Recently, a content released by GAC Ean in its official blog has suddenly attracted widespread attention from media at home and abroad, and many fans have reposted discussions.

燃油造出影豹 新能源造出双门超跑?广汽埃安新车1.9秒破百?

Because the content is said

燃油造出影豹 新能源造出双门超跑?广汽埃安新车1.9秒破百?

“GAC enters the era of supercars”

燃油造出影豹 新能源造出双门超跑?广汽埃安新车1.9秒破百?

, Trailer GAC Aan will release a model to achieve

1.9 seconds to break a hundred pure electric super sports cars

According to various news currently flowing, this pure electric supercar will be released within the year and will be listed soon.

燃油造出影豹 新能源造出双门超跑?广汽埃安新车1.9秒破百?

The price is expected to reach 1 million yuan

燃油造出影豹 新能源造出双门超跑?广汽埃安新车1.9秒破百?

However, because the release date of this blog post is April 1, coinciding with Western April Fool’s Day, many friends have questioned whether this comes out from the official April Fool’s Day pranks from GAC Ean.

燃油造出影豹 新能源造出双门超跑?广汽埃安新车1.9秒破百?

So the professor decided to analyze from various perspectives whether GAC Ean really launched such a supercar.

First of all, according to the vague trailer released by GAC Euan, the design of the supercar in the figure and the release

Enpulse concept car

look alike.

And this Enpulse concept car is indeed a sports car,

The two -door and double body structure is adopted. The shape ratio is very close to the mid -engine supercar, and the designs such as hard -top convertible are used.

燃油造出影豹 新能源造出双门超跑?广汽埃安新车1.9秒破百?

At the same time, GAC Ean also expressed the concept car at the time

With active air dynamic kit, the door adopts a butterfly wing structure,

燃油造出影豹 新能源造出双门超跑?广汽埃安新车1.9秒破百?

It is in line with everyone’s concept of a top supercar.

燃油造出影豹 新能源造出双门超跑?广汽埃安新车1.9秒破百?

In the comment area of ​​GAC Ean’s blog post, some netizens also left a message to mention April Fool’s Day, but GAC’s reply was: “I regret it today.”

燃油造出影豹 新能源造出双门超跑?广汽埃安新车1.9秒破百?

It can be seen that this release date on April 1 is likely to be just a coincidence.

Therefore, comprehensive news judgment of various aspects, the news of “Ean Super Run” does have a certain credibility, not necessarily a fool of April Fool’s Day.

However, does GAC Aan really have the ability to make pure electric supercars?

燃油造出影豹 新能源造出双门超跑?广汽埃安新车1.9秒破百?

First of all, let’s focus on the attention first

“1.9 seconds to break 100”

At this publicity point.

As we all know, pure electric models can achieve ultra -fast acceleration performance in a very simple and rude way; now four or five hundred horsepower, the price of electric vehicles with a price of 300,000 or 400,000 in 5 seconds is displayed.

燃油造出影豹 新能源造出双门超跑?广汽埃安新车1.9秒破百?

Himeli is worthless for pure trams.

燃油造出影豹 新能源造出双门超跑?广汽埃安新车1.9秒破百?

And when we look at the current models sold by GAC, we will find that the motivation of most models is often up to 200PS, and it seems that there is no performance potential.

Aion s plus

Single-motor 136-224PS

燃油造出影豹 新能源造出双门超跑?广汽埃安新车1.9秒破百?

Aion y

燃油造出影豹 新能源造出双门超跑?广汽埃安新车1.9秒破百?

Single motor 184PS

燃油造出影豹 新能源造出双门超跑?广汽埃安新车1.9秒破百?

Aion v

Single motor 224-272ps

But in the flagship SUV model Aion LX series,

燃油造出影豹 新能源造出双门超跑?广汽埃安新车1.9秒破百?

Aion lx plus 80d

燃油造出影豹 新能源造出双门超跑?广汽埃安新车1.9秒破百?


A total of 490PS can be output a two-wheel drive motor, 0-100km/h acceleration only takes 3.9 seconds

The professor has also drove the Aion LX of the dual motor version (

燃油造出影豹 新能源造出双门超跑?广汽埃安新车1.9秒破百?

2018, with 408PS comprehensive power output

燃油造出影豹 新能源造出双门超跑?广汽埃安新车1.9秒破百?

), The start acceleration is indeed very rapid.

燃油造出影豹 新能源造出双门超跑?广汽埃安新车1.9秒破百?

It can be seen that GAC Ean itself can provide the Macau dual motor power system for its models, and also has the ability to develop Macao pure electric vehicles. However, because the positioning of the existing models is relatively biased to buy food, most of them are not available. Provide such power configuration.

燃油造出影豹 新能源造出双门超跑?广汽埃安新车1.9秒破百?

If they can develop a more powerful motor, increase the comprehensive output power to more than 800PS, and combine a two -door double -seater body with a weighing weight is much lighter than SUV, it is not entirely impossible to achieve a 1.9 second break.

However, although it has a strong power foundation, whether it is Aion LX Plus or other more important and daily picro models,

GAC Ean still tends to be conservative in terms of chassis adjustment style of its models.

Although it can bring good shock filtering performance in daily driving, it provides ride comfort; but in the face of fierce driving operations, you cannot control the body’s posture well.

It is difficult to linked to “sports” at the driving control experience.

This is some difficulties that GAC Ean will encounter when developing high -performance cars such as supercars.

Fortunately, GAC can be taught to GAC Trumpchi. The latter launching the Shadow Leopard is not simply attracting the “ghost fire boy” with the wind -pull shape, but it really has worked hard on the chassis. Enhance the fun of dynamic driving control.

Shadow Leopard’s chassis texture and dynamic performance have been recognized by many media and users, and although the experience of sporting chassis adjustment through this model cannot be completely transferred to pure electric supercar, it can also allow the R & D team to get some inspiration Essence

Since GAC Ean has a good technical ability to support a high -performance sports car, is it necessary for GAC Ean to make it?

燃油造出影豹 新能源造出双门超跑?广汽埃安新车1.9秒破百?

The professor believes: Yes!

Although it just posted a trailer, it has not even proved to be a prank on April Fool’s Day; but the professor believes:

燃油造出影豹 新能源造出双门超跑?广汽埃安新车1.9秒破百?

Such a supercar is very important for GAC Euan and even GAC Group.

For a long time in the past, most of the impression left by GAC Ean and GAC Trumpchi to consumers was mostly linked to urban public transportation.

Taking the GAC Group’s base camp Guangzhou as an example, the VIP passenger model with the highest visibility on the road is Aion S and Trumpchi GE3, which is serving in the major taxi companies and Ruqi Excellers and other online car rental companies.

The high -quality online ride -hailing and taxis have become the main scenario of consumers’ contact with GAC’s Euan brand models.

Therefore, even though consumers have a good impression on the comfort and space performance of GAC Ean, as long as they appear in real life, they will be considered as the stereotypes of online taxis and taxis. consumer.

After all, I believe many people do not want to be asked by relatives and friends when they go home: Is it changed?

In order to get rid of the shackles of “rental/online car rental”, the positioning of the brand;

Earlier, GAC Ean has launched new cars such as PLUS series models, trying to improve the recognition rate through changes in styling details, so that the specific car series is “decoupled” with the rental/shared car industry

From the perspective of the AION S Plus model that has been launched for a while, it can bring a younger and sporty visual experience; and the upgrade of the interior design and the upgrade of the interior design and covering materials can also make it also allowed This compartment looks more exquisite and high -end, and is separated from the ordinary version of Aion S.

However, the new car is built on the existing models. It is difficult for consumers to completely change the deep -rooted model with details such as surrounding and a steering wheel.

燃油造出影豹 新能源造出双门超跑?广汽埃安新车1.9秒破百?

If GAC Ean wants to go further in the market and expand younger and higher -end market segments, it must have a new car that is enough to reverse the image.

Today, pure electric supercar is about to be released. After its birth, one of its most important tasks is precisely as the supercar and supercar performance to become GAC Ean to enhance the brand image. Key products.

燃油造出影豹 新能源造出双门超跑?广汽埃安新车1.9秒破百?

So, can this new supercar become a reality? Can it help GAC Ean achieve brand upgrade? let us wait and see!

燃油造出影豹 新能源造出双门超跑?广汽埃安新车1.9秒破百?