Trinity material, comfortable and peace of mind. The bright wine red enthusiasm and beautifully earn a lot of money, the classic versatile black and white daily wear is done.

The Korean version of the square and the bow patent leather single shoes female

The bow design of the shoe mouth makes you sexy and cute, lively and playful. Three centimeters of low and medium and low stress on shopping, hurry up and wear it!

If you are a woman who wants to save time and improve efficiency, then please bring this high -heeled single shoes. With it, you can make you calmly confident, fashionable and elegant!

Korean version scrub deep mouth pointed high -heeled single shoes

The selected sheep’s anti -skin material is delicate and exquisite, wearing soft, comfortable and breathable. With it, light up the whole spring!

We have always been looking for trend fashion every spring. We do not need to express the trendy fashion. The fashion atmosphere revealed invisible is more stylish.


2022 new spring leather shallow pointed pointed single shoes

This single shoes recommended by Xiaobian is simple, beautiful, comfortable, it is versatile … love to the bottom of the heart is not fancy; not hate the sky, but to make a pair of good shoes embellish your extraordinary life Essence


2022 New Korean Spring Student Song Cake Shoes


Han Fan College sent, youthful vitality is unlimited. Comfortable lace design, easy to wear and take off, and bring a strong visual impact. The leather of light makes you love everyone!