It is the Women’s Day on March 8th. Every festival, Mom Bao will use various reasons to buy things for the baby. However, due to the recent epidemic, I can’t go out at home. I believe that Mom will not be idle. As a expectant mother, is it ready for what the baby will use in the future? Today, I prepared a lot of novel and interesting new products for everyone ~ Not much to say, get dry goods!




Bottle/pacifier/learn to drink cup


Recommend this Pigeon wide -caliber glass bottle to Yan Rim. It is said that this is a limited edition of the zodiac painted baby bottle. The design of the bottle completely imitates the mother’s nipple size bottle, which can help the baby weaine and let him quickly adapt. There are many types of pacifiers. You can choose the suitable size of the pacifier according to your baby’s usual feeding habits.


The comfort pacifier is to alleviate the baby’s anxiety. When the baby’s breast milk and weae bottle are broken, the baby can suck the pacifier. The design of Shi Xi comforted the pacifier completely imitated the mother’s nipples, which can bring the baby’s satisfaction to the baby.

Constant temperature pot


The constant temperature pot is recommended to use the beautiful small crown constant warm milk bottle. The quality guarantee is used. I have to say that the speed of the constant temperature pot boiling water is really super fast. Many Baoma will definitely be amazed for the first time. Okay, the space is very large.

Learn Cup

Learning a cup is a quilt used to practice drinking water for the baby. It can be used since the baby for three or four months. When you buy it, you can choose a cup of different capacity according to the baby’s age. Mom’s first choice is suitable for babies who are more than six months old. Drink at 360 degrees at will, and do not miss the temperature.

Rice powder/milk powder:


milk powder

The baby of 0-6 months drinks pure milk powder, so when Bao Ma chooses the milk powder, you can choose according to the section. The milk powder recommended today is Nuo Youneng children’s formula milk powder. It is suitable for babies 0 to 3. There are four sections, a period of 0-6 months, and 2 are suitable for babies of 6-12 months. 3 are suitable for children aged 1-3, and 4 are suitable for children over 3 years old.


rice flour


Baby rice noodles are based on the nutritional needs of different stages of baby growth and development. Rice noodles are mostly based on rice noodles, because the quality of rice protein is the best person in grain protein. Small leather high -speed rail rice noodles can be eaten into 7 kinds of grain nutrition, high -speed rail two -valent FE, which is more likely to allow babies to absorb.


Washing and sleeping articles:


The role of the rack is really great. It can throw you everywhere at the table, settle in a pile of things, and summarize them neatly. In the colorful year, a suitable car cart can be used as a kitchen shelf. The floor -to -ceiling rotation rack can be placed in the living room bedroom dormitory bathroom.


The child’s bathtub has a lot of styles. When buying, Baoma must choose a bath pot with a suitable age group. Century Baby bath barrel baby bathtub. It is two -in -one. Switch as soon as possible.

Baby Babe


The baby’s hair is less and grows faster. Many Baoma will think about buying a baby -specific haircut herself, to give the baby a haircut at home, Philips baby hairdresser, children and adults can be shaved, electronic push can be washed, haircuts can be washed, haircuts can be washed, haircuts can be washed, haircuts can be washed, haircuts can be washed, haircuts can be washed, haircuts can be washed, and haircuts can be washed. The noise of the device is also very small.

Children’s safety seat

Children’s safety seats can effectively improve the safety of children’s ride. BabyFirst baby car Children’s safety seat has an ISOFIX interface, which meets the golden age of 0-6 years old. Resolutely ride in reverse to avoid danger.


Crream/baby sofa:



There are many types of cribs on the market, and the functions and prices are very different. GB good children multi -functional babies are suitable for babies 0-5 years old. The four legs of the crib can be moved at will, or they can be with the big bed. Merge, this can observe the child’s situation at any time.


Baby sofa

When the baby is playing, the area is relatively limited, and the trajectory of life is relatively limited. In the area where the baby is playing, you can prepare a baby sofa for your baby. It’s still very high.

Sleeping bag/bag quilt


Barbaya’s sleeping bag is a extended version of baby sleeping bag. After the baby grows tall, you don’t need to worry about it. Put your feet with a extended version. It can be used. It is suitable for different seasons. The baby’s sleeves will not feel sultry.

The baby’s bag can be selected for Dr. Colorful, a multifunctional newborn bag, suitable for babies with 81-90cm tall, which can be used in winter. The zipper of the bag is a two -way zipper, which is convenient for the baby to change the diaper.

Care articles:



Pigeon infant shampoo is a washing supplies for shampooing and bathing. It is also very convenient to use. Pressing the pump type, you can manipulate with one hand without rubbing. The effect of use is particularly good for newborn babies, because the sebum secretion of small moon -year -old babies is relatively small and the hair is shorter. The cleaning power of two -in -one products can meet the baby’s cleaning requirements.

Cream/baby oil


Spring is here, and many sensitive skin babies are vulnerable to harm. At this time, Baoma must choose skin care products correctly for the baby. On the skin, the baby’s skin can be moisturized throughout the day.

Infant oil is also a must -have skin care product for babies. The tea oil of Manshan Mountain is better for the baby to strengthen the skin. The main ingredient of Songda Chashan oil is tea mountain oil. There is no fragrance and no additives. Until the leather layer of the skin.

Baby paper towel/wet towel


Each of the infant of the heart -shaped baby wants a soft “small handkerchief”, full of security, three layers of re -rolling thick craftsmanship, the soft touch is not dirty, and it is very suitable for the baby to use.


The wet towel of the heart is very popular with Baoma. The material of the wet towel uses high -quality water spurs without woven fabrics. It is as gentle as the mother’s hands. toughness.




The baby’s age is relatively small and the skin is more delicate. Therefore, you need to pay special attention to the clothing of the child’s skin or some other items. Pigeon laundry solution is carefully developed for the baby. A bottle of laundry solution has a variety of effects. , Protect the color of the clothes and easy to bleach.


Infant body thermometers are designed for people such as infants. It is a special thermometer for infants and young children, including infrared thermometers, ear thermostats, smart thermometers, etc. Fish Yue ear temperature guns have dual black technology, which is more accurate. However, now it is an epidemic situation. During the special period, you need to make an appointment in advance.



In the process of growth and development, it is likely to have skin problems, especially in the hot summer, the baby is likely to have skin problems such as eczema, heat rashes, etc. Here I remind you that your mother, no matter what skin care products are used in the skin, you must perform skin testing to avoid damage to the skin.

Oral cleaning device

According to relevant experts, the baby should start to clean the baby before the baby has given birth. At this time, the baby’s organs are very fragile. Therefore, when choosing The cleaning device is absolutely reliable. It is suitable for babies 0-13 years old.



Catch toy/tooth glue

Babies appeased tooth glue to alleviate the baby’s teeth because of the safe and non -toxic plastic. The Bain Shi baby tooth toys are suitable for babies 0-11 years old, and they can also help the baby.

Giraffe bite glue


Giraffe tooth glue is a good companion for the baby’s teeth. The giraffe gel has a cleaning function. The bite of the raised gum can bring out the milk stains that remain in the baby’s mouth. Essence

Red small sand hammer

After the baby is born, many Baoma wants to create an indoor private amusement park for the baby. The toys inside are naturally indispensable. When choosing toys, you can choose some enlightenment toys for your baby. , Absolutely very much for children.


There are also many good things for maternal and infants to continue to share with you next time. What kind of mother -to -child good things have the mother and baby, welcome to communicate together ~~