How is the waterproof coefficient of tent? Why is the tent wet?

Each tent has a so -called waterproof coefficient, and before understanding the waterproof coefficient, you must first know that the water pressure of the rain is about 1000mm. Generally, the waterproof coefficient of mountaineering tents falls at 1200-2000mm, which can resist heavy rain. If you really want to say what is special in selection, you can pay attention to the waterproof coefficient of the inner account. Stress, you can choose the high waterproof coefficient of the account, 1500mm is already a great tent.

Then I bought a tent with a waterproof coefficient of 2000 mm. Why did the camping get up the next day, and the tent still feels wet? This reason is not the tent leaked, but because

Anti -tide

Essence The outdoor climate is humid. If the moisture does not ventilate the tent, the anti -tide will be very serious. If you want to reduce the tent

There are several situations that can be considered when selecting. One is to choose the internal tent of the mosquito nets with better ventilation, and the other is to choose a two -door tent, which can be ventilated on both sides. Small windows, in the end, use ground cloth.

What is a single -layer tent and double tent?

Having said that, it is necessary to talk about the anti -tide. The single -layer account is basically simple. Many tolls and fast -moving accounts are the structure of single -layer accounts, but the breathability is very poor. The water and gas in the account will not be out. cause


, Single -layer accounts are more suitable for occasional general camping, climbing is less recommended.

The double -layer account is a tent that is generally common in internal and external accounts. The humid water and gas in the account will be revealed and attached to the foreign account, and the water will not stop in the inside. If the double -layer account is indeed set, the internal and external accounts are opened through the camp nails and the rope, which can also increase the breathable effect and reduce


Is Dan Dan and waterproof?

When you buy a tent, you will see another data, which is how many D fabrics are used, and there is no absolute relationship with waterproof. The functionality of waterproof is related to the coating, that is, the above waterproof coefficient.

The higher the number of elonges, the more durable (not easy to rupture due to friction), but the higher the number of elonges, the heavier the overall weight, so the choice of the Dan number depends on the use!

Independent accounts, internal accounts, tunnel accounts,


account? What are these?

These are not so difficult to understand. Most of them are distinguished in shape. The tunnel account is long -shaped,


The account is sharp. It is only necessary to pay attention to whether it is self -reliability!

The self -reliance, as the name implies, can stand up by yourself without a camp. For friends who have insufficient mountaineering experience or want to make good use of it, the self -reliance is a tent that can be set up quickly and single. Restriction is a tent that is very suitable for novices!

The internal accounts refer to the external accounts that can be set up independently. There are many benefits. When it is set up, it can be set up to ensure that the internal account will not be wet. The same is true when receiving the account. receive

Foreign account

Now that many outdoor brands can do such functions that can be done, it is really not very expensive to say that the disadvantages are really not very expensive.

Other non -self -led parts, some use mountaineering sticks as stents. Although they are handsome, beautiful and light, they are relatively unstable. It is also suitable for many experienced climbers. Endless!

Anti -tide

Anti -tide

Anti -tide