alfa wifi adapter

Jan 01,2022

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Shop for alfa wifi adapter at that provide both wired and wireless connections. alfa wifi adapter also support an array of operating systems like Windows, Linux, and MAC OS. They operate in half-duplex and full-duplex modes. The highlights of alfa wifi adapter include plug and play, remote wake-up, ECMA, Flow Control, Selective suspend, and so on. They offer seamless connectivity to easily share confidential data, graphic files, video presentations fast across your office or home internet connection. Stay connected with reliable tethering and phenomenal downloading or uploading speeds and don’t let your productivity suffer.

alfa wifi adapter comply with IEEE network standards and are provided by verified and authentic manufacturers. alfa wifi adapter support the prevalent encryption standards like WPA2, WPS2.0, The compatible network interface types are Ethernet, USB 3.0, and RJ45. The transmission rates range from 10Mbps to 1000 Mbps and the transmission medium is 3/4/5 UTP. alfa wifi adapter can be connected through X4, X8, and X16 slot interface types. They feature 5dBi powerful dual-frequency antenna assuring high-speeds of 5 Gbps.

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