This winter is very popular to wear “bottom skirts”, and it is just right to wear a variety of coats.

“Frozen legs” in a skirt in winter? That’s just you didn’t pick the right style! No one stipulates that you ca n’t wear skirts in winter, provided that you have to choose the skirt of this season, like the recently popular “bottom skirt” is very good! ▼

The bottom skirt is not low in the cold season, but the utilization rate is not low, but many girls are unacceptable to the “stalk” of wearing skirts in winter. The north and south areas are different, and the temperature is naturally different. Like the winter of the southern people, there is nothing wrong with wearing a skirt in the inside, but it is beautiful and fashionable.

Then, Lily will share with you a few matching skirts. Choose the right coat to match it. It is really warm and beautiful.


Coat+bottom skirt

Wearing a bottom skirt in autumn and winter, what coats are good -looking, lily thinks it must be the first choice of coats. The combination of bottom skirt and coat is the correct way to open this autumn and winter.


Taking advantage of the autumn meaning, the sun is not large, let’s go to two or three good friends to travel together, especially to go to the place full of ginkgo trees, put on coats and bottom skirts, all kinds Don’t be too perfect to take pictures! The stronger the autumn color, the daily wear is as simple as possible, and the color of the clothes is lighter and better.

The set of monuments demonstrated by the tide is very suitable for wearing in autumn and winter. White woolen coats are very stylish. The upper body not only modifies the figure, but also covers the flesh. Inside a light coffee knitting bottom skirt, a pair of light coffee colors and ankle high -heeled boots under the feet, the whole set of clothes is very quiet and temperamental.

The two -sided woolen coats are generally good in texture, and they are also excellent to wear. In addition, the version and color of the coat are also superb. The low -key and gentle apricot, what skin color girls can be worn, with a black knitted bottom skirt, and a small split design at the hem of the skirt, it looks not so monotonous. Dark coffee color flat boots match, look good and cool.

Pink coat+beige slim bottom skirt, do you think the color of this set is very gentle? Against the light pink tone coat, it feels that the skin color of the whole person becomes fair. The slim knitted bottom skirt inside the inside outlines the figure very well. The pink wool shoes worn under your feet are warm and comfortable, just to echo the color of the coat.


Plush jacket+bottom skirt

Faced with such a cold season, nothing is warmer than a furry jacket. Does this plush coat coat look a little domineering? The color is very pure brown, which is too good in winter. If the shorter is cute, then this medium -length plush jacket is specifically born to create a gas field.


There is a slim knitted bottom skirt with a slightly lighter color inside. It is simple and generous. It is the most suitable coat with some expensive jacket. The pointed split boots worn under your feet inadvertently modified the legs of the legs, which is thin and long. Of course, the most important thing is to show temperament and elegance.


In winter, I still want to wear a sense of elegance. It is a difficult thing. If you like the gentle wind of literature and art, then you can learn from this set of wear. Black wrap knitted bottom skirt with a blue -green short plush jacket, a pair of black high leather boots at the foot, some cool and feminine. The design of the skirt split shows a sexy and soft side. The black fisherman’s hat worn on his head makes the shape look more unique.

Down jacket+bottom skirt

In winter, down jackets, such as warm and fashionable jackets, must not be less. Unlike the general basic down jackets, this down jacket uses a “sewing” process, so it will not be bloated to wear. The cream is really gentle, and the design of the belt is added to the waist. It is tied gently, and the good figure shows it. The inside is a black stitching lace bottom skirt. The effect of the upper body is also super good.

Suit jacket+bottom skirt


The bottom skirt is really a kind of skirt that must be defeated in autumn and winter. The little fairy who likes to wear a skirt must not be missed! In autumn, it is very beautiful with a suit jacket. The color of the skirt is green with low saturation. It is very good and white, and it can easily set off the fair complexion ~

Moreover, the length of the skirt is also ideal, covering the calf, so no matter what the leg type you are, you don’t have to worry about it. The white suit on the outside, the version is not a loose model, but some slim of. The design of the waist slightly, visually extended the proportion of the body, and there is no need to worry about being bloated.



how? Do you still like this bottom skirt shared by Lily? In winter, girls who like to wear skirts, just start a bottom skirt for themselves, wear a variety of coats, warm and beautiful!

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