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How big is the “pit” of watercolors? When you fall in love with her, you don’t want to come out again ~

The dazzling paint looks really. Essence Essence It’s so beautiful ~~

So how should we choose a watercolor pigment that just entered the “pit”?

水彩基础篇 | 初学者如何测评水彩颜料

(This article is not an article on the piglets of major brands, but to teach you how to understand the characteristics of the pigment ~)

Then let’s start ~

Pigs on hand appear

(Don’t ask why Da Shi and DS only have allocated, ask if there is no money …)

Here we test paper for Baohong cotton pulp (thick)

Let’s take a look at the evaluation of watercolor pigments through several aspects.


Watercolor pigments are generally divided into solid pigments and tubular pigments.

Solid pigment

It is a solid form. It is highly concentrated after processing. The paint will not flow in the box, which is more convenient to carry. If the surface is dirty, it will not affect the lower color. The disadvantage is that if the large works are painted, it is not easy to dip, and it needs to be continuously sprayed with water to keep the pigment moist. The market is generally sold in a whole set. There are usually 12 colors, 24 colors, 48 ​​colors.


It is a liquid paste. How much is squeezed? The paint is moist, easy to dip, and it is more convenient to color in large areas. The color type will be more abundant, and you can use the required pigments for single purchase.

Tube pigments are more expensive than solid pigments, but according to the capacity ratio, tube color is more cost -effective than the price of solid color.

水彩基础篇 | 初学者如何测评水彩颜料

Of course, there is also a form of watercolor ink in the form of liquid. It has high color rendering, strong diffusion, clear color, no precipitation, and is suitable for the background of the work with strong visual effects. Common brands: Terrence, Netherlands.

水彩基础篇 | 初学者如何测评水彩颜料

Two, level

Watercolor paint is generally divided into college/student level and artist/master level. The artist/master level is better than the college/student level, and the price is higher than the price. Of course, there are also low watercolor pigments than college/student level. Let’s call it an entry level here.

Of course, the higher the level, the better the characteristics of watercolor pigments. The significant characteristic is that the artist’s level of expression and preservation will be relatively better. So what can be judged? Don’t worry, listen to me and then say it ~

Third, transparency

Watercolor pigments are characterized by hydromine and transparency. How to judge whether watercolor or gouache can be judged by transparency. Of course, even the transparent watercolor pigments of the same brand, the transparency of each color is different, usually: T is transparent, ST translucent, SO semi -opaque, O optional representation, and it is expressed by useful symbols:

(Windsor entry -level pipeline example)

The greater the particle particles of the opaque pigment, the weakened transparency, and the opaque is a certain coverage. This grading is only a guide to the same transparent watercolor pigment.

水彩基础篇 | 初学者如何测评水彩颜料

Fourth, brightness, saturation, purity

水彩基础篇 | 初学者如何测评水彩颜料

Some brand pigments are fresh and elegant, such as Windsor Gewen. Shiming Ke’s color -grade gray is relatively stable. Some brand pigments are rich and bright, such as MG and Metra. For novices, you can choose to buy according to the effect of painting you want to perform. You have its own characteristics and no good or bad.

From left to right: cherry blossoms, Windsor’s entry -like pipe, Dutch Vesic, Gewen solid color, songwen tube color, Shi Mingke, DS

In this way, Windsor Gewen is light and transparent, whether it is tubular or solid, and has high transparency. Sakura, Windsor’s entry -level pipe, DS is very bright, there is no MG and Metro, but it should be even more bright. The Dutch Vesque has powder and the color is gray.

水彩基础篇 | 初学者如何测评水彩颜料

Five, mixed color

Mixing is an important effect that needs to be presented in watercolors. Whether the effects presented after both colors and various colors are prone to dirty and gray, and watercolor pigments of different levels and prices can be reflected through this.

(From left to right: cherry blossoms, Windsor’s entry -oriented management, Dutch Vesic, Gewen solid color, songwen tube color, Shi Mingke, DS)

It can be seen that the mixed color of cherry blossoms is very stiff, the color has a lot of precipitation, and purple is easy to mix dirty. The colors of the Netherlands always feel like powder, some colors are precipitated, and purple is a bit gray. Windsor’s entry -level tube can feel a bit of precipitation, but the mixed color is not bad and more transparent. The precipitation of Gewen is obviously much better than the entry level. The same color mixed color is very natural, and the purple mixing will be a little gray. Shi Mingke’s color is calm and will not have big problems. But in general, the purple mixing purple is more natural and clean, the color feel is smoother, and the precipitation is less.

Six, diffusion

The important effect of watercolor wet painting method needs to spread a layer of water on the paper first, and the water is wet and wet when the water is not dry. The proliferative pigments are scattered in water. This method is generally suitable for rendering the background atmosphere.

The overall diffusion is good. In terms of feeling, artist -level proliferation will be better, and the tube of the songwen will be better than the solid. Of course, the test diffusion should also be ensured that the water control should be consistent. If the water on the pen is too small and the pigment is too thick, then the diffusion will also weaken. At the same time, the relationship between the diffusion and the paper is also very large.

Seven, water marks

Water marks are a special texture effect. When the color bottom is moist, dripping into the water will form water flowers.

What is mentioned here is the color stain indicator. In terms of MG’s official website pigment indicator, S is dyeing and G is precipitated. Settlement means that after drying, the pigments will have a deep and shallow feeling, so the different pigments of the same brand are different, and the strength of the water marks is also different. At the same time, the impact of paper on water marks is also very great.

I can feel the weak water marks of the cherry blossoms, and Windsor’s water marks are weaker, but it can be effective. The remaining college -level and artist levels are more effective.

The effect of water marks is very beautiful, but for novice babies with poor water control ability, the water marks caused by the water on the pen is undoubtedly a big disaster.

Eight, light resistance: mineral

Over time, the light is directly sunburned, the color of the color will change, the less the color degeneration, and the higher the light resistance, and it can also be called the non -fading level. When purchasing tube pigments, the light resistance of each pigment will also be marked. Of course, the color of the same color is not faded, the higher the better ~

水彩基础篇 | 初学者如何测评水彩颜料

The artist level is better and more preserved than the college level.

水彩基础篇 | 初学者如何测评水彩颜料

If you are a newborn baby who is just getting started, through transparency, brightness, and mixed effects, you can be the focus of inspection. But when you need to create wet paintings, most of the works, the spread, water marks, and light resistance must be considered ~

There are no absolute quality and bad pigments in the above -mentioned simply evaluation. They all have their own characteristics and their own audience. Each painter has his own brand. Finding the pigments that suits you can absorb many aspects of evaluation results on the Internet. Of course, the most important thing is that you have to test it yourself, and what is said on the Internet is not accurate. The evaluation link must also be based on objective factors such as water volume and environmental paper. It is recommended to choose a few well -reputable brands to buy and pack it, and judge the above points.

If you are a pure hoarding material control, it should be noted that although watercolor paint does not have a clear shelf life, the pigment is also easy to remove after a long time, and the color and light resistance may change. This should be for different brands ~


The best way is to draw with me ~

(Yes! I just want to say this ~ haha)

Let’s see you next time ~ Bye

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(From left to right: cherry blossoms, Windsor’s entry -oriented management, Dutch Vesic, Gewen solid color, songwen tube color, Shi Mingke, DS)

(From left to right: cherry blossoms, Windsor’s entry -oriented management, Dutch Vesic, Gewen solid color, songwen tube color, Shi Mingke, DS)