Zhongxin Finance, April 2 (Liu Wenwen) On April 2nd, the Ministry of Housing and Urban -Rural Development, with the China Disabled Persons’ Federation, held the “General Specifications for Building and Municipal Engineering” (hereinafter referred to as the “Specifications”) , Introduce the relevant situation around the problems such as barrier -free facilities and environmental construction.

It is reported that the “Specifications” issued by the Ministry of Housing and Urban -Rural Development is based on ensuring the safety, convenience, and systematic of the construction of barrier -free facilities. Wait for more systematic rules. The standard level has been improved, and the relevant indicators and technical requirements are basically the same as the international advanced level. This specification is implemented from April 1, 2022.

On the same day, Wang Wei, deputy director of the Standard Division of the Ministry of Housing and Urban -Rural Development, said that the new project construction barrier -free standard system pays more attention to people -oriented, pay attention to the vital experience and needs of people with disabled people, and clearly relevant requirements from the aspects of barrier -free facilities and environmental construction. Effectively promote high -quality development of barrier -free environments. In order to adapt to the rule of international technical regulations and technical standards, in accordance with the requirements of standardized reform in the new period, the technical standard system of new barrier -free facilities is divided into three levels. The important part of the component is compulsory binding. If you violate compulsory engineering specifications, you will be dealt with seriously in accordance with the law.

The second level is recommendation standards, including recommendation national standards, industry standards, and local standards. In order to achieve the requirements of mandatory engineering specifications, it provides paths and specific measures. At present, there are 15 recommended national standards in the construction standard system of barrier -free facilities. The content involves green buildings, green ecological urban areas, village rectification, urban underground space planning, etc.; 47 industry standards, content involves special education schools, nursing homes, books Museums, museums, gymnasiums, shops, hotels, urban public toilets, garage, cemeteries and other buildings and various places; in addition, there are recommended product standards such as handrails, grabbing rods, lifting platforms, and urban passenger cars.

The third level is the group standard. The group standards are the standards that are independently formulated and published by social groups, and they are voluntarily adopted by the society. As an important supplement to the current standard system, the development is fast, the number is large, and the advantages of marketization and innovation are. It is one of the key tasks of my country’s standardized reform. For example, the “Administrative Evaluation Standards for Urban Communities” and “Calls and Towns Public Service Facilities and Aging Technical Guidance” formulated by the “Urban Community Community Performance Evaluation Standards” formulated by the China Engineering Construction Standardization Association are supplemented and detailed the relevant requirements of the “Code for Barrier -free Design”.

In recent years, the Ministry of Housing and Urban -Rural Development, together with the China Disabled Persons’ Federation and other departments, has actively promoted the construction of barrier -free environment and achieved positive results. Zhang Dongwang, deputy director of the Rights Department of the Rights of the Disabled Persons ‘Federation, said that the Chinese Disabled Persons’ Federation actively coordinated and cooperated with government functional departments such as housing and urban and rural construction to comprehensively promote the construction and management of obstacle -free environmental construction. Investigation of obstacle demand, master the reality of the construction of barrier -free environment. The second is to cooperate with the promotion of the top -level design of the improvement of barrier -free environment. The third is to cooperate with government departments, industries, and relevant parties to jointly promote the construction of barrier -free environment. The fourth is to actively carry out the reconstruction and transformation of obstacles and promotion of disabled service facilities for disabled people with difficulty in the construction of disabled people.

Zhang Dongwang said that the next step of the China Disabled Persons’ Federation will continue to cooperate with the Ministry of Housing and Urban -Rural Development and other departments to implement the “General Specifications for Cabaptic Free -free Building and Municipal Engineering”, organize the participation of disabled people to participate in the obstacle -free experience to promote supervision, increase difficulties of difficult disabled families in difficulties in difficulties in difficult disabled people with severe disabled people with severe disabled disabled people. Cabinence -free transformation, promote more websites and APPs for barrier -free transformation, further improve the awareness of barrier -free in the whole society, and accelerate the construction of unrequited facilities, complete functions, unobstructed information, and comfortable experience. All social members of the society are produced, live, work, and study, and promote the comprehensive development and common prosperity of the disabled. (Finish)

Source: China News Network