1. Definition of slicing machine:

The slicing machine is mainly used for our daily mold cutting process to chase or cut the schemes that need to be shipped by the sheet, so that it can be used for processing equipment shipped according to the specified sheet.

2. Scope of use:

① Soft electronic materials: such as PVC, PET;

② Do not dry glue paper: such as double -sided glue, single -sided glue, foam glue;

③ Insulation, dustproof, and shockproof materials: such as silicone pads, rubber pads.

3. Application principle:

Mainly control the servo motor through the PLC, and cut the blade of the required materials according to the specified signal through the cutting knife.

The specified signal is mainly included:

① Determine signal: Refers to the fixed -length signal of the length of the band. The length can be set arbitrarily, but the length of the same batch of products is fixed.

② Index signal: Refers to the use of the index sensor to sect the signal indicator of the positioning sensor of the material for thickness, color difference, metal, and magnetic of the material.

Blade cut:

It is mainly based on the pressure of the material to cut the upper and lower blade according to the sensing signal.

4 Common indicator sensors:

① Thick sensor: It is mainly used to inducts the sub -section of the product with the thickness of the product material.


② Polysis sensor: It is mainly used for tracking of the different color difference in the product belt to sends slicing signals for slicing.

③ Metal/magnetic sensor: It is mainly used to track slicing signals for the mortar of metal/magnetic unique to the intermediate auxiliary materials in the product.

④ Feedback sensor: It is mainly based on the different structures of the sensor signal and the differences in the differentiality of the sensor signal. (Most of this type of sensor is a pair -to -sensor)


5 adjustment method of sensor:

We often use sensors as chasing sensors. Generally there are two buttons. The adjustment method is very simple. The main steps are:

① Align the material of the non -induction site to the light standard, and adjust the color sensor indicator light to the red light to set;

② Pay the material induction site to the cursor, and adjust the color benchmark sensor indicator to the green light according to the setting;

③ Set the range of chase, find the range of color chase in the touch panel, and set a range of color chase according to the length of the slicing product. The setting of this range is mainly caused by the continuous discharge of materials to prevent the pursuit of color.