The New Year is coming soon. I presumably many people are preparing for New Year’s goods. Don’t worry first. When buying New Year’s goods, don’t forget to dress yourself. Usually pay attention to the image. what.

In addition to wearing new clothes in the New Year, the accessories must also be changed.

New Year’s New Year, many girls have ears. Wearing earrings can add a lot of temperament to the whole person during the Chinese New Year, so it is necessary to start several New Year’s festive earrings.

Red is very popular in the New Year. In addition, this year is the “rat” year, so a red little mouse earrings are the most in line with the festive atmosphere. The style of the red rice mouse head, the diamond is also used as a pendant below, showing the sense of layering.


Although this is also a red mouse style, compared with the above, the style is much simpler. This one is directly used by the rice mouse head. The overall feeling gives people a very playful feeling. After wearing it Age reduction.

There are even more powerful. The pendant of the entire earrings is a mouse shape.


It still looks very cute. Not only is the feel very good, the quality is also very light, there is no discomfort to wear on the ears, and the young lady who has a high personality can try it.


Compared to the earrings of the earrings of several little mice, this design is much simpler, mainly red gold color matching, very simple and atmospheric, without the age limit, whether young people or middle -aged people can wear it.


This design is even more interesting. It is suitable for young ladies who are about to get married years ago or after the year, whether they are married or after marriage. The design of the two earrings is not the same.

But one in the middle is “间”, and the other is the word “blessing”, which is super creative.

In addition, there is such a simple “hi” earrings. The whole looks very abrupt and there is no other color, so it is easy to wear a tacky feeling.

Especially the dark -skinned younger sister must try it carefully.

There is also one, the design is very casual, but it looks pretty good. The two earrings are like two token, one says “Congratulations to getting rich”, and the other says “Auspicious Ruyi”. There is a moral.


And this is even more powerful. It is the favorite one of the many new year earrings. It has the characteristics of Chinese style. It is a red Chinese knot next to the ear needle. “The word” country “is a very creative pair of earrings.


Red peach heart earrings are also very good. Girls who are super suitable for dating during the New Year are wearing such a pair of earrings on their ears. The sweetest.

Girls who like flowers can try this pair of petal earrings. The hanging ornaments under the earrings make red petals. From a distance, it looks like dried petals. It is very realistic. After wearing it, there is a retro sense. The younger sister can start.


There are so many earrings related to the New Year, which one do you prefer? Don’t wait anymore, go to place an order to buy it. If you ca n’t, there are two more pairs. How to be so beautiful?

2020 is different, the New Year’s festive earrings are arranged.


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