The role of Chengdu Jiulong Zhiyuan Storage Equipment Co., Ltd.

Chengdu Jiulong Zhiyuan Storage Equipment Co., Ltd. distributes and wholesale supermarket shelves, warehouse shelves, titanium alloy display cabinets, vegetable and fruit frames, supermarket shopping carts and other varieties and reasonable prices. Let’s take a look at what the shelves are? What’s the use!

Supermarket shelves refer to the shelves of cargo in the supermarket. There are many types of shelves, iron, wood, glass, etc. Applying shelves allows a large number of goods in supermarkets, shopping malls, and convenience stores to place them in an orderly manner. The entire space looks more spacious and tidy, and there is also a place to start the purchase of goods.

The overall stores are rich in display, so the demand for shelves is higher. The bidding will be a shelf for the development of the standard supermarket. The biggest feature is lightweight and beautiful. It does not have a complicated attachment type as a large store shelves, and it has also made corresponding adjustments in the display method. It pays more attention to the display effect of the product’s display effect. And humanity display. Convenience store shelves are suitable for convenience stores and cosmetics stores. The installation concept without tools is used to install simple installation. The biggest feature of the shelves is exquisite, light, beautiful, and strong.

Not only that, the shelves also have single -sided shelves (mainly used for walls), double -sided shelves, end frames (for both ends of a row of double -sided shelves). With the continuous development of the supermarket industry, in order to meet the needs of supermarket display, shelf companies have developed a series of zone shelves, such as washing shelves and clothing racks.


Why do shopping malls, supermarkets, convenience stores and other places use shelves? There are several reasons. One is to display the goods with a shelf, which can efficiently use limited operating space, arrange the goods in order to make customers clear at a glance, and send the product information as soon as possible to customers. The determination to buy is also the basic business facilities for the salesperson to provide customers with high -level services. The second is to display goods with shelves, which can effectively prevent moisture, dustproof, anti -theft, and damage prevention to improve the quality of material storage.


The above is the sharing of the shelves in Chengdu Jiu Longzhuan Yuan Storage Equipment Co., Ltd.!

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