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Recently, the Shenzhen Municipal Consumer Council issued a comparison test report for home service.


Comprehensive test results of 20 spring and summer home service shows:

Ten home service samples have 5 stars ★★★★★ (Excellent) rating, 6 home service obtained 4 stars ★★★★ (excellent) rating, and 3 home service obtained 3 stars ★★★ (good) rating.


Overview is as follows:




The comparison test test index refers to EU standards. A total of 98 indicators of 20 projects in the four categories of label identification, security, durability and comfort and skin-friendly, of which 80 security indicators meet or exceed the requirements of EU standards and regulations, such as EU Reach regulations and OEKO-Tex Standard 100.


All the 20 home services have passed the requirements of security indicators to meet the EU standard requirements.


Seven home service samples such as “Fangdi/FANDECIE”, “Aimer/Aimer”, “Xuexianli” and “Mannifen” have higher safety and durability scores, indicating that the quality of these home service is better, safe and durable.




The lady’s long -sleeved home set and “MUJI/MUJI” pajamas Ladies’ Pajamas, the most comfortable and breathable and soft skin. But pay attention to the use and washing method.


A nominal brand of online shopping in Taobao’s “Da Meng Poet Furniture” store is “Butterfly Laiya Clothing”. The label information is lacking. The purchase page claims cotton, but the actual fiber component does not contain cotton.


Twenty spring and summer home service comparison test forms



1. Each single score is represented by an icon, the more the quantity, the better, the better,

The icon represents security,

Represents durability,


Represents comfort,

Represents skin -friendly.


2. According to the proportion of various weights, the star rating is performed. The total evaluation results are represented by “★”. The more “★”, the better the results. The ranking of the same star product is not separated.

3. The price is the price of the time when the sample is purchased in this comparison test. It will be different due to the different time, the location and the purchase channel.




Formal channels

Try to choose a regular shopping mall in the physical store to choose a regular shopping mall. When buying online, you should prefer to ensure your reputation, or choose a flagship store for the brand to avoid purchasing counterfeit products. After purchasing, pay attention to asking for shopping vouchers in order to effectively safeguard your legitimate rights and interests when quality problems.


Recognize the label

Consumers can first determine whether home service is a qualified product based on whether the logo is complete, and because the logo generally contains the following content: Chinese factory name, site address, clothing number identification, ingredient logo, scrubbing identification graphic symbol, product qualification certificate , Perform standard numbers, quality levels and other signs. This information can intuitively judge the source, origin, material, etc. of the product. If the product logo is lacking, irregular, and inaccurate, you should buy it carefully.





Home clothing is more convenient and comfortable. When buying, you can choose to wear out and free, loose enough to be loose. The fabric components can choose home clothes, such as cotton, mulberry silk, and Modal, etc., dominated by natural fibers or regenerative cellulose fibers. The color should be as light -colored, plain, and less coated home clothing.



Check the appearance

Pay attention to check whether there are obvious flaws such as the surface of the home service. Whether the needle cable at the seam is dense and firm, whether the buttons are firm, and whether the four -fold buckle is loose and appropriate. From these details can reflect the basic technology level of the manufacturer.



Was out after washing

After buying new clothes, consumers should clean up the clothing according to the label care method, then wear the clothing, that is, they can wash off the dye floating on the product surface, and can also reduce the content of harmful substances that are easily soluble in water such as formaldehyde.

Home service comparative test product information and comprehensive rating table



1. This comparison test all samples are purchased by staff through regular sales channels as ordinary consumers.

2. The result is for consumers to buy product reference only, and does not constitute recommendations and publicity of any related products.

3. 标签标识包括使用说明和纤维成分及含量,安全性包括异味、pH值、色牢度、游离水解甲醛含量、24项可分解致癌芳香胺染料、9项致癌染料,20项致敏染料、 17 harmful flame retardants and surface active agents reinophenol polyoxyethylene ether (NPEO), durability includes the change rate of water washing dimensions, hairs and kicks, seams of cracking, strong crotch seams after pants, strong tearing and tearing power, and tearing strength and tearing strength and tearing strength and tearing. Breaking strong, comfortable and skin -friendly includes breathability and hygroscopicity.


4. The score is based on the proportion of various weights, and the star rating is performed. The evaluation results are represented by “★”. The more “★”, the better the results. ☆ is half star.

5. *indicates that there is no compliance with national standard projects, relegation or warning.

6. The results of this comparison test are only responsible for the products purchased, and do not represent the quality status of different batches of the same brand and different specifications of products.