: it is designed without physical bonds. The full touch operation is very intelligent. In addition to the double -click switching noise reduction mode just mentioned, it also supports three -click to wake up AI assistant , Click the suspension/play or answer/hang up, long press the left ear and the right ear to switch to the previous song, the next song, it is simple and direct when controlling, and it is not easy to touch; the second advantage is to support IPX5 waterproof. Running and fitness are not afraid of being eroded by sweat. The large and medium -sized three pair of ear caps+ear wings can be replaced. My ear purse is stable with the middle number. During the warm -up exercise stage before running Will not fall.


About eight or nine days, it gives me the most impressive impression that the length of the battery life is long. 6+30h can be said to be the top three in TWS in my hand. Now I have less rest time. I run every two or three days to go every two or three days to go to the gym, wearing headphones to listen to songs, standby to answer the phone; I usually wear it when I use my mobile phone to hit the original god. I started with 4 grids at first. And it also supports wireless charging. The wireless charger I bought for Xiaomi Mi can be directly universal. Usually put it directly on the wireless charger. Unless you go away, you don’t need to consider charging. Go home and put it on the wireless charging board. Essence


On the other hand, the active noise reduction effect is good, and even unexpected; coupled with the low -delay high rate of high -performance Bluetooth 5.1 high -performance Bluetooth 5.1, the king of chickens, the original God’s high immersive experience, all nice.


The real wireless earphones, there are less than 20 or thirty models I have experienced in my hand. You can refer to my personal experience and not be biased by the marketing rhythm. If your budget is average (distressed by spending 500 or more), I personally do not recommend stronger Apple AirPods.


Friends who have bought the first generation of AirPods have suffered an ANC active noise reduction. When they come and wait, they will spend more than 10 red tickets in the end, and the sound quality and noise reduction experience will not be a few points. The TI100 TI100, which is positioned for three or five hundred TWS headphones, has almost no difference between ANC effect and use operation. It can be used as a substitute. It is not good to save the silver two dry two.


You have to think about this down -to -earth -TWS Bluetooth headset can be durable, and it is also a “passing the air”. It is basically Meng Xiaobai with the evaluation of hard and rigidity with wired headphones and playing metaphysics.

Talking about the sound quality of the TWS headset, you do not necessarily need to have a pair of gold ear, but only you need to pass the audition to feel whether the delay of the headset is “unsophisticated” and whether the connection is stable. Whether the sound effect is good.

If these are good, go to check the comfort, battery life, touch experience, waterproof and dustproof, and so on. Like the Leibo TI100 I showed today, the quality of various items is superior, as well as ANC’s active noise reduction and wireless charging, which is very good.


In short, everyone should do their best. Three or five hundred and more than a thousand are listening. The difference between your ears cannot be heard. You should not let you pay money to pay. Remember. #真 真