In the blink of an eye, it is the end of the year. I do n’t know if it ’s the illusion of Xiaobian. I always feel that this time is almost a year. In the deep winter season, it is time to test the skills of fashion bloggers. It is both fashionable and thin, but also has a certain warmth.


In summary, the stacking formula of “coat+sweater” popular this winter is very in line with these autumn and winter needs, but both coats and sweaters are single products with a certain thickness.

Although the sense of hierarchy and warmth is not necessary to say more, it may also face the embarrassing situation of bloated and fat.

So today, I will come and talk to you how to wear the warm and thinner formula of the warm and thin formula of “coat+sweater”. If you are interested, don’t go away.


“Instructions for wearing coats+sweaters”

1. The pear -shaped body is far away from this set of wearing


In fact, the single product of the sweater is relatively loose and casual, and the fabric is thick and stiff, so it is very unsuitable for the upper body or big body. The whole person will look bloated and strong.


It is also a hooded sweater, even thicker, but a person with a slender upper body will wear a thinner effect, and the lines on the neck will look more slender.

However, it is not a big breast to wear a sweater or no solution. The apple -type figure can choose a zipper -style cardigan, because the cardigan will not arch like a shirt because it does not fit or the fabric is stiff.

The cardigan has a natural drooping and close -fitting range. Choose a dark color inside. The cardigan shows a darker inner color.

2. Short -star people should not wear hat -linked sweater


Because when the collar of the coat is stacked, the hat will be pushed up, which will cause a short neck, which will cause the face to look big, especially in the tightly wrapped in winter. White “The whole person looks fat and short.

Especially when your coat has a certain thickness, when the fabric is hair or teddy, you need to choose the style of the hats without hats. The hair is best tied up. Slender effect.

3. Thin sweater is better than thick sweater


In fact, many people think that it is more important to wear in autumn and winter. In fact, it is the key to being thin and highlighting.

Therefore, whether it is thin or not depends on the sweater. We also mentioned that the fabrics of the sweater were relatively stiff, so it should not be too thick as an inner. Fat.


“Coat+sweater with popular trend”


① Boots, daddy shoes are popular

The coat+sweater does not emphasize the body curve excessively, and the style and domineering dress are actually what we are talking about now, and the matching of the shoes is also a neutral style.

Boots are “coat+sweater” with popular items in the formula, and try to choose boots, such as knight boots, which can not only play a role of warmth, but also extend the overall line ratio.


The sweater is a part of the sporty style, so there is no problem with the item that adds the sports style as a whole. The virtually increased daddy shoes are very good choices.

② Short -selected short sweater


The most direct way of a small man is to highlight the waistline and shape a significant proportion. In the wear of “coat+sweater”, you must work hard on the sweater. Choose short sweaters and high -waist pants, that is, Can be shaped perfectly.

③ Stacking shirt rich layered sense


It is said that fashion lies in details. Use shirts in a sweater to increase the sense of layering. At this time, remember that the shirt cannot choose too long or complex styles, otherwise it will be loud. The corner part of the clothes can make wearing a richer sense of hierarchy.

④ Sweater into a suit

In the past few years, the set items have also been like the sky. It is easy to solve the embarrassment that novice Xiaobai will not match. It can also make busy people get a simple “fast food style” wear. Essence

“Character+Sweatshin Guide”

1. Match template


① Coat+sweater+jogging pants


Because people’s life philosophy changes, wearing and gradually leisure, jogging pants such as sporty pants have gradually become popular.

And the loose range of jogging pants still has a good effect on covering meat. I suggest that you choose a slim style when choosing jogging pants, but it is not a loose and large style, which will be thinner.


② coat+sweater+jeans

Jeans are a well -known fashion single. Its unique fabric can compare with other single -product fabrics on the body, so that wearing a high -level sense of layering.

The denim blue also has a brightening and neutral effect. Here we need to remind everyone that the looseness of jeans is determined by height.


The tall man can choose the loose and mop, but the short man must choose a slim straight or tight version. In this way, the “relaxation and degree” comparison will not be pressed.

③ coat+sweater+wide -leg pants

The looseness of wide -leg pants is to allow you to hide a piece of pants in the winter to achieve warmth. The coats and sweaters are thick, so wearing it is required to be “prioritized”.

The fabrics of the pants are a little thinner, and the suit pants are right. The feeling of pendant and thinness is very nice.

④ coat+sweater+skirt


The skirts of enthusiasts see here. For friends with thick legs and wide legs, they have a good lean effect.


Skirts can also choose thin satin or chiffon fabrics to reduce the weight of wearing to create a visually thin feeling. Here I also want to wake you up, that is, about wearing long skirts, tall people can not show their ankles and leave white, but it is best to show a small ankle, which will be higher.

In addition to this method, a small skirt is wearing a short skirt to create a disappeared exposed leg to wear, but at this time, it is best to open the coat to wear it. Essence


The article is over here. I wonder if everyone gets the charm of a coat+sweater to wear templates? If you want to keep warm, you must keep in mind the “little knowledge points” mentioned in the article.