I did n’t understand the decoration, and the cost of spending money was made into the brand’s top wardrobe. As a result, I turned it over! It’s annoying!

Go to a friend’s warm room recently,

I found that she didn’t even have a wardrobe


, Create a wardrobe directly by the wall, but it is quite practical.

After reading it, I couldn’t help secretly determined:

If you buy a house to decorate again, you must be irregularly customized! It is expensive and easy to have problems. I also have to build a wall as a wardrobe, saving money and environmental protection.

What is a wall wardrobe

The so -called “building wall wardrobe” is actually a corner in the room.

Using a new wall with cement bricks, a simple wardrobe surrounded,

There is a strange work with the closet in Japan.


Because the cabinet is embedded in the wall, the sense of existence weakens and saves space; and

The internal can be freely deployed, and the flexibility is high

The most important point is that it is more durable and environmentally friendly than custom wardrobe.

How to build a wall wardrobe

According to your own habits, determine the position of the wardrobe, let the tile work first build the wall, and then oil the oil workers will be gray, find flat, polish, and brush the latex paint. Generally speaking, it is more appropriate to choose a new wall near the side of the door and facilitate the later construction.

Pay attention to the details:

10-20 cm is reserved at the entrance of the door, leaving the position of the door frame and switch

It is best to use red brick and cement brick walls. It is not recommended to use light steel keel and gypsum board.

Planting 50 cm of steel bars between the old and new walls to avoid cracks at the connection

The width of the wall should be dependent according to the size of the room, and it generally reaches 60 cm.

Make 5 cm on the bottom, and the wall brushes 1.8 meters high waterproof, mildew and moisture and anti -moisture, more durable

If you are preparing to install the door later, remember to embed the orbit on the top in advance


It’s best to add a door to the wardrobe



Although the price will be higher, dustproof moisture and beauty are much better than curtains


Essence There are two common cabinets on the market -folding doors and sliding doors. I personally think that the sliding door is more durable, and it is better to take care of it in the future.

How to lay out the wardrobe


The layout of the cabinet is relatively free, as long as it is arranged according to personal habits and needs. I will share with you one of the simplest in -cabinets, for reference only:


① The cabinet is divided into three areas:

Top, middle and bottom


The tops are mainly stored unused items

Hanging clothes in the middle, dividing the long clothes area and short clothes area

The bottom is pulling baskets, storing pants, socks and other scattered items

If the space of the wardrobe is large, the remaining areas can buy a storage box for storage by themselves. It can also be placed in large appliances such as luggage, hanging perm, and vacuum cleaner


I also mentioned before that the layout of the wall wardrobe is free. If you are not satisfied, you can adjust it yourself.

Because these metal bracket accessories are basically independent, they want to change the pattern in the later period, and it is very easy to remove and adjust it.

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