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A total of about 6400 words in this article. It took about two days of scattered time to find a picture+button one -on -one description for about two days, and in detail the characteristics of various categories and advantages of the keyboard, as well as the names and specific functions of each button of the keyboard, hope I can help you, here [crying] [crying can’t be sound] [crying can’t be sounded] I ask for praise and comments weakly, and welcome to forward it to friends who need science.

Computers, more common tools in life, common accessories, in addition to mouse, also



Keyboard: As we all know, it is a instruction and data input device for operating computer equipment.

The keyboard is the most commonly used and the most important input device for computers. Through the keyboard, you can input English letters, Chinese characters, numbers, punctuation, etc. into the computer, so as to send commands and input data to the computer.

Keyboard interface

The keyboard interface refers to the connection between the keyboard and the computer host


Or type.

There are three common keyboard interfaces on the market:

Old -style AT interface

PS/2 interface

as well as

USB interface


It is an old -fashioned mouse or keyboard data interface. It is commonly known as the large mouth and has basically been eliminated. The bad place is to restart the computer every time you insert it.



The PS/2 interface is an interface on the PC compatible computer system that can be used to link keyboards and mouse. The name of PS/2 comes from personal computers launched by IBM in 1987: PS/2 series. PS/2 mouse connection is usually used to replace the old-style sequence mouse interface (DB-9 RS-232); currently the PS/2 interface has been slowly replaced by USB, and only a small number of desktop machines still provide the PS/2 interface. Essence


USB is an external bus standard, standardized computers and computers and computers


external device




, USB interface has

Hot insertion

Function. Can connect a variety of



Such as mouse and keyboard.

USB was at the end of 1994



After being launched in 1996, many companies have successfully replaced the serial port and

parallel port


It has become a must -match interface for computers and a large number of smart devices today. The USB version has gone through many years of development, and it has now developed to version 3.1.

The current common versions are: USB2.0, USB3.0 and USB3.1

The type of keyboard is divided according to different rules

Common keyboards to divide the number of keys

61 keys, 87 keys, 104 keys, 108 keys

(Added: In addition to the above four types, there are some other keyboards of the number of keys.)

[1]: 61 key, representing


61 keyboard

[2]: 87 -key, no small keyboard, representing Razer Black Widow Spiders X Competitive Phantom Edition.


E -sports people are commonly used.

87 keyboard

[3]: 104 keys, standard keyboards, representing pirate ship punishrs

This is currently the most common number of keys in home keyboards, with small keyboards, and no media extension key.

104 keyboard

[4]: 108 keys, four more function keys, which represents Cool Supreme MasterKeys Pro L, with 4 shortcut keys on the small keyboard.

108 keyboard

According to the connection method of the keyboard, we can divide it:


1. Wired dealership

It is the keyboard that can only be used to use, and it can be used by the computer. The advantages: transmission is stable. Disadvantages: With a line beam, the desktop will appear not neat and beautiful.

Cable keyboard

2. Wireless service

No need to plug in, it can be used by wireless connection.

(2.4G) and (Bluetooth) two connection modes.

(2.4G) mode:

Generally, the [USB adapter] in the wireless mouse in the figure below is inserted into the USB port for connection.

2.4G wireless keyboard

(Bluetooth) mode: Generally, the Bluetooth mode of the computer or mobile phone can be connected without a adapter.

Bluetooth keyboard

(Wireless keyboard is generally powered by two batteries 5 or 7 batteries, and wireless mouse is powered from one to two batteries)

Advantages: The desktop is neat and clean to get rid of the restraint of the line body.

Disadvantages: Occasionally, it may be disturbed by the messy signal of the environment and is not very stable.

3. The notebook keyboard (keyboard embedded in the notebook) is also called a chocolate keyboard,

It is a soft keyboard like a real chocolate.

Advantages: Mild sound, keys are sensitive.

Disadvantages: Lack of small keyboards, the layout is slightly compact.

Laptop Keyboard

4. Touch screen virtual keyboard (keyboard on the electronic screen, such as: mobile phone virtual keyboard)

Advantages: Virtual display in the electronic screen, does not take up the actual space.

Disadvantages: When typing, the area of ​​the screen is occupied, and the impact is poor.

virtual keyboard

According to the key structure, we can divide it:


1. Mechanical dealership

Each button has a separate axis to control closed closure, mainly in the tea axis, green shaft, white shaft, black shaft, red shaft, and so on.


Advantages: durable and good feel.

Disadvantages: No waterproof.


The mechanical keyboard is generally similar to the principle of a metal contact switch to turn or disconnect the contact. In practical applications, there are many structural forms of mechanical opening. The most commonly used is cross -contact formula. Tapping is more laborious, and it is easy to miss the word when the type of typing is fast.

mechanical keyboard

Note Jun likes the blue axis, and the sound of the knocking.

2. Plastic thin mode keyboard

Advantages: cheap and waterproof.

Disadvantages: poor feel, short life.

There are four layers in the plastic film -type keyboard. The plastic film has a raised conductive rubber on the first layer of the plastic film. One of the layers is an isolated layer, and there are contacts on the upper and lower layers. The rubber is raised by pressing the key to make the upper and lower layers of contact contact and output coding. This keyboard has no mechanical wear and high reliability.

3. Conductive rubber keyboard

The contact of the conductive rubber keyboard contact is connected by conductive rubber. Its structure is a layer of raised conductive rubber, raised part of the conductivity, and this part of the plane part of each button is performed without conductivity. When the keycap is pressed, the raised part of the conductivity is the following, and the following below is the bottom. The contact of the contact will be bounced on the raised part without pressing it on time. At present, it is also used more.

4. No contact static capacitance keyboard

The capacitive keyboard is a principle of similar capacitance switches. The distance between the electrical capacity is generated by changing the distance between the electrode by the key, and the conditions for the volatile pulse to be allowed to pass temporarily. We know that the capacity of the capacitance is determined by the medium, the distance between the poles, and the area of ​​the pole. Therefore, when the keycap is pressed, the distance between the pole changes, which causes the capacitor capacity to change. When the parameter design is appropriate, there will be output when the key is kept. Encoder. Because the capacitor has no contact, this key does not have problems such as wear and poor contact during the working process, and durability, sensitivity and stability are better. In order to prevent the electrode from entering the dust, the capacitive button switch is assembled.

The specific functions of the keyboard keys

We use 104 keys as the standard.




The full name is ESCAPE, which is a keys of the standard computer keyboard, which is located in the upper left corner of the keyboard. For ordinary users, the ESC key located at the top left of the keyboard is not commonly used. In fact, the ESC key can also achieve a lot of fast operations.

most commonly used:

1. In the full -screen window mode, press ESC to exit this mode

1. When surfing the Internet, if you click a certain URL, press the ESC key to stop opening the current webpage.

2. When surfing the Internet, you must not fill in some user names or something. If you fill in the wrong, press the ESC key to remove all the contents of all the boxes; and when typing, you can press the ESC key to remove the wrong word selection. frame.

3. In addition to the “Ctrl+Alt+Del” combination key, you can call up the Windows task manager, press “Ctrl+Shift+ESC” to start the task manager like the combination key, and you can directly enter the task manager’s “process” of the “process” of the task manager. Item, and then press ESC to turn off the current task manager.

4. When a program is not in a state of activity and we want to restore it as a activity state, press the “ALT+ESC” key to activate the application without having to click the program title bar with the mouse.

5. For the pop -up window of the “cancel” option, if you want to choose to cancel, press the ESC key to achieve the “cancel” operation.

6.CTRL+ESC is also equivalent to pressing the Win key to open the start menu.

7.ESC can close the current chat window of QQ and WeChat.

Function from F1 to F12:

F1: Help

When you are in a selected program, you can press the F1 key; if you are currently on the desktop, you will have a Windows help program.

F2: Rename

A file or folder is selected in the resource manager. Press F2 will rename the selected file or folder.

F3: Search files

Press the F3 key on the resource manager or desktop, the “search file” window will appear. Therefore, if you want to search the files in a folder, press the F3 key to quickly open the search window, and the search range has been default to the folder by default.

F4: Open the address list in the browser

Press the F4 key in the address to open the address list that has been recorded in the browser, and there is an alt+F4 closing window.

F5: refresh

The refresh of the page and the desktop is used to refresh the content of the current window in the IE or resource manager, and the search and replacement page appears in Word.


In the resource manager or browser

Positioning to the address bar



In the Windows system, it is not only useful in the DOS window; after positioning the cursor in the Word to position the red underlined line, press the F7 key to appear spelling and grammar pages.


Press when starting the computer

F8 display boot menu

; Press the F8 key in Word and then move the cursor position. The characters between the cursor will be selected.


It is used to quickly reduce volume in WindowsMediaPlayer.

F10: menu

It is used to activate the menu in Windows or programs, and you will have a right -click shortcut menu when pressing Shift+F10; in Windows Media Player, its function is to increase the volume.

F11: The window switch to full screen

, Press the F11 key to turn the current resource manager or IE into a full -screen display


F12: Save another as

When editing pictures or typing, the window with a file is quickly popped up.

Related combination key:


1.Shift+F3 key: you can switch the letters of the letter;

2.Shift+F5 key: For the document just opened, you can move to the position of the previous closure of the document;

3.shift+F8 key: you can reduce the selected content;

4.CTRL+Shift+F8 key, then press the arrow key: you can expand the selected content (or block);

5.Shift+F9 key: You can switch between the domain code and its results;

6.CTRL+F11 key: you can lock the domain;

7.CTRL+Shift+F11 key: You can lock the domain.

Additional: if so

Notebook computer keyboard

There will be a FN function key on it, which has the following functions.



It is a modified key used on many computer keyboards for the abbreviation of Function. It is common in Apple standard keyboards, multimedia keyboards, and some laptop keyboards.

1. Fn+F6 can open the camera or close the camera. There is a sign of a blue camera on the F6 key. This is the shortcut key to open the camera.

2.FN+F2: Switch the display function key. If your notebook is also connected to a display, you can switch the screen with this combination key.

3.FN+F3: Close or turn on the touchpad function keys.

4.FN+F4: Customize opening a program. Click “Browser” to select a shortcut of a program or program. For example, select a Google browser shortcut on the desktop: click the “OK” button after confirmation. In the future, the FN+F4 key can open the Google browser directly. If you want to remove or modify, find this icon at the tray in the lower right corner of the desktop, then click it right, and select P1 Setting to call out.

5.fn+F5: Use mode switching. The FN+F5 can be switched. The specific mode has the following: the first is the movie mode, the second is the projection mode, the third is the game mode, the third is the office mode, and the last one closes this function.

6.FN+F10: Turn off radio (including wireless wifi and Bluetooth).

7.fn+F12: Standby. Press this combination function key, and the machine immediately enters the standby state.

8.fn+→: increase the volume; fn+←: reduce the volume.

9.FN+↑: Increase the brightness of the screen; Fn+↓: Reduce the screen brightness.

As shown in the figure, the number key and the punctuation key.

(Input method: under English mode)

Press normally.

If you press the Shift key first, then press it from left to right: ~,!,@,#, ¥,%, &,*, (,)

Let’s focus here

(Input method: under the Chinese mode)

The two keys in the arrow are different.

Press directly: The first one will be “·”, a small point, not “~” or “` “.

And digital key 6, in the Chinese mode of input method, shift+is: “…”



Jump key

tabulator key


The meaning is “the person who is a watch, the watchmaker (for watchmaker for watchmaking)

“. Its most basic usage is to draw a borderless




Platform lock key


It is a shortcut of Capitals Lock, for the reason for it

, Keyboard a key position, which is used for lax and lowercase switching. But it is mainly used to continuously enter several capital letters. exist


Can be used for Chinese and English switching.


Upper key

Converting key

It has two meanings, with written meaning and the upper gear of the keyboard. The written meaning has a lot of explanations, which refers to the meaning of movement, movement, replacement, replacement, change, change, etc. Of course The meaning of blocking and eliminating.






Old -style AT interface

PS/2 interface

USB interface

Jump key


Platform lock key

The Shift key is a upper -gear converting key in the keyboard, which can also be used in Chinese and English conversion. There are 1 shift key on the left and right. The Shift key has functions such as input method switching, fast switching half -angle and full -angle, selecting continuous files, and directly deleting files.


Control key


Ctrl key is


A button on the computer keyboard is located in the lower left and lower right corners of the keyboard. The pronunciation is the Control key, which means “control” in Chinese. It is widely used. It is a computer.


A commonly used





The foundation is called “


Win key:

Windows key, referred to as “WinKey” or “Win key” for short

It is the lower left corner of the computer keyboard





The keys between the keys, the desktop machine

Full -size computer

There is often one in the lower right corner of the main keyboard area (usually a shortcut menu buttons that are equivalent to the right mouse button), and the pattern is


Window logo.

Alt key:

“Alt” key is also known as

Replace the gear key, change key, replace key

Because it is an English word “


“(Exchange, replacement) abbreviation, in most cases with other key combinations. In the case of no mouse, using the” ALT “key can easily open the software menu. Two left and right.

Inside the red box

It is a variety of letters:

Patriotic: qwertyuiop



Capital: qwertyuiop




The long keyboard of the yellow selection box is named:


space bar


Blank key



A key is at the bottom of the keyboard. The space key is usually long -shaped. The main reason for using this design is that it can be easily input


For example, space is usually separated in the middle of two words. Therefore, the space key is designed to be wider than any other key, and the thumb of the two hands can easily type the space key. It is worth mentioning that the space key can also become a password



The keys in the red circle in the picture above are all punctuation and keys, and have the same beauty as the numeric keys above. They all have two display.

which is:

In Chinese mode

Directly displayed as:-, =, [,],;, ‘,,,. ,,,

If you press Shift first, then follow the order from top to bottom, from left to right, and press it, then: -,+, {,}, |,: “,”, “,”,?

In the English mode::

Press directly:- = [] ; ‘,. /

After holding down shift,: _ + {} |: <>?

FN, Alt, CTRL, and WIN key and Shift keys are also available on the left of the keyboard. It has been introduced. The functions here are the same as the previous introduction.




(English: Backspace) Initially, the key to push the carriage back to a position. In modern computers, move the input cursor back to a position back. After deleting the word of this position Move a position in front.

The backbone key is also called the backbone key. On the far right of the numeric key is the backbone key, each time you can delete a character in front of the cursor. It is located above the carbage key, which is marked with the left arrow “←” on it. At the same time, the characters on the left position of the cursor are deleted.





Essence Among them are

The name of the system, and





Essence some

The ENTER button of the computer will have a curved arrow.

The Enter key has two functions. One is to confirm the input execution command, and the other is to change the role in text processing.

1. PRT SC/SYS RQ key

Under the Windows system, this key is basically called a screenshot key. As long as this button is pressed, the screen displayed by the current computer will be saved to the clipboard. Right -click to select paste. But it will not be saved automatically, so you press the key many times, and the last screenshot will be covered. You can also set the key to the screenshot tool of the Windows system in the settings, so that you don’t need to rely on the screenshot function of the third -party software. In the Linux system, the key is the System Request system request button.

2. Scroll Lock

The scroll lock key is very useful under the current Excel. After pressing this key, when you press the upper and lower keys in Excel, you will lock the cursor and roll the page. If you let it go, you will roll the cursor when pressing the upper and lower keys without rolling the page.

The biggest highlight of the key is that on some keyboards with lamps, press the key, and the corresponding indicator light will light up.

This key is a rolling lock key, which is more useful during the ancient DOS period. At that time, the display technology could only be used to display the text with a length of 80 lines, so it can be used to roll the page when reading the text. This key is currently very useful on the Windows system. It is commonly used on Excel. If the Pageup and PageDown key are used when the SCR LK prompt light is turned off, the cell selection area will move. If you want to change the selected cell when you roll, just press the key.



The main purpose of the Pase Break key is: the execution of certain programs can be suspended. For example, BIOS and DOS programs, when the DOS interface is displayed before the operating system, press the self -inspection content, and the information will be suspended to check the screen content, and then press any key to continue. Press the Windows key pause/break combination key in Windows state, you can directly transfer the system property panel.

4. Insert key

The role of the INSERT key is: switch input mode. There are two types of input mode, insertion and coverage. For example, the default is inserted in Microsoft Word. Just press the INSERT key to become a coverage mode. Of course, press it to change it again.

5. Home button

The role of the Home button is to move the cursor to the left end of the current line. For example, when we use word typing, we must make two grids in the first line. Press the Home button directly to move the cursor to the left end of the current row. Is this a bit faster than that of the mouse? Press the Ctrl HOME combination key, and you can also position the cursor to the forefront of the document.

6. Pageup and PageDown key

These two keys are also relative. Pressing these two keys when browsing the web can quickly return to the front end of the webpage and the bottom of the webpage.


7. END key


The role of the END key is to move the cursor to the right end of the current line. This key is relative to the Home button, so just press the Ctrl END combination key to position the cursor to the end of the document.

8. Del key

It is the abbreviation of Delete. The meaning of deletion is the first and second key on the left of the general keyboard on the left side of the head of the ordinary keyboard.

Del key: Del key is used alone to delete. In the document or in other input windows, delete the unwanted content that is not needed, and you can directly press the Del key.

Arrow key

Small keyboard

1. Num Lock key

The NUM LOCK key is to prompt you to open and close the small keyboard. Press this key, and the prompt light on the keyboard will light up, prompting that the small keyboard can be used.

2. There are numbers: 1234567890, of which the functions of the six keys of 0, 1, 3, 7, 9, and “.” (Point number) The functions of Shift can be turned into the following six key positions.

As for the Enter key function is the same as just now.

.+,-,/,/,* This function is mentioned in the previous punctuation symbol. The few of them here are directly pressed to display it.

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Control key









space bar

Arrow key