The weather gradually warmed up, and even the north began to feel spring. The warm and cold spring dress is warm and beautiful. The sweater+shirt achieves the effect of 1+1> 2, which improves the layering of the shape and reduces age.


The fashionable and warm sweater+shirt combination is the correct way to open spring ~


Dong Qing has always been a template for middle -aged women. Simple and high -level does not pursue a whistle in flowers. They are very good at putting basic models out of fashion.

What if Dong Qing loves to wear? That must be a sweater stitching shirt.

The sweater splicing shirt uses a fake two -piece design, which combines the formal sense of the shirt and the tenderness of the sweater. It is suitable for the workplace and daily leisure wear, and do not pick the face and age.


The sweater stitching shirt on the upper body of Dong Qing uses a loose version design as a whole, breaking a seriousness in the shape, and the overall feels more casual and comfortable. Blue and white stripes create a fresh visual sense, very fashionable and vitality in early spring. Dark blue sweater stitching front backs to achieve the effect of fake two pieces, making the shape more layered.


The sweater splicing shirt is very designed on the version, so you can do subtraction when matching to achieve the harmony of the overall shape.

Dong Qing wore a dark blue sweater stitching striped shirt and black cropped pants on the lower body, which appropriately increased the skin’s exposed skin area, lengthening the proportion of the legs while making the overall shape look more refreshing. Stepping on a pair of small white shoes, wearing a ball of hairstyle, easily creating a sense of vision of girls.

The sense of fashion of the white shirt itself is obvious. Coupled with a special tailoring design, combined with the sweater splicing, it is even more fashionable and layered.

Dong Qing wore this sweater stitching shirt. The main body was a white shirt. The integration of the light khaki sweater broke the single color of the white shirt itself. The combination of two fresh tones seemed to be unaccounted.

The overall and loose version of the design has not been treated with waist, but it increases the exposed skin area of ​​the arm through the details of the rolling sleeve, and gets rid of the strong sense of the upper body due to the special nature of the clothing version. Essence

With the “minimalist principle” that follows the same follow, the lower body is paired with a pair of black casual pants, and the slim version forms a “upper pine tight” method, which highlights the proportion of the body and can cover the meat feeling of the upper body. You can refer to this match.


Dong Qing successfully brought a sweater stitching shirt to make it one of the hottest items in the 2021 spring.

Speaking of sweaters and shirts, the stacking shapes of these two items are also very suitable for spring. They are both fashionable and elegant. You can get it.


One: sweater+shirt with pants

The reason why sweater+shirt is popular is popular because its shape can achieve the purpose of age reduction.

The upper part of the stacking match is not too complicated on the choice of the lower installation. Instead, it is simple and more fashionable, which is simple and fashionable. Rainbow striped V -neck sweater with striped shirts. Different colors of stripe elements echoed and have a sense of contrast. The lower body is paired with slim -fit jeans.


Spring is a very good season for dressing. The red checkered sweater vest, the deep V -neck design stretch the proportion of neck, and a white shirt inside forms a sharp contrast color, which is full of spring atmosphere. The lower body is paired with caramel -colored casual trousers, the wide -leg version and roll pants leg details, stretching the leg shape and fashionable.

Two: high -neck sweater in the shirt


Put the shirt as a coat, and then put on a high -necked sweater in recent years.

When choosing a shirt, the version is as loose as possible, and the sweater will not look too thick and bloated. The color matching should have a sense of contrast. For example, the black and white striped shirt is equipped with a black turtleneck sweater. It is simple and advanced. The details are stuffed with the waist of the shirt on the side.

Three: sweater+shirt with skirt

Sweat+shirt with skirts should be the most feminine dress. Compared with the capable and free pants, the addition of skirts adds more femininity to the overall shape, appropriately increases the exposed skin area of ​​the legs, and can also have the effect of shaping and modifying the figure.

The black -back striped round collar sweater is equipped with a denim blue shirt, and the details of the collar are full of details. The lower body is matched with a khaki skirt.

V -neck knit sweater is more fashionable, so you can choose a skirt with a simple design sense to achieve the harmony of the shape. Hold a printed bag in hand, and instantly feels like a strong woman in the workplace. The fluffy skirt can also modify the shape. Women with slightly fat lower body are applicable.

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