Recently, the love comedy of “Sour Sour Sweetheart” is about the story of a couple who began to fall in love at first sight and began to fall in love at first sight. Zhang Jilong, who wants to take care of his career and love, is our big pig’s foot today.

Zhang Jilong was born in South Korea on August 7, 1992. He made his debut through Seoul Fashion Week. At the same time, he became a frequent visitor to various shows in South Korea and filmed a lot of fashion magazines. In 2014, he appeared in the urban love drama “It’s okay, it’s love”, and entered the entertainment industry.

The men’s men’s stitching sweater, a variety of tones, very three -dimensional, with a pair of dark gray trousers, formal clothes and leisure.

女友视角下的张基龙 休闲正装同样帅气

Hats and shoes with watches, plus the mix of vertical stripes, this is the brightest dress in summer, and the most beautiful you!

女友视角下的张基龙 休闲正装同样帅气

Black T -shirts with jeans can be described as the public, but the classic is always classic, and it will not be outdated, so you can still choose this dress with confidence.

女友视角下的张基龙 休闲正装同样帅气

Denim shirts can be used directly as a coat. With a T -shirt or vest bottom, you can choose SIZE No. 1 as appropriate. It gives a layered texture. The buttons of the buttons are not buckled. It depends on your own preferences!

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