Invisible bras are generally made of silicone material. There are no shoulder straps and straps. Instead, the inner glue is tightly stuck to the skin and fixed to ensure that it does not slip. Because the texture of the silicone itself is relatively close, it is a physical nature, and in order to make the chest line beautiful, many invisible bras have a certain thickness, and they are not breathable.

Because the bras are directly stuck to the skin by the inner glue, the contact with the skin is too close, there is no gap, and the sweat can not evaporate, resulting in a higher local temperature. At high temperature, for a long time, it is soaked by sweat, and this part of the skin is prone to redness, itching, and skin diseases such as eczema or mule.


In addition, women’s chest skin is very delicate, and the large area allows the glue to paste directly. Some people will be allergic to glue and contact dermatitis. As some people are allergic to wound pain and pain cream, liquid exudation will even occur.

Everyone is always eye -catching when shopping, but good products are always worth watching. Here you tell you the hottest stealth bra.

1. This bras use a thin and thick design, which can effectively gather the chest curve. There is a three -dimensional chest pad on the cup, which can prevent the embarrassment of glowing. There is no steel ring design, wearing comfortable people. The style of the shoulder strap, does not push shoulder, can also wear sexy feminine charm.

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2. This bra is made of high -quality silicone, soft, comfortable and breathable. The surface of the cup is smooth and delicate, and there is no sense of burden. There are three -dimensional ventilation holes on the cup to effectively prevent the embarrassment of glowing. Give the shoulder strap design to facilitate the adjustment of looseness. Adjustable shoulder straps can be adjusted according to different body types.


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3. This bra is made of silicone, which is soft and comfortable and can effectively prevent convex points. There is a clustered design on the cup noodles that can support the chest well, and it can also prevent sagging, and it will not be embarrassed to strangle underwear. In addition, the design of the invisible zipper is convenient for daily wear.

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4. This bra is made of silicone, which is soft and comfortable and has good breathability. Simple and stylish style design can effectively prevent lighting and bring more experience. The material of the silicone is not only wear -resistant and non -slip, but also protects the chest well to avoid embarrassing situations.


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5. This bras use a marked design that can effectively prevent sagging of the chest. There is a gathering pad on the cup that can support the auxiliary milk well, and it will not feel embarrassed. The design of the back is sexy and charming. The back -up design shows sexy collarbone, and it is more sexy and charming for women.

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