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On April 20, the Guangdong Pharmaceutical Supervision and Administration Bureau issued a notice for the 3rd cosmetics supervision and random inspection information of 2020. The announcement shows that 14 batches of cosmetics are unqualified and exceeded 6 to become hot -dye products. In addition, Solter’s facial cleanser has more than double the heavy metal.

In response to the unqualified cosmetics during the supervision and random inspection, the Guangdong Provincial Pharmaceutical Supervision Bureau and the relevant local and municipal market supervision and administration bureaus have conducted investigation on relevant production and operation enterprises in accordance with the law, ordered the production and operation enterprises to recall unqualified products, find out the number of unqualified products He flows, and report relevant information to the market supervision and management department.

More than 6 become hot -dye products

According to the “Notice on Printing and Distributing the 2019 Guangdong Cosmetics Smothes Examination Work Plan”, in 2019, the Guangdong Provincial Drug Administration organized a cosmetics supervision and random inspection. This issue involves the sampling information of 77 batches of cosmetics in the province, and 14 batches of unqualified samples have been inspected.

It is worth noting that up to 9 batches of hot products, accounting for 64.3%. Nandu reporters found that the main problem of unqualified hair dyeing products found in this supervision and random inspection was that the actual detection ingredients did not match the batch formula or label logo ingredients, which belonged to the behavior of changing the product formula of cosmetics manufacturers without authorization.

Unqualified projects mainly involve detecting unbelievable hair dyeing agents: for amino phenols, aminoly phenol and other ingredients. For example, Han Fei Dye Dyeing Cream (brown) -1 doses produced by Guangzhou Hanfei Cosmetics Co., Ltd., detecting hair dye with not identified labels: For aminoly phenol, hair dye dye that has not detected batch and label logo: right Phenylene, N, N-dual (2-hydroxye ethyl) sulfate sulfate.

It is reported that these ingredients are commonly used for hair dye components. Some hair dye components will have hidden health hazards if they come into contact with the body for a long time. my country’s “Cosmetics Safety Technical Specifications” (2015 edition) clearly stipulate that there are 75 hair dye components that are currently allowed to use.

Sofit’s facial cleanser

The heavy metal exceeds the standard more than double the standard

It is worth noting that a batch of Sovot Whitening Freckle Washing Milk produced by Guangzhou Sofut Group Co., Ltd. commissioned Guangzhou Tianjin Jiaoyan Cosmetics Co., Ltd., with a batch number of 228AH5120, a arsenic inspection of 4.7 mg/kg, the standard limited limits The value is 2mg/kg. As a result, the batch of facial cleanser exceeds 1.35 times.

It is reported that many cosmetics have been exposed to heavy metals in recent years. The heavy metals in cosmetics mainly refer to four types: arsenic, lead, mercury, and cadmium. The regulations must be detected. These four heavy metals are safe as long as the results that are detected conform to the “Cosmetics Safety Technical Specifications”. If you use heavy metals to over -standard products for a long time, heavy metals will accumulate in the body and have certain carcinogenicity.

This is not the first time Solter was on the list. In February this year, according to the announcement of the first phase of cosmetics supervision and sampling inspection information issued by the Guangdong Pharmaceutical Supervision Bureau, a number of Sorft whitening freckle removal faces produced by Guangzhou Tianjie Jiaoyan Cosmetics Co., Ltd. Milk, also detected more than double the arsenic.

Public information shows that in the field of dailyization, Solter joined hands with entertainment superstars such as Zhou Xun, Cecilia Cheung, Jet Li, Gu Tianle, etc., and successively developed a series of high -market share such as papaya white skin cleansing milk and anti -divertication. product.

According to the data, Guangzhou Tianqi Jiaoyan Cosmetics Co., Ltd. is a cosmetic manufacturer under Solter Co., Ltd., which has launched a series of star products such as papaya white skin cleansing milk and anti -darling fragrant waves.

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