Luo Yonghui specializes in selling creative canvas shoes. There are two other names, called graffiti canvas shoes or hand -painted canvas shoes, which are more popular on creative stores or online.

Luo Yonghui University studied art. After graduating, he came to Hangzhou from Shaanxi. When he did it, he sold hand -painted when he did it. At that time, the concept of hand -drawn was not yet popular. So he rented a house outside the Zijin Port Campus and started selling his hand -painted products. The creative person may have no money, but there is absolutely no shortage of ideas. Luo Yonghui’s shop opened, which caused a small sensation in the area of ​​Zijin Port Campus.

Luo Yonghui moved his head on his shoes. He didn’t expect to draw such a painting on his shoes.

“The nurse shoes of 40 yuan and more than 70 canvas shoes are currently the best sold. I specially invited workers to draw shoes here. People with no artistic skills can’t do this kind of thing.”


Luo Yonghui said that their shoes were not drawn with acrylic dyes, but textile dyes. The characteristics of acrylin dyes are that after the painting is finished, the picture will be stiff and not comfortable to wear, and textile dyes can avoid this problem. In the current market, most hand -drawn shoes are acrylic dyes.

“I brought more than 100 pairs of shoes in the creative market, but I didn’t expect to sell all all the light.” Luo Yonghui couldn’t believe it.

“Sales are more than 1,000 yuan, it is already a very good booth, and our sales are more than 3,400 yuan each time.” Luo Yonghui was very satisfied with his sales quantity.


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