It’s cool, it’s time to have a wave of good quality jeans. Because I am busy with the factory, I haven’t published it for a long time. This time I recommend a wave of quality, the fabric has elasticity, and 90%of cotton and handsome jeans, yes! It is still a small foot slim jeans. The characteristic of this wave of jeans is that the color is very pure and classic.

Retro Blue side Simple embroidered small feet jeans

It is difficult for me to describe it in too detailed language for this jeans, because retro blue is simple and versatile because of its simple basic design. Purpose of autumn and winter must -have jeans, dark blue is not exaggerated, versatile fashion! The upper body wearing sweater or shirt with a sweater can make you handsome to have a large group of friends. If a pair of jeans can’t satisfy you, you can shoot two!


White embroidery letter solid color basic jeans


This elastic fabric contains 90%cotton, black and dark blue colors, and the personality side of the white letter embroidery, which makes the pants simple and not monotonous, full, and strongly recommend starting!


Basic small feet jeans in front pocket design

This dark blue is also called tannins, elastic fabrics, 90%of cotton content, the biggest highlight front pocket design, chic and unruly tide men can start, not chic, hee, joke, very high quality, like it, you can like it, you can like it. Start. There are dark blue and black, and individuals are more recommended to be dark blue.

Shop Name: Xingku Shangpin Men’s Shop

That’s it today, good goodbye next to the next issue!