Tub’s brand is also well -known in China, and the quality of shoes is really good. The first sense of this sneaker is light, and it is really light. The foundation is a material similar to foaming. The pattern of the pattern is better. The surface of the synthetic leather also has a brown eye texture similar to real leather, which is also softer to the touch. The matching color of the moon and red with red is very design and coordinated.


Highlights and details

The overall shoe shape is full, and the toe design of the steamed buns is not old -fashioned. The tongue of the shoes is relatively long, and it is indeed a gospel for people with a higher surface. The rear heels are set up, which is very wrapped in the heels, which can effectively protect the foot of the foot. The appearance of this shoe is thinner, but I am fatter, and my foot is also very high. I did not expect to wear it without squeezing. Each part is also suitable. Essence


The design of the back tongue of this shoe is indeed praised. The forward arc can be stuck in the heel. The material of the tongue of the tongue is knitted fabric, which is relatively soft and there will be no grinding feet at all. The sewing thread is very fine, without any extra line head, the rules are tied, and the design sense is very strong.


The soles are made of foam materials, with large pattern soles, and strong grip. The LOGO dedicated to Tibu is considered carefully.

Trial process and experience

This shoe is a synthetic skin, not the production of real skin. However, the synthetic skin also imitates the pores and a certain natural pattern of the skin, the feel is soft, and the feeling of the skin is basically the same.

The outsole of the shoe is the back -high front bottom. The outsole on the front does not highlight the upper. The outsole on both sides is basically not highlighting the sides of the shoes, especially the middle of the middle of the outsole has contracted a lot. Can’t see the bottom. At the back of the outsole, a red decorative line also runs the front and back of the back and back. This design is first to ensure the wrapping of the shoes to the feet. Secondly, the shoes are rich and dynamic, the red decoration line rhythm is full, and the movement is very strong. The design is thin again.

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¥ 139


The sewing lines of the shoes are mainly decorative lines, and the sewing is relatively detailed and careful. The main outsole is adhesive, which can only be verified by time.

The outsole is made of foam. The bottom lines are deep and wide, and the grip is still good. The bottom of the English LOGO is highlighted at the bottom. Destrass special. The material is hard, and the overall is still slightly hard to wear. It may emphasize the functionality of exercise, and the comfort is slightly a little regrettable.

Trial experience

Advantages: beautiful shoes, smooth lines, super beautiful colors, and strong design. The rear design is superbly protective. The material feels good.

Disadvantages: The soles are stiff and the elasticity is slightly worse. The middle part of the outsole has shrunk too much, the forefoot is too thin, and the forefoot is slightly regrettable.