With the footsteps of winter approaching, have you started to change Ji Huan’s big move? Want to start a few new backpacks but can’t start? I don’t know how to match the bag? Then don’t miss the next backpack Amway!

As we all know, the bags are often the finishing touch in the daily overall combination, and the backpacks with both practicality and aesthetics have gradually become the best choice for many urban men. It is very important to choose the right shoulder bag from the countryside to work.

There are many things out of the house, and they often disrupt their moods, so it is time to understand the light and practical and fashionable PIQUADRO Pipon coffee -du shoulder backpack.

Why choose PIQUADRO Pipfing?


The Italian brand PIQUADRO, which was born in 1998, relied on superb technical craftsmanship, novel design styles and powerful practical functions. Over the years, I have always adhered to the selection of high -quality leather, ingenious to create every fine product, interpret the extraordinary Italian elegance, and at the same time meet the diverse needs of modern people in luggage accessories.

Almighty master bag: sports and leisure encounter business style

If you want to quickly complete the “work” to “exercise” conversion on a fast -paced working day, there must be a sports -style commuting bag. Make work supplies, daily debris, and sportswear can find the location of stable storage. Work commuting and sports training are not wrong, and it looks generous and unlusable on various occasions.


The all -around master bag of the PIQUADRO Pipon Du Dulu series, as the star item of the series, can be described as the perfect compatible body of business and sports style. The all -round master bag uses professional anti -theft devices. The password lock and anti -theft cable are used in cooperation. Dual security guarantees make each travel more at ease. In addition to ensuring safety, practicality is also a prominent advantage of this package. The visualized oversized storage space is equipped with multiple storage seats, exquisite details, and can be used quickly.

At the same time, the all -round master of PIQUADRO Pipon’s Urban series is versatile and versatile, and simple design is not easy to be outdated. The exquisite color matching of black and gray is large enough. Exquisite appearance+practical inside, whether it is a business trip or outdoor sports, it looks very high -level and stylish.

When a bag becomes a necessity for daily work and life, it is particularly important to be resistant to use. PIQUADRO Pipon Dudu is carefully selected for high -quality leather, with superior load -bearing capabilities, durable and abrasion, and has passed various quality tests. The excellent and impeccable quality makes the Urban series of PIQUADRO Piudu Du Du durable and easily cope with various scenes.


Nylon multifunctional backpack: business movement is also brilliant


If you want to reflect more vitality and vitality, the PQ-Y series nylon multifunctional backpack launched by PIQUADRO Pi Ca Du should not be missed. This backpack designed for sports people is light weight and strong tolerance. The diamond gradient+color matching design is also very eye -catching, not dull. Anti -splashed fabrics can help easily travel and easily deal with weather changes.

At the same time, this backpack continues the consistent internal structure of PIQUADRO Pi Du Du, the internal partition is reasonable, the storage function is strong, and you can carry the objects required by various sports. And there is a double -partition design, which can be storage laptop and iPad. It can be said to be the “powerful assistant” of sportsmen.

Entering winter, there are more and more things you need to bring when you go out. A backpack is indispensable. If you want to make winter dull wear, you can consider starting with the workplace or exercise. The PQ-Y series bag not only has the most practical functions and high-quality workmanship, but also the fashion of the full score also highlights leisure and personality.

Choose PIQUADRO Pipon Du to easily meet the needs of boys for various occasions. Traveling, outdoor sports, photography, work … highlight the best functionality of all -round changes. There will be a typing. If you are not as good as acting, you can make PIQUADRO Pi Du Du Backpack on the backpack on winter to wear in winter!