After Bai Lu, it’s an autumn.

Every time I go this time, I especially want to be close, miss, and prepare a warm gift: warm clothes.

This is a soft armor,

Not only is a warmth, it is also a calm potential.

The bleak’s autumn wind, the cold ice and snow, the warmth, cozy, only the people who have been scattered, really understand.

It is buried in all kinds of windbreaker, cotton clothes, coat, down jacket, people

It is warm and never loses a distinctive style, elegant.

The man only warms yourself first, only the people who care care. And women, Yue people, but also more than yourself, with this high quality, elegant warm suit, still rustic, Chu Chu.

However, if you choose to keep warm underwear, you have learned, you are not careful, not only don’t keep warm, but also get bloated, all the temperament is all, the second is big, and Uncle.

Today, it is recommended to come from the national brand –

The muscle bottom of Haishu House is warm underwear set.

It is the warm series of warm products built by Haishu House this autumn and winter.


Moisturizing fever Softwarm fabric, soft hand, wearing a skin like touching yourself.

Haishu House, as a national old brand,

There are nearly 30 years of history in China. “Men’s Wardrobe”, “I’m going to have two times a year”,


Make this brand of households.

Don’t think that the home of Haishu is only doing men, his family is in women’s clothing, and the home service has a deep involvement.


And the best fabric, detailed workmanship, and the first-class garment quality have got the trust of hundreds of millions of people.

Although it is a big brand, the price is the people, and now it is only 99, four high colors, and also divides men and women.

Such a good muscle bottom warm clothing, don’t forget it directly.

Just bring one by one,

Warm and winter.

Don’t look at this kind of muscle warm underwear is so thin, wearing a feeling of warmingly melting.

How do it? We use the size of the ruler, only 0.6cm thick, which is equivalent to one-third of the ordinary warm clothes, but it can be more warm than the general warm underwear.

It uses the big-name thermal underwear.

Moisture heating fibers – SoftWarm, this fiber can absorb skin moisture and convert to heat, and people cross warm.

Also, when we


Draw your clothes with force to see, very small weave traces,

This high-tech woven method is more helpful to form an electric heat storage slot, which can reduce the loss of body heat, so that warmth around us all day.

The ability to heat the temperature also has a test report, far-infrared radiant temperature appreciation 1.6 ° C, in the deep autumn in the north, or the southern ceremony is just a temperature.


This warm clothing is called “muscle bottom coat”, I know the name, just


Like the second layer of people, the skin is full.

The upper body can’t feel its existence, gentle and comfortable, free breathing.

Introduction, the first time I got it, my heart was by it.

Soft and comfortable

Melting, it is really delicate, smooth!


It uses high-quality blended fabrics, which is soft and slippery. Touch the touch of touch. Under natural light, look still

Evan a faint gloss.

I am very suitable for personal wear!

And, its elastic force is very large, not tight or not, suitable for a variety of body.

It is hot, warm, but it is not equal to hot, and can take moisture in time, hot comfort ~


Put the warm clothes on the hot cup, less than 3 seconds, vigorous water vapor through the fabric inside the cup,

The gas permeability is a lever, which is a fabric that “will breathe”.

As a close-fitting dress, the bottom of the casing contacts the skin secretions, and many people are worried about breeding bacteria, infecting the skin, dry itching.

The report of this muscle bottom thermal underwear also shows:


Have 3A-level antibacterial function, even more than 50 or more water washing, the antibacterial effect will not be reduced.

The more close your clothes, the more you want to choose the best, you can rest assured.

This warm clothing is based on the Asian figure, 3D stereo cut, is very inclusive to the body.

Multi-type body can be easily controlled!

Highlight the curve is not tight,

No bloated, no longer need to worry about the three-storey three layers of “snowball” in the three layers of the winter.

Skim! Really thin! Women’s beautiful gentle figure, men have temperature more decent!


The details are full, uniformly adopted

Classic big round neck,

Not smoldering, not easy to deform. The neckline will not be exposed as the internal mount.


And avoid skin-friendly


No sense of printing,

Reduce the friction between the neck, more comfortable.

Cuffs, pants are also loose design,


Do not close, there is gold, exquisite in the cuffs.


Lightweight heat label, feel soft, touch and warm.

Bring a better experience.

The waist design of the pants is


High-elastic, widening belt, touchless sense,

More comfortable.


The trace is very delicate, can’t see a small head,

Whether it is used or gift, it is a warm body!


This warm clothing,

President men and women are classic big round collars, and it is difficult to deform.

The neckline will not be exposed as the internal mount.


4 kinds of advanced color options,


Putting out of its own exclusive taste.

| Men |


Black, dark gray, light gray, Tibetan 4

Color, solid color, how to wear it.


Low-key has texture, slim, highlight deep depth. Whether it is a chic teenager, or a mature and stable man, black can wear a different feeling, it is called the taste.

Self-brought high-level gray, no matter

Deep gray, light gray,

The upper body has a temperament of Wen Wenya.


If you want to break your dull,


Tibetan blue

It is also a good choice, An An quiet, tolerate everything.

In the room, a set of warm clothes is enough, pleasant.

Go out,

Easily adapt to all kinds of shirts, windbreaker, sweater, etc.


Comfortable and warm, escort your style.

Two sets of sets at a time, more convenient.

Four sizes optional:

L, XL, 2XL, 3XL,

Maximum wear to 190 pounds.


| Female money |

Carefully selected


Black, dark gray, apricot, skin powder

4 colors are classic, elegant and thin.

Black slim king,

Highlighting the exquisite body, outside with all kinds of clothes are not bloated, not too tired, and keep warm.

Apricot is gentle, and

Put on a clean temperament.


Pelican powder, love, deep gray, excellent,

Two colors are also particularly obscured.

There are four sizes optional: M, L, XL, 2XL, up to 160 pounds.

Give the other half, choose a set, form a couple,


Life is a little bit of patterns, surprises, and happier days.



While picking up two years, don’t forget to bring a textured warmth to your dear family.


This set of warm underwear,

Without 100 yuan, you can enjoy the good quality of China.

Wear for several years.

Exquisite, slim, warm and warm!

Hurry up and act, for yourself, your family will prepare a warm gift!

In the autumn and winter, it has it, and it is possible to save the temperature and the wind, no longer afraid of cold.

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[Pre-sale October 11 delivery] Haishu home muscle bottom thermal underwear set

¥ 99