Nandu News reporter Zhang Xinyi “Huaqiangbei sneezing can allow the national electronic product market to catch a cold.” This sentence that has been circulating in Huaqiangbei vividly illustrates its former glory. Huaqiangbei, known as the “China Electronics First Street”, has now ushered in an electronic professional market! On May 7th, the original comprehensive market Vshang Street in Huaqiang North Commercial District transformed into an electronic professional market -Baigu Electronic Plaza officially opened. In recent years, under the strong leadership of the Futian District Party Committee and District Government, Huaqiang North Street Party Working Committee and Office have attached great importance to the development of the electronics industry in the area, adhered to the electronic industry as the main format, in -depth implementation of Futian District industrial policies, and promoted the electronics major in the jurisdiction. The market is high -quality, and the “China Electronics First Street” gold signboard is brightened.

Adhere to the professional background of the electronic market, the new electronic component professional market is implemented

It has more than 60,000 enterprises and more than 40,000 individual industrial and commercial households, 220,000 practitioners, and an annual transaction amount of 200 billion yuan. This is Shenzhen Huaqiangbei. Huaqiangbei originated in the industrial zone of the upper steps of the 1980s. Under the strong leadership of the city and district governments, Huaqiangbei people played the spirit of hard work, daring to be the first, and hard work. Leading, after more than 40 years of wind and rain, it has now developed into the largest electronic product transaction gathering center in the country, creating 4 “nation’s first” in the number of e -merchants, business area, product types, and annual sales. The “honorary title of the first street.

Walking in Huaqiangbei, 20 various types of electronic professional markets cover almost all aspects of the upstream and downstream of the electronic industry chain. More than 30 years ago, Shenzhen people who dared to break through the world by relying on these electronic components. From the one -meter counter to the opening of the factory, it must be stronger, and Hua Qiangbei has never stopped. With the iterative upgrade of the entire electronics industry, Huaqiangbei has opened a gorgeous turn from simple retail wholesale to independent innovation. In the heyday of Huaqiangbei, there are more than 20 electronic markets. In recent years, most of the professional markets of Huaqiang North Business District are constantly exploring new business paths, wrapped in the rise of the Internet and iteration of information technology, and bring comprehensive shock waves together. However, the background of the electronic professional trading market dominated by the Siege Electronic Supporting Market and Huaqiang Electronic World still exists, and is seeking the grafting and upgrading of new technologies to set out a space to create an international maker center.

For a long time, Huaqiang North Street has supported the encouragement of non -electronic markets in the jurisdiction to seize market opportunities and seek transformation and upgrading. At the end of 2020, the operation team of Baigu Electronic Plaza went on the spot to transform the original comprehensive market V Shangjie, and positioned the format as an electronic component. Management. At present, many electronic component merchants have settled in, and there are many types of electronic components.

Policy support the development of the business district, and the diversified development pattern of electronic first street construction


As a probe for sensitive market changes and transformation exploration, Huaqiangbei has never stopped in the transformation and upgrading of the electronic industry. Especially for the electronic professional market in terms of spatial resources, institutional policies, technology research and development, and talent innovation capabilities, Optimize the two main lines to promote the transformation and upgrading of the industry, and solidly promote the deployment of various electronic industry decisions in the implementation of Huaqiang North.

In April 2021, the special fund policy policy of Futian District, Shenzhen Futian District was officially introduced, and supported the development of the Electronics Professional Market of Huaqiangbei: the North African Electronic Professional Market or other operating entities began to the electronic professional market this year. The reconstruction is completed and after special audit, and at 50%of the actual investment cost of the camp, it gives up to 3 million yuan in support. In 2020, the Huaqiang North Museum constructed by the Futian District Government officially debuted. By excavating rich humanities and industrial historical resources, inheriting and protecting the epitome of China’s reform and opening up, innovating and entrepreneurial places, and the spirit of grassroots entrepreneurship, the museum became the live carrier of the legendary story, and The experience hall carried by Shenzhen people, promoting the new window of the Huaqiangbei brand and catalysts that stimulate the innovation and upgrade of the entire industry.

Today, Huaqiangbei ’s electronic business environment has replaced new appearance, and diversified electronic products are also showing its vitality, which continues to transport fresh blood for the development of the electronic industry. In the future, the Party Working Committee and Office of Huaqiangbei Street will build the goal of “three new engines” around Futian District, unswervingly implement the new development concept, and should be the “carrier” and the “waiter” of the enterprise that promotes the business environment. Adhere to the idea of ​​”one game of chess”, support the development of Huaqiangbei electronics industry, build an international first -class business environment, comprehensively expand the global influence and radiation of “China Electronics First Street”, and promote the high -quality development of Huaqiangbei economy.