The dining table is a more important furniture product in our home. There are many materials on the table on the market. Like the solid wood dining table, it is a product that everyone loves. Several imported solid wood dining tables introduced today. I hope everyone can like it. Essence


Any product promotional word on the market can make people think of air and lightness in one second. There is also a Air series in LAGO’s furniture. They can make small units lighter and more space. Can make the mansion futorous. When the combination of glass and different materials brings a sense of transparency to the home, the entire space is more “breathing.”

这几款意大利进口实木餐桌 让整个空间多了“呼吸感”

LAGO attaches great importance to the use of sustainable materials. It is advocated that the design should exceed the single product itself, and understand the space, people and relationships more comprehensive from a macro perspective. LAGO not only produces single products, but also produces a series of general-purpose modular systems. Whether it is the AIR series or X-GLASS, it can be applied to different combinations. These systems can be mixed and matched to provide home and public spaces Any room, and it is precisely here that Lago is famous.


这几款意大利进口实木餐桌 让整个空间多了“呼吸感”

Bonaldo is famous for its unique creativity and design. The artistic shape is even more pleasing to the eye, all of which have bloomed the traditional Italian architectural art and culture. The perfect artistic performance, the unique shape with the perfect color, is completely described as the leader of the artist’s home. The concept of the family is not only staying in the living, but also in improving the quality of life. Bonaldo has both the minimalist of Nordic style without losing the elegance of Italy, so it has become an international brand image.

这几款意大利进口实木餐桌 让整个空间多了“呼吸感”

Color matching, diverse materials, interesting imagination, creating the vitality of the monk. It has BonalDo like a modern artwork. Bonaldo uses metal with warm wood, colorful glass with natural stone, and the materials are used to the extreme. Bonaldo is well -known in the world with simple and stylish Italian style. Bonaldo’s enthusiasm for products is the key to the success of the entire brand, because of the enthusiasm and persistence of the design, it has produced endless creative sparks.


这几款意大利进口实木餐桌 让整个空间多了“呼吸感”

Calligaris has inherited the two major advantages of Italian descent: the humanistic feelings and simplicity life style brought by the Renaissance. In the hearts of Europeans, Calligaris’s most prestigious dining chair is one of the furniture to accompany them. Slowly enjoying food on the dining table is an indispensable part of Italian life, and it makes a strong sense of belonging between people.

It is explaining the background meaning symbolized by the LOGO woodpecker: no matter how far the way is, remember the starting point of this glory, take it at “wood”, and “forest”. At the same time, there is a major that businessmen should have, consider the different needs of the global market, and continue to invest in users, contextual construction, and material innovation, and develop high -quality Calligaris that can ban the test of time. Living space.

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