Red wine glass is a glassware. Different types of red wines with suitable wine glasses, because the shape and color of the glass will affect the taste of red wine!

白酒知识 | 如何选择合适的红酒杯?

The wine glass has three parts: body, stem and foot, mostly made of glass or crystal. How do you know how to hold the wine glass? The correct posture should be: put your fingers in the stem to ensure that the temperature of the body does not affect the taste of the wine, and it also avoids the wine glass that will leave your fingerprint and affect the visual appearance of red wine.

The glass is composed of cutting glass, melting glass, blowing glass, crystal glass and lead glass. The wine glass made of lead crystal is that it should be avoided to avoid the color of red wine. Different shapes of wine glasses wine glasses are also an important factor that affects the flavor and taste of red wine. The opening of the glass should not be wider than the widest part of the cup body, and the edge of the cup should be thin. The minimum size of the wine glass should be able to accommodate at least four ounces. The size of the wine glass will affect the aroma of red wine.

The cups of wines are usually Bordeaux red wine glasses, Burgundy wine glass, sweet wine glass, champagne cup, veterans, Bailan Di Cup, ISO cup, etc.

1. Bordeaux red wine glass

白酒知识 | 如何选择合适的红酒杯?

It is suitable for Bordeaux red wine, because Bordeaux’s red wine is heavy and astringent, so it is required to have a tulip -shaped cup shape with a long cup and not vertical cup wall. The cup mouth can better adapt to Bordeaux’s gradient wine. When holding a cup, it is usually held in the cup body and the foot of the cup.

2. Burgundy red wine glass

Burgundy red wine has a strong fruity flavor and needs to stay in the mouth. The spherical shape of the big belly can meet the effect of the wine first to the tip of the tongue, realize the full blend of fruity and sour taste. Condensing the wine; and the larger cup is suitable for stretching the nose into the smell.

3. Sweet glass

The short cups and the sweetened after meals are all matched, including natural fermented sweet white wines and enhanced Potter and Shirley. The cup of the cup gathers the taste of the wine well on the tip of the tongue, so that the sweetness of the fruit taste is vividly played.

4. Champagne Cup

The slender cup type is suitable for bubble wine. The slenderness of the cup can make the bubbles have enough room for increase. The point of the bottom of the cup will make the bubble rich and beautiful. It can also be used for ice wine. There is also a dwarf cup with a larger opening, but this cup type is waste a lot of bubbles, and the bubbles will splash on the face during drinking, so it is not suitable for drinking, but is suitable for piles of champagne tower.

白酒知识 | 如何选择合适的红酒杯?

5. Sales Blanc Cup

For white wines for low temperature, in order to prevent the temperature from rising, the wine glass is small. The wine of the long -to -year -end wine is lighter or moderate, usually a dry type, and the narrow cup of the long -term interlocalities can reduce the contact between the wine and the air, making the aroma more lasting.

6. Bailan Di Cup

Brandy (Brandy) is a wine made of fruits (usually grapes), and wines made of fermented and distilled, similar to China’s “shochu”. The thin -footed large -footed cup, the cup mouth is slightly narrow, can retain the aroma, stifle the aroma and let the aroma towards the nose. Drinking Ceda (a white orchid made of grapes produced by grapes in French Cognac or surrounding areas, and a cup that must be sealed in French oak barrels for 2 years) must be held in hand comfortably, do not use too deep Or too thin and long cups. The thickness of the glass is also very tight. It can slowly emit the aromatic smell through the temperature of the hand.

7. ISO Cup

International standard wine glass, 5 ~ 6 cm high in cup, large abdomen of wine glass, cup shapes like tulip. The capacity of the cup is very large, which allows the wine to breathe freely in the cup; the slightly narrowing cup design is to make the liquor not splash when it shakes, and make the wine fragrance gather the cup mouth to taste the appreciation of the wine. fragrant. It was designed by the French INAO (Naming Committee of the National Origin) in 1974. It is widely used for international wine tasting activities. As a cup of quality of the product, it is the characteristic of all -around wine glasses. It does not highlight the characteristics of wine and reflects the original appearance.

Nowadays, the trend of popular drinking red wine is getting wider and wider, and drinking red wine also requires good red wine glasses and bartenders to reflect its charm. So what is a good definition? How to choose a good wine glass?

【Selecting ingredients】

When choosing a red wine glass, look at the selection of materials, that is, the material of the wine glass, the ordinary glass material, the feel is heavy, and the crystal glass material, the crystal clearness is light and the hand feels lighter. Compared with the two, the crystal glass material can better reflect the charm of red wine. Essence Choose a good crystal, you can better see the color of red wine, and give people a crystal clear sense, it is also a visual enjoyment when tasting.

【Look at work】

The second is to watch the workmanship of red wine glasses. There are two main types of red -sleeved cup manufacturing process, one is artificial blowing, and the other is machine suppression. The machine suppression is more rigid compared to artificial blowing. The artificial blowing system is hand -made, more artistic, light feel, high permeability, and the sound is crispy when touching the cup. Machining the crystal wine glass is grinding. A well -working crystal wine glass should be finely fine, not only can fully show the external beauty (shape, style, symmetry, etc.) of crystal products, but also to maximize the inner beauty (crystal).

白酒知识 | 如何选择合适的红酒杯?

【See polishing】

The quality of polishing directly affects the value of the crystal wine glass. Red wine glasses with high gloss are generally made of manually, and the gloss of the red wine glass suppressed by the machine is darker. These are the two materials. The difference between the two types of workmanship. Therefore, the price will be different. The crystal wine glass must be pondered by Vajrayana during the processing process, and the rough production will cause friction marks on the surface of the crystal.

Therefore, when choosing a wine glass, you can choose according to the above methods. A good wine glass can better reflect the charm of red wine.