The main lamp decoration designer modern living room or a more popular design in other home space, while the decoration of the main light requires us to use a spotlight or a downlight, then today we will talk about shooting lights, ceiling smallpox How should I install a shooting light? And listen

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How to install the ceiling light?

1. The steps of the ceiling shooting lights are the first is the installation method of ceiling ceiling lighting lights. It is mainly embedded installation. Usually, the line is reserved according to the decoration plan. groove. Put the base at the empty tank of the ceiling, pull out the wire, and fix the screws. Connect the wire head, do not forget the insulation processing, and install the part of the shooting light.


2. Determine how to ensure the power supply is turned off before the ceiling ceiling light is installed to avoid danger. Use a suitable tool such as chainsaw to install the hole in the installation position of the sky lamp lamps. In the external drive of the municipal power line to the lamps; press the spring on both sides of the lamp to the top of the sky, stretch into the hole of the sky lamp plate and let go; Bright product.

3. When the ceiling is installed, some lamp holes are not accurate when excavated, causing the size or spacing to be inconsistent, and it looks awkward. Try not to turn on the hole as much as possible when you open the hole. The lamp holes should be depth due to the height of the ceiling. If it is not enough, the light cannot be installed. Therefore, when making a ceiling, you must consider what kind of ceiling lights are used to install.


4. Regardless of the ceiling, the spotlight is installed, although the fire -saving consumption, high brightness, and strong decorative effect, there are also disadvantages that cannot be ignored, that is, the voltage is unstable and it is easy to explode. Therefore, when installing the ceiling, be sure to install a transformer to effectively prevent explosion.

5. When installing, pay attention to the edge distance of the transformer from the edge of the installation holes less than 50mm. Cut off the power supply before installation. Do not casually modify the lamp parts to avoid adverse consequences such as lamps falling and electric shock. Do not cover other items on the surface when using the lamp, so as not to affect the volatile of heat.

6. The selection of lamps and lights must be appropriate. It is a very important point in how to install the ceiling light. If you blindly pursue the number of ceiling lights, it will form light pollution, and it is difficult to achieve the ideal decorative effect. At the same time, excessive setting ceiling shooting lights are more likely to cause fire hazards. The feeling of people’s feeling of brightness can be said to be keen and blunt. The living space of the elderly and children is mainly based on the basic lighting without glare.

After the ceiling light is broken, how to install the ceiling light:

How to load the spotlight on the ceiling. For the disadvantaged lights, first turn off the power supply, slowly deduct the lights, pay attention to the spring card on the light, and hold the lights down with your fingers. Spring card, you can pull down the lights down and be injured by the spring card, so be careful.

2 The second step is to remove the connector first and change the light head. The driver does not move. If the light switch is turned on, if the light is not on, it can be determined that it is a driver’s failure and replace the driver.

3 At this time, turn off the light switch, it is best to turn off the total power supply, and then pull the power supply of the driver into the line, or cut it directly, then remove the bad drive , Two lamp head dial the skin.

4 Let one of the drivers be wrapped around one of the lamp power lines, and the tape is used to stick the electric tape, and the other is also connected to the electrical tape. It is the fourth step of how to install the ceiling shooting light.

The problem of how to install the 5th -lens shooting light is about to be solved. Next, the power -on experiment will be turned on. If it does not light up, repeat the above steps!

6 If it is on, turn off the switching power supply, stuff the driver into the hole, then put the spring on the side of the lamp head first, then stuff the spring on the other side into the empty, and push it in the light. If you make a great achievement, is the question of how to install the ceiling light, is it solved?

The above is the relevant content of the installation of the lights explained by the Flow Decoration Company and the relevant content of Chongan after the broken light. If you want to know more, continue to pay attention to the Wuxi installation.