The “mysterious” beauty wearing a mask appears in the costume drama. Their eyes are smart, the clothes are fluttering, and the peerless beauty under the mask will always affect the hearts of the audience!

Whose appearance is stunning your time?

As the so -called call starts, and the pipa is still half -covered, the exquisite mask always gives people a sense of mystery.


Inventory of those unforgettable “masks” in film and television dramas. As soon as the mask is worn, no one loves it, and the aura is full!


Lin Qingxia

In 1954, Lin Qingxia was born in Taipei, Taiwan Province.


She was born with a facial features. She was found to be a movie face, and was discovered by the scouts during her student period. Unfortunately, her parents did not let her enter the entertainment industry.


At the age of 18, she signed her first contract under the film company and Lin Qingxia’s repeated guarantee of “cleaning and self -good”.

In 1992, 38 -year -old Lin Qingxia, Jet Li, Guan Zhilin, and Li Jiaxin collaborated on “Swordsman” and starred in the role of “undefeated East” and became an eternal classic!

One of the scenes was that the East was undefeated to wear a mask, only a pair of sharp eyes.

Lin Qingxia’s mask is simple and sharp, without too much decoration and patterns, in line with the domineering of the characters.


But it does not delay Lin Qingxia’s beauty at all!

At the moment of taking off the mask, a heroic face showed the audience, and was instantly convinced by her powerful aura.

Domineering and amazing!


Lin Qingxia’s character’s anti -string men’s clothing not only did not have the sense of violation, but also became a generation of classics. No one has surpassed so far!



Li Jiaxin

In 1970, Li Jiaxin was born in Macau, China.


His father is Portuguese and his mother is Chinese. Therefore, Li Jiaxin is a mixed -race of China and Australia.


She has been Peugeot since she was a child. She was excavated by the scouts when she was 3 years old. She also filmed a baby advertisement.


In my teens, I was often talked about because of outstanding beauty, and the entertainment industry had long been waiting for her to enter.


In 1988, 18 -year -old Li Jiaxin participated in the election of “Miss Hong Kong”, won the championship in one fell swoop, and officially entered the performing arts circle.


In 1992, 22 -year -old Li Jiaxin and Andy Lau and Qiu Shuzhen collaborated on the film “Casino Tycoon”.


At that time, Li Jiaxin was wearing a red dress, the flames of red lips, and walked to the scene of sitting in front of the gambling table, becoming a classic film.

Li Jiaxin’s mask is a red bright drill with purple feathers, which complement the red clothes, and purple is even more mysterious and noble!


At the moment of taking off the mask, everyone was shocked by her beauty. How could anyone look so good?


The Hong Kong media, who has always been poisonous, described Li Jiaxin’s beauty, and used the word “Shi Potian”, which is enough to see her beauty!



Chen Xiaoyi

In 1989, Chen Xiaoyi was born in Jilin Province.


At the age of 10, his parents sent Chen Xiaozhang into Beiwu to learn ballet.

In 2006, 17 -year -old Chen Xiaozheng entered the Central Academy of Drama with the first place in his professional first place.

Many years of debut, many characters played by Chen Xiaozheng are impressive, such as Hong Xiaomei in “The Couples of Husbands and Wife”, and the heart in “Rugao Biography”.

In 2021, she and Yang Mi, Chen Weiting and others collaborated on the costume TV series “Mrs. Dendu’s Zhu”, and once again virtue of Tralan,

There are countless fans of the two characters.

Chen Xiaozheng, who just appeared, was wearing a elegant purple skirt and a purple mask, which was quite exotic.

With this shape and amazing appearance, the popularity of this character even surpassed the heroine Yang Mi.

Although with the mask, every move, a smile looks so delicate!


At the moment of being taken off the mask, the exquisite facial features were finally clearly seen. Chen Xiaozheng hurriedly covered his face with the veil, only a pair of poor eyes.


Governing the audience’s appetite!



Guo Xiaoting

In 1993, Guo Xiaoting was born in Shanghai.

Guo Xiaoting, who looks good and cute, started filming at the age of 5, proper child star.

At the age of 18, she was admitted to the Shanghai Academy of Drama with her professional first scores and officially became a professional actor.

Everyone’s impression of Guo Xiaoting seemed to stay on the corner of “Hua Lady” in “The Legend of the Sword”, as if she had never grown up.

But in 2022, “Knowing with the Jun Chu” let us see a mature acting Guo Xiaoting.


At the age of 29, she decorated two corners, a gentle and open -minded, and a cunning and insidious!

With almost no need to use the changes in makeup, purely relying on acting skills can show the different personalities of two characters.

Get praise from the audience!

In the play, her mask is divided into two types, one like a golden phoenix shape, covering the injured half face.

The other is also golden, just a little smaller and more delicate!

Guo Xiaoting used acting skills to create a “crazy approval beauty” image, and the blessing of the mask makes this character more beautiful.

Even if the face is damaged, it can’t cover the proud beauty!



Zhang Xueying

In 1997, Zhang Xueying was born in Zhejiang.

At the age of 6, Zhang Xueying was taken by his parents to visit the crew to visit her sister Zhang Xuemi, and was played by the director’s role as a role to enter the performing arts circle.

In 2019, 22 -year -old Zhang Xueying participated in the costume TV series “White Hair”, playing a princess Rongle.

When she appeared, she was wearing a white costume and a butterfly -style mask on her face, full of mystery!


The original intention in the play is to block the beauty of the princess, and after wearing a mask, it has a more unique temperament.


Compared to the masks of other actresses, this workmanship is cumbersome, beautiful and fresh, and has its own style.

After taking off the mask, it cannot be said that it is very amazing, it can be regarded as a beauty of costumes!


Li Qin

In 1990, Li Qin was born in Kunshan, Suzhou, Jiangsu.

Li Qin, who has been studying in Kunqu since he was a child, exudes the beauty of classical Tsing Yi.

In 2004, at the age of 14, she was admitted to the Shanghai Opera School for more professional studies, where the principal got the principal

Cai Zhengren’s emphasis.


In 2008, Li Qin, who had not graduated, was starred in the director of “Dream of Red Mansions” by director Li Shaohong.

This character was very successful, and it undoubtedly opened another door for the young Li Qin.

Since then, Li Qin has officially stepped into the performing arts circle to develop and starred in a good role after another.


In 2020, the “Splendid South Song” starring her, this time Li Qin boldly tried a new look.

In the play, she was wearing a mask, but her eyes hidden the killing, showing the cold and gorgeousness of a killer.

A black suit with a black mask, only Li Qin, who is white and beautiful, can stand up, not vulgar, not old -fashioned!

She also wore a gold version of the mask of the same shape, different colors, different aura!


Li Qin who took off the mask, can this effect be felt?

A word, beauty!


Yang Ying


In 1989, Yang Ying was born in Hong Kong with a stage name baby.

However, when she was a child, she grew up in the Shanghai Lane, and when she was a teenager, she went to Hong Kong to school with her parents in her teens.

In 2003, 14 -year -old Yang Ying became a flat model and entered the entertainment industry to develop.

During the modeling model, Yang Ying’s reputation and reputation in Hong Kong were generally. It was not until he met Huang Xiaoming that his career began to fly.

In 2013, she played a flower woman in the movie “The Dragon King of Di Renjie”.

As soon as he appeared, everyone was amazing!


She embraced Pipa, half -covered, but the overall temperament was just right.

Take a closer look, the mask is inlaid with small pearl decorations, and the hollowed out lines are also transparent, and the overall style is fresh and elegant.

With Yang Yingbiao’s facial features, it is the most successful representative of all her characters!




Chen Derong

In 1974, Chen Derong was born in Taipei, Taiwan.


At the age of 15, her beauty was among Aunt Qiong Yao. In order to wait for her to grow up, Aunt Qiong Yao tailored her role for her.

Later, she starred in the bitter dramas such as “Plum Blossom” and “Sanmei” of Aunt Qiong Yao, and the reputation rose for a while!

Her appearance is really worth waiting, as if the beauty who came out of the painting is indispensable.

In 2002, 30 -year -old Chen De and Ma Jingtao collaborated on the costume drama “Xinshu Mountain Warrior”, playing the “Yaochi Fairy” in martial arts.

This role can be said to be her peak of her face value.

The green skirt with a light blue transparent mask has not masked Chen Derong’s beauty, but also a little mysterious and hazy.


At the moment of taking off the mask, the beauty of the prosperity is like to come out!




Ju Jingying

In 1994, Ju Jingying was born in Sichuan.


When she grew up, she entered the secondary art school affiliated to Sichuan Conservatory of Music and stood out in a game.

Become “Four Thousand Years Beauty”!


Ju Jingying’s mask is exquisite and beautiful, not appearing in costume dramas, but at the ball.


The bright eye makeup, with this lace lace mask, makes her even more agile.

After taking off the faces, the exquisite features showed, and the otaku shouted!

There is no harm without comparison!