I have to say that the retro boom in the fashion industry is really too hot. No, recently, a “Roman sandals” boom has been set off.


Alas, it is it. The product from the Roman Corporal Fighter is a bit like earlier straw shoes. At first glance, the word “憨” appeared in my mind; the sandals resembled the grandmother’s sandals, blunt head and dull brain.


However, although people are “not good -looking”, they are very comfortable to wear. They can deeply appreciate what is the scene of Zhenxiang.

Since I was started by Amway, the number of times I loved it has risen straight. No way, who told it to be comfortable and versatile!

The studio’s partner also started this sandals under the recommendation of LIYA, but helpless and the appearance is too special.


In the wardrobe.

Pick it up, you can only shake your head and put it down, crazy and talked with me to pull up the grass.

No wonder, the entire shoe type is a hollow and cross -strap type, wrapped in Jioji, and the skin area of ​​naked feet is small. Own

Rough and neutral

The style, wearing Xiaobai is indeed a bit inaccurate in terms of matching.

But don’t panic, there is liya.

Today, I will conduct an Amway after -sales service. Let’s talk about how to match the Roman sandals? Sort out a few universal ones for the fairies



Idea, let you change your body and easily become a fashion icon!

#+Roman sandals




It is difficult to control the wear, but in fact, the combination of the two will produce a wonderful chemical reaction.

The suit and trousers in the workplace will give people heavier


Sense of tightness

Such a more formal dress is a bit out of breath. At this time, with a pair of sandals, it can reduce this feeling, and the casualness is just right.

All black combinations have begun because Roman sandals start




It has increased a lot of lazy attributes, so that All Black will not look too dull.

In addition to workplace wear, it can also give you a different experience in daily trousers.


If you want to be more casual on the street, the color of the whole body can be unrestrained in black and white and gray, and you can match some



T -shirt


, Pants can also choose not to be so dull

White trousers



Due to the relatively small skin area of ​​Roman sandals, it is generally not available in the feet.

#+Roman sandals

Skirts are essential items in summer.


The gentle middle umbrella skirt and the neutral Roman single shoes can be well collided with mix and match fashion, there are species

The charm of the maid man balance.


The shallow contrast also improves the eye -catching degree of look, leisure and ladylikes at the same time!

The fairy can pick the skirt according to her height and adjust the skirt length, and try to ensure that she shows a thin ankle. It can also modify the proportion of the body while hiding the meat.

Dressing and dressing should pay attention to Balance. If there are too many upper body elements, the lower body must choose clean and simple, so that the entire look will achieve harmony and be more resistant to the atmosphere.

#+Roman sandals


When shorts encounter Roman sandals, they can also be fashionable.

Roman sandals are full of neutral style on the street. With handsome shorts, it is cool and handsome.

If you stacked the middle socks, the calf lines can be better optimized, and the slender ankle can also be more prominent. There is a kind of cold feeling of abstinence boys, which can make her boyfriend also wear it!


It is also shorts, replacing the shirt with a cute plaid doll shirt, and the overall look is immediately injected into the age reduction attribute. You can choose the jump color to echo this atmosphere, showing that the ghosts and horses will not feel tired.

The combination of shirts and suits can also bring a sense of exquisite capacity, but when you step on Roman sandals, you will not feel old -fashioned and mature.

Loose and casual linen set, with a sense of literary and artistic Japanese, V -neck holds the clavicle, the thin paper man skills get, and then the Roman sandals embellishment, the sense of youth and the sense of youth and the sense of youth



Straight up.

Well, today’s sharing about Roman sandals is here. Which combination of combination do you prefer? Intersection

The fairy should not look at its blunt head, rough and neutral, it looks a little embarrassed, but in fact, this is the unique charm of Roman sandals.

In fact, there are many single items in the fashion circle that have such characteristics. The seemingly flat appearance. In fact, comfort and versatility are full score standards; choosing different combinations can reflect different feelings. I’m tired!