Since the coming of the Korean flow, South Korea’s fashion taste has been sought after, and even the hairstyle of Korean men’s popular hairstyles will be quickly imitated. Now there are South Korea Salon sorting out 3 most popular men’s hairstyles in South Korea. What is the head of Oba?

3种最受韩国女性欢迎的欧巴发型 新技能get

Suggaining bangs pot lid

3种最受韩国女性欢迎的欧巴发型 新技能get

The pot lid is a relatively popular name. Now it is more commonly called ‘Hou Liu Hai’ s head ’. More and more men hold photos of Kim Soo -hyun or Lee Min Ho for the hair shop and ask for the same hairstyle.

The biggest focus of this hairstyle is the proportion of thick bangs. When you blow your hair, remember to blow your hair forward first, then use an electric roll stick to make the hair layered, and finally use the hair wax.

Retro oil

Nowadays, retro oil head hairstyles are no longer representing conservative and old -fashioned, but the hottest hairstyles in the fashion and entertainment industry. Many Korean stars have appeared in this shape. It can highlight the three -dimensional sense of facial features. Young people look more mature and stable, while middle -aged men look elegant and decent, adding gentleman taste.

The proportion of retro oil heads that is currently popular is about 28 points. At first, the forehead bangs were blown up with a hair dryer, and then boldly grasped a large number of hair waxes and applied to the palm of the hand.

3种最受韩国女性欢迎的欧巴发型 新技能get

Six -four -sided heads

3种最受韩国女性欢迎的欧巴发型 新技能get

The June 4th side points are also popular (Guo Fucheng’s head). Most Koreans generally have photos of star hairstyles when they go to barber shops. Recently, Li Zhongshuo and Yinhe both appeared in this hairstyle. Han Xing’s six -and -side side is combined with the sense of lines emphasized by the retro oil head, so that the hair will not be too heavy and rigid, and the whole person’s spirit is much better.

This hairstyle emphasizes fluffy, and it is necessary to make the head shape a certain curved. The front finishing is similar to the retro oil head, but it is just fine when the hair is set, and it is not necessary to get it like a retro oil head.

The last sentence

3种最受韩国女性欢迎的欧巴发型 新技能get

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