China Net · Beautiful Jiangsu News Yishui Qingshui, reflecting the new farmer’s new home; row the green tree, stand next to the wide flat rural road; the high hanging on both sides of the red Chinese knot light, under the winter Divide the eyes … This is the color drawing seen in Luo Guun, Dainan Town, Xinghua City, December 1.

Speaking of this red Chinese knot light, the village party secretary, the director of the village Committee “


Luo Village was combined by the original Rover, Rossi’s two natural villages. 1056 households, 3,232 people. During one day, the people can only be detidated by the north of the village. In the education and education of the village parties, this road as one of the projects of the people. With the support of higher leaders, this 700-meter-long Nanhuan Road surrounded by the village was built, and some microsema points were set up, and became a leisure landscape avenue of ordinary people.


More than 200 street lights in the village have been used for a long time. At night, like firefly flashed, the village is all replaced by the LED street light. 42 of them are red-red Chinese knot lights, create a “daily New Year” atmosphere, and people “suspect is the silver river” every night.

Hang Zhenglin said, “Building a beautiful countryside should start from the construction of the environment, but we must improve the environmental quality has to have cultural connotation.” The antique stage set in front of the Village Party Group Service Center, became the “big world” of the people, as long as it is not raining, Every night, there are two farmers’ fitness teams to perform dance here. Every year, there is often a boss, please come to the play, please ask the folks.

In the residential community in the village, I saw a unique custom painting in the wall, a farmer wearing a fighting farmer is using cattle farm. Hang Zhenglin said that this is a cultural wall with the theme of farming culture. There is a scene of cut wheat, planting, and playing the valley. It has installed two Chinese knot lamps. In the evening, there are people who have children come here “to class”, let them understand the hardships of these almost lost farm activities, experience “who knows the dishes, the particles are hard”. The midway booth to the students will also set up a civilized etiquette. Zhao Zhengjun, a 69-year-old party member who is sunping, smiling and I am hopping: “We have been in painting in the painting every day …”

Walking in the large label in Luo Village, he couldn’t see floating things in the river. In recent years, 17 public toilets have been built in the village. Hang Zhenglin said that the environment is a systematic engineering. There are 11 full-time cleaning staff in the village. All village cadres have a responsible area, and there is a sign on the wall and accept the supervision of the people.

Hang Zhenglin believes that it is necessary to solve the people to do, a family can’t do it. Due to historical reasons, there are more than 500 acres of cultivated land in the village, and the tractors, the harvester cannot be lowered, and they have to work hard. The town cadres work together to strive to achieve the basic farmland construction project of Xinghua City, which has repaired the field road and bridge. The author is a 87-year-old Gao Qi elderly who walks on the machinery avenue. Create a landscape with a population.

In the workshop of Taizhou Ring Stainless Steel Products Co., Ltd., more than 10 grandmothers are screwing a nylus of a button size to a screw. The 78-year-old Liu Mai chats to chat with us: “Be a day to get 50 yuan, and talk to the old girl …. It is difficult to recruit, and the Secretary of Hang Zhenglin gives us this golden idea. This kind of living is suitable for the elderly. Don’t underestimate these products, exporting several countries. So the village cadres “please” to here … “Let the people are rich in our struggle”, Hang Zhenglin said. There are 108 small factories in the village, and 1800 villagers have worked in business. Last year, the per capita income of the peasants in the village was 35,000 yuan, an increase of 1,500 yuan over the previous year.

Through the South Ring Road hanging from the Chinese knot light, the guide brand “Luo Village Party Group Service Center” is set in the village South Entrance, and the “Party Construction Leading. Country Revitalization” is written. “Happiness is struggling”, it stands in the line of the cultural wall of the rushing, there is a row of the cultural walls of Yan Jinghe, and the voice of the hardworking wisdom Luo takes the people of the people … (Yuan Jian Jian Li Zhi Pure)

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