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Winter is cold and dry, many people like to use a humidifier. But recently, many news that caused pneumonia in the use of humidifiers, is worrying.


Not long ago, a well-known anchor is strong in the live broadcast.

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So, use a humidifier really easy to cause pneumonia? Can ultrasonic humidifiers can be used? How to choose a safe, suitable for your humidifier?

Can I use a humidifier to cause pneumonia?

The most suitable air relative humidity of the body is between 40% and 50%, while in the cold winter, especially in northern China, the air is abnormal, and the relative humidity is only 20% to 35%. The humidity is too low, which will cause the body moisture to evaporate too fast, which in turn leads to dryness of the respiratory mucosa, pharyngeal pain, thirst, and dry cough. In addition, the dry air also makes the skin moisture supplement, so that the skin is elastic and wrinkles, resulting in accelerating aging.

In order to solve these problems, the humidifier is born in the air.

The humidifier is an instrument that increases air humidity by increasing the rate of water vaporization.

Its features are in the room with a wet mop, pouring flowers with water, and the clothes that just washed in the same size are similar, but only the people’s hands are more convenient, and more convenient.

The above common home activities will not cause pneumonia, so in principle, as long as the humidifier is used correctly, it will not lead to pneumonia.

The air humidity of January 2, 2022 is only 34% (Source: Screenshot)


Ultrasonic humidifier, really can’t be used?

Let’s talk about answers first: you can use it. However, if the use is improper, there will be adverse reactions, and severe or even cause disease.


This is related to the working principle of the ultrasonic humidifier. The sound frequency of human ear-hear is 20-20000Hz, which is less than 20 Hz for a secondary sound wave, which is ultrasonic wave than 2000 Hz.

Ultrasonic humidifier built-in ultrasonic oscillating film, high frequency (frequency greater than 20000Hz) vibration, shredded water into a small water drop of 1 to 10 microns, and then spread into the air, and increased the contact area of ​​water and air to this. Give the air humidified effect.


Ultrasonic humidifier (picture source: veer gallery)

Ultrasonic humidifier working schematic (Source: Homemade)


This process uses mechanical vibration to break the water and spread into the air, and do not sterilize water, disinfect, so the requirements for the use of water are high.

If there is a precipitate in the water, such as metrics or even more tiny bacteria, it will also be hit by no difference. These contaminants will accompany the human body into the respiratory tract and the lungs, thereby causing pneumonia and other disorders, the so-called “humidifier pneumonia”.

Ms. Huang, Hubei, due to humidifier, “Aspergillus pneumonitis” (Source: screenshot from

This “solving” is: “humidifier pneumonia” is not to say that the humidifier itself has problems, but is caused by improper operation during use.

Therefore, when using an ultrasonic humidifier, it is necessary to pay attention to the cleaning of the water used, such as using filtered pure water. And to clean the humidifier regularly to avoid scale and bacteria.

Also, in addition to pure water, any substance with additional functions such as lemon, perfume, disinfectant, etc. must not be mixed into the water of the humidifier, because these may be broken together by ultrasonic waves, and finally send us Lung.

Don’t you use other humidifiers without an ultrasound type?

Currently, there are two common humidifiers in the market. In addition to the ultrasonic humidifier mentioned above, the other is a bogy humidifier, also known as a cold evapogenic humidifier.

The cold vapor humidifier is to use a honeycomb humidification net for humidification.


The humidification net has countless holes, and each hole is suggested after sucking water, the contact area of ​​water and air is greatly increased, and then the moisture is blown by the built-in fan, thereby taking moisture into the air. Its humidification nature is generally equivalent to the clothes that dry in a ventilated environment.

Cold tract humidifier working schematic (Source: Homemade)

Humidity net of a cold evaporation humidifier (Source: Author Shooting)

In addition, the humidification network is a “mask”. In the process of water volatile, some solid particles such as slime or bacteria will adsorb them on the humidification net, which gives us almost pure water vapor, like laboratory The distilled water used in it is used.

Therefore, the evaporative humidifier is not so demanding the requirements of water, and it can be used to use tap water.

However, it is important to emphasize that with the growth of the use time, the humidification net will also form a large amount of pollutant deposition, affect the adsorption and filtering effect, so you must clean the humidification net regularly.

In addition to the above two humidifiers, there are some small humidifiers.

For example, the electrothermal humidifier, the principle is similar to our usual water, which is to use high temperature heating, increase the volatilization rate of water, and then blow up the high temperature water. Its advantage is that the humidification efficiency is high, and the water source has been used to heat and disinfection. Of course, the disadvantages are also obvious, such as high power consumption, and it is easy to produce dimensions and dangerous hazards with high temperature burns.

There is also a composite humidifier, which is a humidifier with any two or more principles.

Similarly, these humidifiers themselves are no problem. As long as they are used correctly, clean the humidifier regularly, there will be no “humidifier pneumonia” risk.

How to choose a humidifier suitable for you?

Now we know, no matter which type of humidifier, you can use it, but you need to choose your humidifier according to your own situation.

If the humidifier is hosted home, there is a child and the elderly in the home, it is recommended to use a cold humidifier.

Because it is safer, it is more environmentally friendly, it is more convenient, and pure water is required as a water source.

If it is used in the office, you can consider the ultrasonic humidifier.

Because there is more free pure water, it can be given well.

It is also necessary to emphasize that if you use a humidifier, you must pay attention to regular cleaning humidifiers, choose a clean water source!




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