Hi I am a cooling warning tips for your unsuspend.


I don’t know if there is a little shell with me. When I am in winter, I will be cold, and I can be used as a magic.


Every winter my life can be said to be a warm baby hot water bottle air conditioner and down jacket.


This is not in the winter, it is a good time to wear windclothes, but I started to borrow the down jacket in the wardrobe. Seeing that the double eleven is close, the foot is calculated, my five lines of western goose, it is time to buy

Universe first warm down jacket


Canadian goose


Canada Goose

(Hereinafter referred to as CG)

It is the world’s top warm clothing brand, founded in 1957, LOGO is the Arctic + Maple Leaf.

In 60 years, CG has developed into a small warehouse in Toronto, developed into the world’s leading luxury apparel manufacturer, always upholds the adventure spirit, the best quality, reliability and excellent Canadian craft, its coat number


Resist minus 30 degrees




As the name suggests, the filler materials of the CG coat are duck and goose hair. The hair in the cap is a wolf, that is, luxurious and warm. Coat

Waterproof wind

, General rain and snow can resist. Therefore, from the scientist of the Naid McMillo Station, the climber climbed the Mount Everest, and then the exploration of the Arctic Adventure is the hardcore fan of CG.


CG also attracted a batch of fashionable frenzy powder, regarding its Pike coat as a winter city, fashion must be prepared:

Putin, 007, Stone sister Emma Stone, Girl’s S

It is all faithful. Year

Ma Dad see Sichuan

(Can I add a hot spot in temporary 蹭?) Wearing the Canada Goose. It can be said, put on Canada Goose, you have not only fighting the ice and snow, you can get fashion blessings!

There have been a steel gluten friend who has a lot of CG Parker coats. In order to alleviate the burden on the little shell of blind syndrome as her blindness, Yang Taojun sorted out 3 popular Parco coats, let you blindly bought it!


Rossclair Parka

The CG Parker coat has always been the standard of movie workers, and the mirror rate in Hollywood movie is very high, and there is a debut in the big film “Galant” and “National Treasure”. The first Amway called Rossclair, “The Sky” swept the cold wave of the United States to make humans fearful, and the first choice for the cold equipment in the ice and snow.

Compared to the two we have to say, the Rossclair length is shorter, which is both cold and does not hinder the convenience of action. The front and long design, especially those who are relatively full of hips, will not make people look bloated.


Kensington Parka

The famous capture photo of the stone sister Emma Stone is a billboard, which is the most popular style of the CG. Most people buy down jackets will choose long section. Kensington’s length is just in half of the thigh. Handsome neutral is still a trendy sense, with a tight jeans clean and profit.

Kensington’s waist has an elastic band and buttons, which can adjust the waist, modify the body, so it is very popular. The length of the clothes is just to cover your ass, especially the fairy who is suitable for pear shaping ~



MyStique Parka


The mystique parka of the pressure axis refers to the mystery, the longest and most warm in Canada, and the net red model on INS. If you are really afraid to die, it will never let you down.


MyStique uses the full-length protection design of the movie scene and the urban street, the length of the length of 1.25 meters, can completely cover the calf, not only there is not bloated feel, but also the air field!

Write here, Yang Taojun has already impulsive to the hand, now everything is only a soft sister coin, is you see?

Canadian goose