When it comes to the Japanese table, I believe that everyone is no stranger to Casio, Seiko, and West Rail City. Among them, Western Railway City uses light power for its core technology and is known for its own light power. But just like the brand name “Citizen” of West Rail City, most people’s impression of West Rail City is close to the people. So when you see a two -pin West Iron City watch that sells more than 20,000, why may you ask?

Friends who pay more attention to watches, or people who know West Rail City, may already know which West Iron City I am talking about when I see this problem. That’s right, we are talking about the flagship model of the Eco-Drive ONE ONE ONE. West Rail City launched the thinnest light kinetic energy launched in 2016 to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the birth of ECO-Drive technology.


The biggest feature of the ECO-Drive One watch is thin enough! The thickness is almost equivalent to a coin. According to the official data, the case design value is 2.98 mm, but from the perspective of the official website, the thickness data given is 3.2 mm. You know that many button batteries on the market are thicker than its watch. However, in any case, people are thin, thin, and thin.

Of course, ultra -thin is not the ultimate goal. The technology is. The technical content contained in ultra -thin watches is the reason why this West Iron City dares to be so barking. The West Iron City 8826 optical power movement inside the watch is only 1 mm thick! West Rail City used the most advanced processing technology at that time to redesign every component and structure of the movement, minus all unnecessary parts on the movement. It also improved the energy storage, and the movement can run for about 10 months at a time.


The movement is also very accurate at the same time, with a monthly error of about 15 seconds. I think this is very important. In 2018, West Rail City released the CAL.0100 optical power movement, which has an annual error, is the most accurate optical energy movement so far. Although the two are different, they are all technical, and they have become topped in a certain aspect.

However, although the thinnest light power sounds very powerful, for us, the watch still needs to be worn after all. West Rail City Eco-Drive One series watch is also very distinctive in design, which is not “West Rail City”. The watch adopts the minimalist wind design that is currently popular. There is no extra decoration of the dial, showing the simple and pure beauty. Like many Western Railway City Watches, the Eco-Drive One series watches are also different according to the shell material and dial color matching, and the timing is slightly different. The watch has black disks, white disks and gray dial styles, with leather strap or steel straps. Among them, I like the white disk model AR5026-05A. Its design is the simplest and clean. The noble son, Yu Sheng, wore this West Iron City, and the temperament fits very well.

The white model has a fresh sense of fashion. The case made of stainless steel/metal ceramics is plated with pink color. The warm metal luster with white dial is very elegant. There are four screws on the hard alloy bezel without adhesive, which enhances the mechanical sense of the watch and also looks more manly. On the white dial is a black timing marker and pointer with great contrast. The minimalist Pattrashle and the pointer combined with the standard circular case, which is perfectly matched.

The watch is 39 mm diameter. For ultra -thin watches, I like this size very much. It is a size that fits almost all men’s wrists. Combined with the ultra -thin case, the watch looks very elegant and exquisite, and has an elite at the wrist. The mirror uses double -sided anti -glare sapphire glass. For light capacity watches, anti -glare coating is necessary, because its power source is the sun, and the anti -glare plating can ensure that it can be clearly clear even under the scorching sun. Reading.


After the watch has nothing to do, this is of course. The belt model’s Eco-Drive One watch weighs only 35g, and even the steel band models are only 77.2 grams. In addition to the style launched in 2016, the West Railway City Eco-Drive One series was later launched. Later, the Schopo ™ titanium model was launched, with a smaller size, 37 mm, and a slightly thick thickness, 3.5 mm. Shubo ™ titanium is the exclusive patented material of West Iron City, 40%lighter than stainless steel, but the hardness exceeds five times more than stainless steel. The Shubo ™ titanium model is paired with the Shubo ™ titanium strap, which weighs only 48g. Its price is also slightly more expensive than steel, and the public price is RMB 32,280.


Like all ultra-thin watches, the ECO-Drive One watch with the West Iron City is of course suitable. But unlike those top -level ultra -thin mechanical watches, you can wear it daily because it is not so “delicate”. In addition to the limited edition AR5014-04E public price of RMB 46,800, the conventional white disk model AR5026-05A and the black disk model AR5025-08E both public prices are 26,480 yuan. The steel band model gray disk AR5004-59h, the black disk AR5000-50E public price is 19,980 yuan.