“Shan Hai Jing · Oshi Western Classic”: “Kunlun Nanyuan is three hundred and deep.

“Kunlun’s virtuality at home, in the northwest, the emperor is the capital. Kunlun’s virtuality, Fang Eight hundred miles, high Wan Wanzhu. There are wooden grasses, long five sings, big five, and Jiujing, with jade as a threshold. Jiumen, the door has an enlightened beast, where the gods are located. In the rocks of Badong, when the red water, there is no Renyi to go to the rock of Gang. “

This is the most direct description of a building belonging to the Yellow Emperor, and there is Jiujing. Essence Essence And nine doors. Essence Essence It means that the “yellow” building is built by stone, which can be seen from (jade threshold), and there is a open beast guard. When Chishui, it shows that the Kunlun market is near the upper reaches of the Yellow River. What is the shape of this shape next to the word “yellow”?

There are three possibilities:

1 There is a job tower outside this building.

2 wireless launch tower

3 monitor lighthouse

“Shan Hai Jing · Oshi Western Classic”: Kunlun’s virtual, Fang Eight hundred miles, Gao Wanyi. There are Muhe on the top, long five search, big five.

Records said that there is a high elevated like rice and a high-like elevated on the Kunlun Hill, with a height of more than 10 meters wide and 6-7 meters wide. That is to say, Kunlun’s hills are not only like “yellow” buildings, but also have many “gods”. As mentioned earlier, the documentary lens taken in the air is far away. This is a long -range lens allowing people who can create words to use the symbol of Huangdi to draw “the capital under the emperor”.

Through the decoding of yellow characters, we can know what the real name of “Yellow Emperor” was called “Yellow Emperor” because he had the most advanced aircraft or spacecraft “Emperor”. And is the leader of this magnificent yellow -shaped building on the Kunlun Hill.

The simplest simulation is that we don’t know him alone, but he drives the train. We call him a train driver to drive him a car driver. It’s called a programmer …

The name of the emperor and other gods in the Mountains and Seas is a similar name. For example, Dayu, who is underwater, and our ancient ancestor, Huangdi is the leader of “Yellow” and the driver of “Emperor”. Use the symbol of “Yellow Emperor” to express the leader of that era.

Records about unknown flying objects or not tomorrow can be traced back to thousands of years ago. The earliest records of human beings for flying saucers have been stored on a very old -fashioned Egyptian papers. It has been more than 3,400 years away. Around 1500 BC, Tuten III and his subjects witnessed the scene where the unknown flying object group appeared:

“At 6 o’clock on the 32nd winter … The copy of the palace of life saw a fire ring flying in the sky … It has a headless, spraying a foul odor. The fire ring has a long shot, a width, and silent. Stranging, ingening the ground … They reported the matter to Pharaoh, and Pharaoh ordered to check the records on the palaces of all life. After a few days, more such objects appeared in the sky, and their light was enough to cover the sun and the four dimensions of the four dimensions of the sky. … The fire ring is strong and powerful. The Pharaoh stood in the army and watched the scene with the soldiers. After dinner, the fire ring rose towards the south … “

This article is written in ancient pictographs, which came from the chronicle of Egyptian Pharaoh Titmos III. The manuscript was stored in the Vatican Library. Its authenticity was not doubtful. (Origin: China Feiban)

Analysis of the above records at the time was a halo that could fly, and it could be seen by people’s panic that people had never seen it at the time.

Coincidentally, the record of the famous ancient classic “Bible” in the “West”, through the vision of the west, also depicts a strange unknown flying object. He described:

With a gust of wind, a huge cloud group containing shining fire fluttered. There is a glorious around it, and the middle seems to be a flash of Mi Qingjin. There are four “living creatures” (a living body of human life). The shape and color of the wheels are like water and jade. It is the wheel in the wheel. The wheels can go straight to the square. There is no need to turn around. Also rising. Later, “Ling” raised him (Etsu), and he heard the sound of rotating the wheel and vibration. He was taken to a place called “Tilleci” for 7 days.

– “Bible”: Four wheels (see the ancient alien series videos)

There are many religious things in this paragraph, but the descriptions of the “cosmic spacecraft”, “alien” and “hijacking” in the modern flying saucer case are generally consistent, even more simple, clear and realistic. (Origin: China Feiban). If it wasn’t for the real thing, how people who described the content of the Bible in the Bible come to think of extremely abstract things such as aircraft and universal wheels.

Indians’ cosmic sailing

In the ancient epic of India, he has repeatedly wrote the scenery of the “spraying trains” from the sky. Wan in an epic:

A burst of dust from the distance, shaking the earth, and finally, the sun god appeared. He took a fire -spraying sky car and parked on the ground with his huge wheels. The wheel. … Behind that person, I saw a wheel car, each wheel was full of eyes, a throne on the wheels, and a fire around the car.

Both of these descriptions mentioned “eyes”, which must be something like portholes or micro -probe lights.

There are also some Sanskrits that introduce the principles of aircraft lift and flight, which is very similar to the various engine principles discovered and used after thousands of years.

The power of the ship is derived from the large iron box in the center of the ship. There is a pipeline to accept “force” each head and stern. , The valve was closed, the “airflow” suddenly sprayed out, and the boat rose. After the boat rises, the lower live valve is closed by one -half, and the ship will float in the air. If the “gas” enters the pipeline at the tail, the boat will move forward.

They are made of lightweight materials and are extremely strong. The body is equipped with a mercury and iron heating device, and the spacecraft relies on this mercury to produce the power of vortex. Those who take the spacecraft can fly to the distant place in the air …


The “mercury” mentioned here is not a mercury in the modern sense. Perhaps it is a liquid metal element that we still do not know. After chemical or heating, it may produce huge energy.

The knowledge of ancient mankind is very limited. Their simple thoughts cannot understand the profound scientific theory at all. Essence

Their imagination space is also very limited.

There is such a conversation in “Big Tennal Biography”, and modern people have to be surprised after watching it.

Rama: This veil with a veil seemed to be different.

Weixia La: The speed has left the earth and comes to the Central World.

Sida: Why, can I see … Star Ring during the day?

Rama: Miao Ji! It is really a star ring, but because the distance is too far, we can’t see it during the day because our eyes have been blurred by the sun. Now, due to the rise of the speed, we avoid the sun.

This kind of landscape can only be appreciated by astronauts today. We have to doubt the ancient Indians. Is it because of the help of a certain supernatural power? It really reaches the height that only the astronauts can reach until the 20th century.

Chinese history books and some ancient books have also recorded unknown flying objects or not tomorrow. For example, in the Xia Dynasty (1914), there were “Emperor Eight Years, Ten Days”, and “Bamboo Book Journey” also contained “eight years, there is a demon in the sky, and the ten days are exported.”

In the forty -eight years of Shang Emperor Xin, “two days off”. Until the Ming Dynasty, such records still appeared from time to time. For example, Zheng Zhongzheng’s “Ear New” Volume 7 “Lord” mentioned: “There are two pools in front of Xiong Xiufu. There are things, agarwood, round like a ball, jumping from the wind from the treetops, falling into the front pool, the pool water is boiling. Turning the waves like snow, the pond water is yellow. For a long time, he jumped from the east side of the door, and he did not know what he was. “


With the above records, can we conclude that the phenomenon of the early Shan and Haijing period, the Yellow Emperor’s period, the phenomenon of the flying saucer group may be the UFO that people talked about today.


Tianxuan Dihuang


The ancients: “Tian Xuan Di Yellow”, that is, “the sky is Xuan”, “the ground is yellow”, and later, the yellow shows the color of the ground. The significance of language and text is agreed. All literary characters are changing over time, which is increasingly different from the absolute significance of the beginning, as well as Chinese characters. Just as the languages ​​are different, the translation relationship can be formed because of different words of language expression.

So what is Tianxuan?

My explanation will inevitably disappoint some friends, because many of the monks will read “” Tian Xuan Di Yellow, the big sun is mandala. “” “. Essence Essence Essence Essence Today, some explanations say that Xuan Tian refers to the Nine Sky Xuan Nu of Dahei, and Huangdi is the ancestor of Huaxia. The Jiutian Xuan Nu taught the opportunity to be in Huangdi. Defeat Chi You. Even if this is the truth. “Xuan Tian” still needs to be explained.

The Yellow Palace of Kunlun Hill is below the emperor, and there must be one of them. Through the previous introduction, I analyzed that there was a aircraft “Yellow” during the Yellow Emperor, and its flight speed was close to the speed of light: 299789 km/s. It shows that Huangdi is flying in space, so there will be a space base outside the earth. This is the capital of Huangdi.

There is a sideline in the Shanhai Jing, which is “Emperor’s Drought”. Huang Di and Chi You started war. Chi You dispatched Yu Shi and Feng Bo. Huang Di was in a hurry. Huang Di recruited droughts from the sky, which won the war. But after the war, the drought can no longer return to heaven, so the drought here is a collective name for combat weapons and drivers. People who drove this combat weapon after the war may not be killed, but the drought aircraft was severely destroyed and could not fly anymore. It will also analyze the war westward. This shows that the drought is likely to be out of the outside space. So where is Huangdi’s? Personally infer that Huangdi’s space base is on the orbit between the moon and the moon.

Xuan: “Said the text” said: Xuan, You Yuan also. Lao Tzu said, Xuan Zhi is mysterious, the door of all the wonderfulness. Black and red persons are mysterious. Since Huangdi can leave the “Mountains and Sea Maps”. It is very likely that other information is left. Lao Tzu, the director of the National Archives Museum of the Zhou Dynasty, saw the pictures of the “Space Port Base” of the Tiandu of Huangdi, just like the dark space shown in this photo, suspended The combination of shaped like “的”. Those “gods” with great wisdom and mastering high -tech have made the saints emit the sigh of “mysterious and mysterious, the door of the wonderful”.

After that, Xuan also represents black in addition to the mysterious distant meaning. Today, our naked eye cannot see the current international space station, but through image technology, we not only see the international space station in space, but also see that astronauts go out of the cabin. All this is also mysterious for the general public.


What’s more, even if the speed of the yellow emperor’s aircraft is still compared to us, they can still be called God. Because the speed they reached make their time and space very different from us, and not to mention that after they come to the earth, they leave us about the knowledge of the universe, such as the universe in the big bang “Pangu opens the world”, quantum physics “is really vacant and wonderful and wonderful “Yes”, the theory of relativity “The eternal world and the relative time and space are different heavens and three realms of Taoism and Buddhism.”

Taking two hours as an example, some people do n’t move in place. The walking people walk 10 kilometers, drive 140 kilometers, the plane flight is 2,000 kilometers. Traveler No. 1 has been far away from the sun thousands of kilometers. Flying more than 200,000 kilometers in space. How different is the scene in the eyes of different people.