Text: Xiaoyue Xiao [WeChat public account: Xiaoyue Xiaozi]

In the past few days, my brother will go to Go lessons in the morning, so every morning, my daily life is:

Identifying up, coaxing up, dragging on the road, spending money with Zai.

Today, Tiangong is not beautiful, Xiaoyu Xiaoyu keeps next, so my daily life becomes a version of “Back to Mother’s Home”:

A baby with a left hand, an umbrella in the right hand, a bag in front, and a baby behind.

Do you think this is all?

Do not!

Children at this age

Ask the sky, ask the ground, ask questions, and play with your feet …

So it appeared

Extremely divided scene

: A seemingly young and delicate lady, but to the left for a while, to the right for a while, a while, and a while …

The wind blowing the wall of the wall is down on both sides, and she is a gyro.

You see: She has to take a small umbrella to take care of the small one, but also to pull her throat and call it big.

“Don’t step into the water … Be careful of wet shoes … be careful of the car”

You listen: She also responds to the two most dear babies at the same time, as long as one says: Mom, Mom, you listen to me … Another another

I will say a big voice: Mom, Mom, you listen to me …

At the beginning, the old mother looked at the baby in her arms with a smile,

She never thought that she would have today!

Sometimes I will say, Mom, I am a prince,

What are you?

Is it a princess?

The old mother said in her heart,

I am not a princess, I am a palace master! The Lord who is busy all day long!

Take today! I finally took two baby back home. I said, Mom, I’m starving to death!

I want to eat pork ribs and kelp!

The old mother was cutting the beef’s hand trembling and trembling, thinking: I am not only the palace owner who is busy all day long.

I still go to the night of the night, the palace of the dishwashing palace, and the palace of the mop!

In addition, your eldest son, you also treat me as the owner of the Magic Palace! perhaps,

In your eyes, your mother cooks is not technology, but magic!

I finally told Da clearing at noon to eat, and the small one started again. I don’t want beef or fans!

I, now, don’t want to, eat!

Well, if you do n’t eat it, you do n’t eat it. The strong melon is not sweet, and the meals are not sweet!

Everything is ready. The old mother thinks that she can finally rest in the midfield? Who expected,

Dabao, who is unwilling to eat alone, started hunger marketing:

I want to eat pot! I’m going to eat all the pot!

The big one really knows the small one, and I saw the small one immediately, a war is about to begin!

Poor old mother,

While forbearing blood pressure, the blood pressure rises,

Put down the chopsticks and reconcile.

Finally, the small ones were satisfactory to the answer, but

The old mother’s meals have long been cool.

Another day, a day of passive weight loss.

After lunch, the old mother dragged her body with a serious insufficient power and came to the bedroom. It would not matter if she didn’t come!

On the ground, the bed, the quilt, there are activated carbon everywhere,

Rough estimation, it is millions? Intersection

Needless to say, this is a small masterpiece!

There is no tolerance, can’t bear it anymore, the old mother instantly becomes a Hedong lion roar, anger King Kong,

Plus, the owner of the irritability palace, repairing the palace owner!

After a meal of repair, the world was finally quiet, and the old mother could finally lie flat …

More than an hour,

A strong man will open the door, and then say to her: I’m exhausted, starved to death, or you are comfortable, don’t do anything …

Thinking of this, women can’t help but sad.

I always thought that my life would be a love drama, and it was almost a comedy. I never thought that it would be a palace fighting drama.

This palace is not the palace, it is the dishwashing palace, laundry palace, meals, mediation palace, shopping palace, magic palace …

In addition, the child’s dad’s rest palace.

Now, I finally understand why someone just wants to shop and does not want to fall in love.

They are not smart, they are wisdom!

Ha ha!

[WeChat public account: Xiaoyue Xiaozi]