In recent years, many friends have chosen desktop computers for their excellent gaming performance.

However, the desktop computer does not have a horn like a laptop. If you do n’t wear headphones, you can also have an immersive feeling in games and movies. You also need a computer audio.

Some friends are greedy for small and cheap plastic sounds of 9.9. When they play games or watch movies, they open their sounds. They hear this “damaged sound quality” that has no movement.

But we need to spend 2 or 300 yuan to buy a better audio. When we hear the price, a lot of people have been dismissed. At most, they only receive audio within 100 yuan. The feeling of being immersed!

Don’t say, this pioneer S03 audio can meet all your wishes at one time, and the price is only 59 yuan! Intersection Intersection


Like HIFI -level high -density wood, independent bass speakers, equipped with two high -fidelity small speakers, whether you are a game or a movie, you can give a shocking listening experience.

Generally speaking, ordinary audio is only two left and right, which is the 2.0 channel that everyone often says, but because of the lack of shocking bass units, it is difficult to enjoy the shocking effects in games and movies, and many people are abandoned.

The first clip audio is the mainstream 2.1 channel. It is designed with one drag and two. It consists of an independent bass and two full -frequency sound. It can better form a surround sound, and it is more suitable for watching large and playing games.


Among them, its independent bass audio uses high -density wooden boxes. The surface scrub texture looks low -key but not vulgar.

The benefits of wood can effectively reduce the interference in the waves and make the sound quality fresh and natural. This is also a major reason for many HIFI -class sounds to use wooden boxes.

On the front of the bass audio, an imitation sound -oriented hole is also designed, which is conducive to making the bass stronger and looking very simple and stylish.

The bottom of it is an important sound unit, which is what we often call the bass gun. When the sound of explosion in games and movies, you can feel the powerful and rich and full shock bass.


Although the subwoofer has a feeling, the sound quality of the left and right channels is also important. Therefore, the two acoustic satellite box uses a full -frequency high -fideline real speaker. The middle sound is sweet and the treble is bright, making the sound flushing and rich.


In order to follow the principle of acoustic design and cooperate with the independent bass sound, the two small speakers use a 75 ° small elevation angle, which can effectively reduce the reflection of the sound to the desktop and ensure a better listening effect.

Under the tuning and testing of the inverted acoustic structure, the professional tuning tuning and testing, it can bring the 3D surround sound effects of thousands of yuan.

When playing games, the 2.1 -channel 3D stereo surround sound makes us like the battlefield in person, and the real sense helps us win the next game; when the relaxation of the audio and watching Let us have the cinema -level listening enjoyment at home.

Because it uses USB/AUX audio connector design, in addition to desktop computers, it can also be connected to a variety of devices such as mobile phones, laptops, tablets, etc., and supports the use of major APPs, which is very powerful.

Here, I recommend everyone to buy a Bluetooth connection version.


This version of the audio uses the latest Bluetooth 5.0 chip blessing, supports a 25 -meter wireless connection, and also supports intelligent voice functions. It is more convenient to play anytime, anywhere, and the king is more impressed.

To tell the truth, there are high -performance computers. If you are still using “damaged sound quality” spicy chicken audio, the experience is not worse than ordinary office computers, and you will lose!


This pioneer S03 audio with an independent wood -quality subwoofer and a thousand yuan sound effects, the value -for -money price is only 59 yuan! Intersection


If you can buy a 2.1 -channel good sound, what else do you need?

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[2020 new model] Xianke S03 audio computer sound platform -type small speaker wired source affects the overweight subwoofer notebook USB small speaker game wooden Bluetooth home console

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