It is said that Xiaomi’s artificial intelligence is now impressive, it should be a little love class. It not only provides various voice services, but also controls smart home appliances under various millet ecology links, so some complex operations use simple voice. Can be solved. Xiaomi also thoroughly developed it, except for integration in mobile phones and tablets, but also made a smart speaker.


At a few days ago, Xiaomi 8 youth release, Xiaomi released a smart alarm clock based on a little love classmate. Many of the smart speakers have experienced, the little love classmate with the screen is an experience? Evaluation Jun gives you to see.


White fuselage and black panel match, design is very simple. It uses four-core A35 processor, supports Bluetooth and Wi-Fi networks, but only 2.4G Wi-Fi, this is the same as mini MINI.


The back of the product is also very simple, only the speaker and the MICRO USB interface responsible for power. It supports 5V 1.5A input, plus interface versatility, basically a mobile phone charger can drive it, but Apple’s mobile phone standard will not work.

Contrast the size. The two functions are similar, and the little love smart alarm clock is more screen. However, the standard charger is a small gognate MINI, the output has reached 5V2A, and it is estimated because the speaker power is larger.

After starting with charging treasure, you can see the screen interface. The top button is a microphone function, but also with the indicator, like a small gognate mini speaker, orange represents no networked, normal should be blue.


At present, Xiaomi official sales channels can’t find a small gognate MINI, may be replaced by this product. After all, the little love box mini and the little gazebo are repeated more than differences, and only 279 yuan of small love boxes and 149 yuan of small love smart alarms are more likely to form differentiated combinations.

Because it is just to open the box, coupled with a small love box has been familiar with many people, and the evaluation is no longer more introduced. Just say a few and small love speakers:


First of all, it is not a speaker but a alarm clock, so although there is a speaker’s function, it is not like a small gongbo or QQ music to support it. If you want to listen to the song, it will be rejected directly. However, there are various musical radio and review, intercourse, and other audible readings.

Secondly, the management platform of this product is not a small governor app, but a rice home. This can also see that it is not a series of products with the little love box, but it is consistent with this and little love boxes in managing smart homes.

In summary, the little love smart alarm clock and little love box are complementary relationships, and no one is replaced. If you need more speaker functions, you should choose a small love box, the sound quality and volume is better, and the content is also richer; if you need to remind the function more, you will choose a small love smart alarm clock, and its time management is more meticulous, the screen will also display some information .

But if the little love smart alarm clock and the little love box are open, then “Xiai Love Classmates” is really sour, if the mobile phone can be awake, it is sour, it must be opened in different rooms, evaluate Jun want It’s so much.