Most of the girls’ cosmetic bags are occupied by lipsticks, and those popular color numbers that are difficult to find one are even more difficult to buy, and I have been beckoning to you on Shopping List. In this issue, my sister has found four celebrities’ representatives to help you crack the net red color numbers and the niche color numbers you ignored by you. Buying and buying is more accurate!

It’s not wrong

The gas field depends on it


It is said that right red is the color that all women have to have. Yes, the aura is full, sexy and charming is it. It is also a lipstick that is also the favorite of Qi Wei.

The young lady is thin, and the big woman is full of the big woman. She is talking about the right red. As long as Qi Wei is painted with it, the whole person looks confident!

Such a domineering color requires your makeup to be complete. The slightly raised eyeliner and long eyelashes are indispensable. With a confident smile, the crowd instantly shines!


Therefore, the Internet celebrity color cod can be positive red. Whether it is moisturizing or matte, red is right!

UrbandEcay Vice Lipstick#714 ¥ 150/3.4G


Meibian’s stunning long -lasting lipstick New Year’s fire limited edition#01 ¥ 109/3.9g


St. Roland fine tube matte lipstick#1 ¥ 335/2.2G

Estee Lauder Gold Lipstick#304 ¥ 350/3.1g

DIOR Dior Lieyan Blue Golden Lipstick#999 ¥ 320/3.2G


Givenchy Ga Ding Xieye Velvet Lipstick#306 ¥ 355/3.4G

Charm softness matte lipstick#612 ¥ 170/3g

Make up for Ever star loves lips and cheeks ¥ 200/2.5G


Sweet and gentle hometown


Su Yan can also be painted

Bean paste and milk tea are the magic weapon to show women’s gentleness. Liu Shishi, who has a gentle temperament, is the best spokesperson for this kind of color!


The sweet smile hangs on the corner of the mouth, but the split lip color gives people like a big sister next door, looking at it at a glance, as if the spring breeze is blowing.

This kind of lip color is very versatile, all kinds of shapes can be worthy of it, and the makeup surface does not need to be too carved. Simple nude makeup is very embarrassed.


Regardless of the skin color, you can try boldly, even if you apply plain face, you can hold it. Choose it, which makes people unconsciously intoxicated in the sweet and gentle hometown of your lips.

ChristianLouboutin lightly tulle lipstick #ESCATIN ¥ 855/3.8G

Lancome pure soft silk satin lipstick#120 ¥ 270/3.4G

Bobbibrown solid color luxury gold matte lipstick #razzberry ¥ 300/4.5G

CPB skin Key Light Charm Lipstick#101 ¥ 480/4G

Nars velvet fog lipstick pen#2467 ¥ 270/2.4G

Sweet chocolate

Love cool girl

Girls occasionally make cool girls. Kat Dennings uses a mellow brown lipstick with chocolate, taking you to open the door of the new world.

The addition of this brown tone makes the makeup more mysterious, the wild sense suddenly bursts out, and the thick coating shows the retro temperament!

This kind of lip color is white and white, but pay attention not to drop the makeup, turn the thin eyebrow shape and small smoke, and the high -end sexy instant get.


This distinctive lip color can easily bring a two -meter -eight aura, do you dare to try?


Anna Su Mo Yang Jingling Lipstick#402 ¥ 270/3G

Armani love matte lipstick#600 ¥ 320/4g

Chanel dazzling charm lipstick velvet series#63 ¥ 320/3.5g

Shimura Show new colorless limited lipstick#RD184 ¥ 215/3.4G


Yue Shi Feng Yin Honey Kiss True Cream Lipstick#8 ¥ 110/3.5G



Tomato small playful


Not like big red, it is domineering, and the tomato color is very playful. It is suitable for the cute “little monkey purple”, which is low -key and bright.

The tomato -colored lipstick is very white, and the saturation is just good. At the moment of the light, you can also give you a beep lip.


If you add the same color blush, it is really cute. Whether you are yellow, black or white skin, you choose it to reduce the age.

Such a lively and cute and super -young tomato color, as long as the upper lip, make your lips look like a cooked tomato, making people want to bite.


L’Oreal, Paris, printed lip glaze#115 ¥ 145/7ml

TOM FORD Flame Magic Lipstick#88 ¥ 430/3G

Leimei Musi Ladu Rui Shuiguang Lipstick#07 HK $ 240/3g

Linfu Sa Charian Lipstick#C02 ¥ 210/2g


Jiaolan Zhencai gem lipstick#45 ¥ 435/3.5g

GUCCI colorful glittering lipstick#060 HK $ 330/1.5g

Which of these hot colors, which one do you pick?

Edit/Wang Qian

Text/Dong Yitan


Photography/Tan Shuo (pick up a Studio)