T -shirts can be said to be a single product that women must enter in spring and summer, and they are also very versatile. They are at the top of the list of almost all items.

It is said that women in long skirts are the most elegant. This summer, wearing T -shirts with long skirts, it looks gentle and refreshing. The key is that this kind of match is not picky. Let ’s teach you how to wear T -shirts and long skirts. Refreshing age, interested sisters can get up.


1. Use bright color items to highlight the sense of girls

Many women who are thirty or forty years old, in the face of the gradually aging face, also want to use the matching back of the spring. At this time, choosing this bright color item can highlight the sense of girly, like this bright pink high -waist skirt With the white loose cartoon T -shirt with the upper body, it shows a pure and sweet girly atmosphere, and at the same time, it has an elegant and high -level sense.

The tone of the white single product is not public. This treasure blue pleated long skirt, the A -shaped version can better cover the problem of wide legs and thick legs, at the same time, the position of the skirt reaches the calf, only revealing only revealing it. The slender ankle shows a pair of superior long legs, with red high heels, elegant and romantic.


The gray -white gauze skirt with this skirt uses a multi -layered skirt and stacked together, putting on the elegant and agile body, giving a sense of immortality. At the same time The skirt is particularly light, so we also have to match a pair of light and small shoes, so as not to be bulky. This lady is equipped with a white strap high -heeled sandals, elegant and atmospheric.


香芋紫色的单品可以说是最具有少女感的,这款香芋紫褶皱长半裙,表面加入了一些格纹元素,看上去简约又清爽,配上上半身的黑灰色背心,短袖以及Baseball, with casual and personality.

It will be more green in summer, which will give people a bright effect. This refreshing green match is very good. It uses a green T -shirt with a green leaf skirt. The charm of mature women.


2. Choose a single product with a sense of design to show the feminine taste

Most of the tailoring of long half -body skirts is not the same, and there are this sense of design. Like this white high -cut skirt, tight -fitting hip skirt, you can better outline plump buttocks. And the slender waist, clever split cutting, slightly exposed the white legs of the white legs, it looks sexy and hot, and the simple black and white color matching reveals a sense of advanced.

This haze -blue long skirt seems to be unusual. It uses double -level fabrics to highlight the design sense. The blue matte fabric has formed a staggering effect. The overall tailoring style is quite abstract. With the pure white sleeveless T -shirt of the upper body, it forms a combination of simplified combination, elegant and refreshing.

Black leather skirt is more suitable for creating a cool and handsome style. The upper body is paired with black and white striped sleeve, making the shape a lot simpler.


3. Simple and leisure matching pursuit comfort

Using short sleeves with a half -body skirt can also create a simple and casual style. In this style of matching, most of them use loose items. With the shape of a black and white checkered long skirt, casual and personalized, revealing a comfortable summer style.


This blue -white striped hood, with the shape of a white high -waist and long skirt, is quite refreshing and elegant in color matching. At first glance, it can give people a good sense of visual experience. The overall matching and short hair of the younger sister can Hairstyle is also very coordinated, age reduction and cute.

The high -waisted half -body skirt, suddenly our waistline, visually make the body proportions look more perfect. At this time, a lightweight and small lace -up high -heeled sandals are paired on the feet. It has become a lot brisk.


The combination of T -shirts and long skirts is so pleasing to the eye. Not only can it make you cool a summer, but also you can wear your own unique temperament. Do you like it too?

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