In the winter, the light -cooked black phoenix embroidered bottom knit sweater, the feel is very good and fashionable, and the version design is particularly foreign. The use of Phoenix embroidery design is particularly high -end atmosphere, and the hem adopts a loose and broken strip design, which is full of youthful flavor. A woman 30 to 48 years old is full of charm.


This design is particularly unique. The design of the high -necked design naturally shows the romantic feminine charm. This year’s particularly popular loose bat sleeve design shows the elegant temperament of women. The solid fabric does not have much restraint and a little casual taste, showing a strong femininity.

Recently, the bat sleeve streaming sweater is particularly popular. For the style of the bat sleeve, the mother is very satisfied and the workmanship is also very delicate. There is no extra line head, the version is particularly positive. Essence Both feel and visual levels are very popular, the design is also very fashionable, the color is very good, the skin is white and the length is very suitable, and the length is also suitable.


The skirt style is today’s trend. It is super thin. This beautiful clothes, my mother has always wanted to try. I did not expect to wear a thin effect on the body. The designs of tassels are particularly unique and elegant.

This year’s popular bats, sotesses, sweater, noble, elegant and versatile, but not showing their temperament.