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Master Dharma:

Meyun thousands of years, bottle is like a beauty.


Do you know how much the most expensive porcelain in the world is?

840 million Hong Kong dollars! “Xiao He Yue chase Han Xin” blue and white plum bottle.

The plum bottle is a classic type of ceramics. Xu Zhiheng mentioned: “The small caliber is only known as the thin bone of the plum, so it is also known as the plum bottle.”

This seemingly ordinary bottle appeared in the Tang and Song dynasties, flourished in Yuanming, but was respected as the “king of bottle” in the Qing Dynasty. In recent times, it is even called “the first type of the world”.

The world’s first is by no means a virtual name. For thousands of years, the plum bottle is the most beautiful type in porcelain, and you can see the secret

The curve beauty. From a small mouth to the shoulder, the curve is full and round; the shoulders are cut to the thin abdomen, and the curve is slim and thin, at first glance like a slim beauty.


Some people say: The word plum bottle is “plum rhyme for thousands of years, bottle is like beauty”.

I remember the Nanjing Museum watched “The Three Friends Plum Plum Bottle”, standing under the lights and watching the plum bottle, watching the light from the top, light like moonlight, beating on the shoulders, like a beautiful woman losing the plum in the night;篁 篁 篁 篁. I felt that the woman standing in front of me was the woman who came from the Ming Dynasty, a black skirt in white, and indifferent.

The bottle is like a beauty, since Song to Qing, each has its own charm.

Tang Meiren is gorgeous, while Song Meiren is elegant, and so is the plum bottle.

The plum bottle in the Song Dynasty was like the water -like girl in the south of the Jiangnan water village.

The plum bottle was born in the Tang Dynasty. The original type of instrument was thick. By the time of the Song Dynasty, the Qi Luo was washed. The bottle mouth was smaller and the bottleneck was shorter.

The plum bottle was called “via bottle” in the Song Dynasty. But the Song Dynasty was the prosperous age of literati, four

Say idle, flowers and elegant flowers, from this wine device.

The Song people have poetry: “Sitting on the leisure pavilion all day long, the plums are opened. But recently, the wine bottle has been made of vases.”


The bottle became an elegant thing. Every winter, the Song people sought plums in the snow, and folded in the bottle. Chen Yu’s case, the case, the case, and the bottle storage in the bottle.


Picture | Lengyue Xiaoxiang 月

Lin Yan once planted hundreds of plum blossoms, and the family often had plum bottles to clear the furnishings. Cook the wine alone in winter, cut the wine and cut it.

The best plum blossoms are inserted into the plum bottle. He said: “The bottle Yinghua Qingxin, the flower lined with the bottle Yiya, does not love the flavor of the sutra, and is happy to be in Mei’s wife’s house.”

We often sit in the book, thinking about nature. Fortunately, there is a plum bottle, which can steal a hint of winter and lock it in the bottle. look

The plum is thin, and the bottle is sloppy, and the incense reads as if there is a red sleeve, and the fragrance is always added.

Plum bottle gives life a gentle and elegant.

Picture | Third Shi Photography 世

Song Chongwen, Yuan Chongwu. This nomadic people’s perception of beauty, bold like a vast grassland, and horses running on a long distance

The sound of the hoof and the unchanged lonely smoke.

The plum bottle of the Yuan Dynasty was like a cool girl riding on a grassland.

In the aesthetics of ceramics, the Yuan Dynasty changed the plum bottle in the Song Dynasty, and it became a tall and heavy style. The Yuan people are good, so the mouth of the plum bottle is taller, the shoulders are more moist, and the tires are thick and weight, which is convenient for pouring wine.

But the most beautiful thing about Yuanmei bottle is the combination of Yuanqing and white, the shadow of blue and white flashes it, adding a fantastic beauty to the rough.

▲ Yuan Blue and White Four Love Tumei bottles (photography: arterial shadow)

Hebei once unearthed a blue -and -white sea dragon -dragon -dragon -patterned octagonal plum bottle. It has a flash of blue and blue bonds. It is thick and tall. The blue and white sea water and flames. There is a mythical dream.


Who would have thought that the wine device that Yuan people was excellent and the fantasy beauty in the history of plum bottle was unintentionally burned out.

Perhaps seven hundred years ago, a strong man from a grassland was eating meat in the wine shop and drinking a big mouth. In the blue and white plum bottle on the table, the wine was almost at the bottom. The strong man just wanted to let the small two add wine, but did not want the plum bottle that he ignored.


The dream of chasing the world.


Many beauty in the world sometimes inadvertently formed.

▲ The blue and white seawater dragon pattern of the Yuan Dynasty with an octopus plum bottle



Da Mei bottle, just like the aesthetics of the Ming Dynasty, in a “appointment”.

If the woman who is reading the scriptures is not floating or gorgeous, it is indifferent.


From Song to Yuan, the plum bottle reached the peak of the extreme in the Ming Dynasty.


The indifference is the beauty of the Mingmei bottle.

Mingmei bottle is still underworld. In the hearts of Ming people, let the plum bottle go to another world, and can bless him for a long time (wine) Jiuping (bottle). For the emperor, it is a long time and a long time.

No matter how beautiful the utensils can’t stay after death, all Luo Qi will fade with time. The porcelain people in the Ming Dynasty must understand this

Click to design the plum bottle the most indifferent, because of this, it can last long.

The prosperity is exhausted, so I see the true meaning.


The level of porcelain in the Qing Dynasty was peak, and the foreign craftsmanship was introduced, and it played a strange trick.


In the Qing Dynasty, the plum bottle was like an exotic beauty with a foreign style.

Except for the previous generations of the previous generation, each emperor created his favorite plum bottle.

In the Kangxi dynasty, during the Xuande Yongle period, the burn of plum bottle was also concise and tough, stable and broad. To Yongzheng Chao


The plum bottle became slender and beautiful, and the curve was softer.


▲ The red waves in the Yongzheng glaze of the Qing Dynasty in the white dragon pattern plum bottle Taipei Palace Museum Tibetan

In the Qianlong dynasty, there were new varieties such as pink and enamel. Like Qianlong’s taste, some plum bottles are not like bottle, but like jars, there are always strange types. It does not follow the scale in the size, nearly one meter larger, a dozen centimeters smaller.



Plum bottle, because of its strong national strength and superb technology, it is a play that does not have any time.

The plum bottle is a wine device. This chic artistic conception, just like the plum bottle of the Qing people, is open and confident and changes.

Photography: Weibo-@(blue and white alum red color sea dragon pattern plum bottle, Qing, Qianlong. Liaoning Provincial Museum Collection)


One generation has a generation of utensils,

Whether it is drinking the boldness of the moon,

Flower and fragrant wind and elegant,


Still the romance of burial burial,

Plum bottle


They all recorded the lifestyle of the time.


Perhaps utensils are life.

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