The skirt is rich in style, and it is no exaggeration to say that women’s dresses are not duplicated in 365 days a year, but they want to wear a skirt to feel stunning. The choice of style is very important, especially for the age of the age For women, because of age and figure, the style has been greatly restricted. It is impossible to choose extremely exaggerated dresses. Basically, it is mainly based on temperament.

The Spanish royal family can be said to be the simplest royal family in the global royal family. They are not like the British room, and they are full of pearls, and they can even be said that the clothes of the Spanish royal family will basically not exceed 6 digits. At the beginning of the four words, there were several 5 -character beginning at the beginning. As the queen, Lottzia was really saved.

Wear small knowledge: cheongsam -style Chinese style long skirt, dignified elegance and temperament

The skirt is beautiful, and the style of the skirt is really important. It determines the style of the entire style. The different styles of different ages are different. For example Overall still shows temperament, so the error rate is low, and the fashion effect is also good, which is in line with their age.

This time, Litizia finally changed its new shape, and rarely chose a Chinese -style cheongsam dress, but the neckline was used in the neckline, otherwise it was exactly the same as the cheongsam. The length of the calf is exposed, the shape is elegant and elegant, very dignified, and the charm of oriental women.

Put on small details: fancy pattern embellishment to avoid too dull and old -fashioned

Although the basic color skirt is versatile classic, it is also very friendly for women in temperament, but in the fashion sense of fashion, you can also enjoy it in a short time, but you can’t stand long -term viewing. The monotonous sense of vision, so it is necessary to change the details. For mature women, the best way is to add personalized elements, which is difficult and the effect is obvious.

The long skirt of Lottzia adopts a similar way. Large area of ​​black as the background, calm and atmospheric, it looks a bit dull, but it is embellished with a golden pattern. The dazzling, without a trace of flaws, perfectly in line with her age and style.

Putting on a small knowledge: the weight of the waist is heavy, highlighting the perfect body ratio

No matter whether it is a long skirt or a short skirt, women’s dresses must make the waistline. It is how high the so -called waistline is and how long the legs are. This is too important for choosing the basic skirt. Of course, the body of the controller does not show signs of meat, and it will not be very greasy to reduce the beauty of the shape.

It can be seen that Queen Lotizia’s figure is really thin. Visually, this small waist is estimated to have only 1 foot 6 or even very little. The long skirt that puts on the minimum size does not need to create a waistline, a graceful figure The curve is very feminine. The first lady in the same frame of South Korea is almost thinner into her half size. It is really too thin. Fortunately, her temperament is outstanding, otherwise she is unprecedented on her body.


QS: Which skirts do you like after Laihou?


Choose TIPS: sweet and cool type

Naturally, wearing a skirt is indispensable. Its appearance can get rid of the monotonous dress of the basic skirt, but this size must be grasped to avoid the sense of vulgarity. If the solid color is too simple, the pattern of the splicing color is also feasible. Of course Flower whistle. La Lai is more reference. Pink white and small area of ​​the strap are exposed, which is refreshing and comfortable.


Choose TIPS: capable temperament type

Pure color skirts cannot satisfy young women, but for women with temperament, solid color is simply the best choice. Queen Letizia is simple and simple, but in the temperament, it is really stubborn. In the queen, she is a unique gear, and most of the skirts they wear are mainly solid colors. It is really very good -looking, and it is simple to watch.


Select TIPS: Simple and Profit

如今的裙装丰富多彩,选择的余地也大了,但是总有那么一些裙永不退出,那就是小黑裙,小黑裙沉稳大方,亮度低,驾驭难度也不高,别看它单一, However, it also has a thin and white effect, suitable for women of different ages. Like Lai, it is simple and very beautiful.

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