Is the expensive clothes showing texture? It is really not necessarily. Now many brand design focuses on the design sense. Instead of the choice of fabrics, it is generally sold at high pricing, but the texture of the clothing itself may not be very careless. After throwing away the fabric problem, many designers have made a lot of “novelty” designs that drag the texture. For example, the sweater of the ball from Luhan earlier


There are also Fan Bingbing’s Tang suit set by many netizens that the clothes are not ironed. However, compared to the model map, it can be found that this is a designer’s design. The folds that have been pressed for a long time were designed by the designer. There are really many examples.


In addition to Luhan, Fan Bingbing, Naza and Yuan Shanshan, they also stepped on the thunder. One of the variety shows and a red carpet was pitted by the same series of clothing. Let’s take a look together.


Naza, Yuan Shanshan’s nearly 10,000 pajamas skirts wrinkled, showing cheap

Naza appeared in a variety show and wore a pink suspender dress from Alexander Wang. This skirt is a pajamas style of a improved shirt. The color and style design is quite suitable for Naza, which can be white and beautiful, and the unconventional design is also suitable for her.

However, the dress with nearly 10,000 official website does not have the texture that should have. The luster of the fabric encounters pink, and the overall is wrinkled. Netizens have said that the skirt is really not worthy of beauty, which is particularly cheap, like the night market bought, which is bought by the night market. Essence In summary, this skirt really depends on Naza’s prosperous beauty.

In fact, Yuan Shanshan had stepped on before. Yuan Shanshan is wearing a whole set of Look in the same series. Pink shirts with the same fabric can also be described as “disaster”. The unprecedented fabric and color are on the scene where the lights are not good. I really can’t see the price of Yuan Shanshan, the price of LOOK is about 30,000 ~


The price of this series worn by Yuan Shanshan and Naza is not cheap, and it is also an international brand. So why is it so unprecedented? Let’s briefly analyze it.

The price of these two items is not cheap, but it is not anti -wrinkle. This fabric has a lot to do. The fabric composition of the official website is as follows.

87%sticky fiber, 9%metal, 4%cotton. Therefore, the main ingredients of these two items are sticky fiber. Babies who have bought such fabrics should know that such fabrics are very easy to wrinkle and it is difficult to recover. The reason for choosing such fabrics is probably a designer’s idea, so the official website model is also wrinkled, so you can’t blame Naza Yuan Shanshan without ironing clothes ~

The other is the color problem. The dark color is more textured than light. This type of adhesive fabric is added with metal ingredients. The overall gloss is very strong, and the pink and wrinkled design that is not textured is really difficult to show texture. Even new clothes are like wearing old clothes for many years. Nearly 10,000 yuan has a texture of nearly 100 yuan.

Therefore, after the same skirt, after the Naza team’s weakened skirt’s gloss and folds, the cheap texture of the skirt was not so prominent.


These details will drag the clothing texture


Naza’s tens of thousands of skirts are not textured, so in daily life, how to choose some more textured clothing.

During spring and summer, wrinkle is the problem of dragging the texture of clothing. The wrinkled clothing is really dragging on the texture and your refinement. For example, Wang Ou’s dress from the sleeve to the skirt is wrinkled. The comparison of the model has a lot of sense of texture, and it also damages the image of exquisite beauties.

Two sets of Jiang Xin and Qiao Xin.

So how to choose the texture of the texture?

The first is to look at the fabric. If you want to choose some luster fabrics like Naza, then you must pay attention to the fabric components. First of all, it must be avoided that the main component is the fabric of sticky glue fiber. It is also easy to sharpen hair, which is a more difficult fabric.


If you do n’t like ironing every day or have no time to iron your clothes, you should also avoid real silk, acetic acid and other fabrics that you need to iron after washing. You can choose some less easily wrinkled fabrics. Chiffon and so on.


Secondly, choose the color and style of not obvious texture. Now there are many stars to choose from, and many of them are affordable, so you must be simpler in the choice of style to avoid elements like lace, such as the two sets of Naza skirts below, and the white skirt on the left though although the white skirt on the left is Fairy, but the fabric requirements and workmanship requirements are relatively high. If you choose a parity, you can easily occur. In contrast, the flat black skirt on the right is not easy to turn over.

In summary, you can choose the fabric that you can take care of in the summer, because the wrinkles will affect the texture of the clothing; in addition, if the budget is limited, then pay attention to the streamlined style, the color control, avoid the pink that is easy to flip the car, etc. Wait, are you get?

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