The shorts play an important role in the summer wear, with the cooling attributes of the cooling, which is cool and comfortable to wear.


However, the summer shorts on the market are endless, both styles and styles are sampled, and the inner volume phenomenon is serious. Choosing the right style has become a key lesson!

So the question is: How to choose summer shorts? How to match it?

In this issue, from the two aspects of selection and matching, I teach everyone to wear shorts to avoid the same size. It is the most important thing to wear out of my personality.

Three shorts that are essential this summer


1. Riding panties

Riding shorts are the favorite of sports girls. Its style and tailoring design is very simple. The biggest advantage is that the shape effect is good and has the ability to modify the leg shape.

Because of this, ride shorts are very picky in figure and leg shape. If the waist and leg positions have a little fat, they will be enlarged infinitely, which is only suitable for women with good figures.

Second, suit shorts

Suit shorts are the best choice for summer commuting and wear. It has strong plasticity. Both daily leisure and workplace can be easily controlled to meet the needs of wear at different occasions.

General suit shorts are designed with high waist and pants legs. It can improve the waistline and modify the leg shape. It is not friendly to the small girls.

3. denim shorts

Thanks to the particularity of the material, denim shorts can be said to be the “evergreen tree” of the fashion industry. It has strong plasticity, does not pick leg shape and figure, and the fabric comes with trendy attributes, age reduction and versatile.


The choice space of denim shorts is also very large, with cats, patch, hole -breaking elements, or the style of edge design, which can improve the fashion of the single product itself.

3 matching methods of shorts


① Riding shorts+T -shirts

Because riding shorts is very slim, it helps to emphasize the beauty of the leg lines. Therefore, when matching the shirt, try to select the more loose style of the version.

Riding shorts with loose T -shirts, and you can also add shirts to improve the sense of layering. The following pair of sneakers that echo the top of the top are visually more textured.

② suit shorts+suit suit

Suit shorts can be paired with different styles and styles, which can be perfectly combined with single -shirts, shirts and other items.

However, the most advanced look is still with suit clothes. “Commercial wear” helps to improve the temperament and taste of the wearer, and reveals a simple and simple sense of high -level sense.

③ denim shorts+shirts

Denim shorts give people a fresh and natural feeling of fashion, so try to match some casual items, such as blue and white striped shirts, simple and advanced, and then use the “jacket corner” technique to improve the waistline position. Sigh and thin.




Even if the shorts are rolled again, riding shorts, suit shorts and denim shorts are not out of date. As long as you pay attention to matching, you can wear a sense of high -level ~

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