The slippers wearing it every day may be poisonous, do you know?

On June 23, the Shenzhen Consumer Council and Futian District Consumer Council jointly commissioned the Shenzhen Municipal Institute of Quality Consumption to conduct a comparative trial of the 15 plastic slippers sold in the market and found that the content of phthalate with slippers samples It exceeds the standards of hundreds of times, involving three brands: back force, fast deer, and Jimei.


Among the 15 samples–

8 are integrated sole slippers, involving the brand’s backbone, Antarctic people, Kuai Deer, Shangshu, Posee (Parki), Jimei, Miniso, Kalo Chi;

The 7 models are combined sole and slippers, involving the brands such as Koyou, Dr. Shoes, Philfu, Bairen, Netease Yanxuan, Lidani, George.

Judging from the test results, the performance and sensory indicators of 15 plastic slippers meet the current light industry standards and chemical industry standards in my country.

The chemical safety of some products does not meet the relevant requirements of EU regulations, such as albuminate, short -chain chloride chloride and chloride and other indicators.

However, the overall performance of the use of performance is excellent.

6 samples were detected in a plasticizer containing phthalate

Specifically, the six plastic slippers samples were detected to contain phopthylene plasticizers, and 4 samples exceeded the EU standard limited requirements.


Among them, the monthly sales value of 43W+purchased by Taobao e -commerce platforms, a cumulative comments of 105W+Jimei slippers, the detected albal acid ester content (313015mg/kg) is 313 times the standard limit requirements.

Secondly, it is fast deer slippers, back force casual shoes, and Shangshujia home anti -slip slippers. The detected content is 290640mg/kg, 195286mg/kg, and 2123mg/kg, which are 290 times, 195 times, and twice the standard limited requirements.

This is not the first time I was tested by the measuring shoe to be tested by the excessive standard


Earlier this year, the official website of the General Administration of Market Supervision notified the quality supervision and random inspection of 51 products such as children’s shoes in 2019. At that time, the WZ-9047 children’s shoes produced by Shanghai Huili Shoe Industry Co., Ltd. was not qualified, and the specification model was 230 (2.5). Production The date is 2019.7.6, the goods number is WZ-904701, and the unqualified items are phthalate.

According to the Shenzhen Consumer Council, Introduction

Tyl -boritanate can increase material softness or as additives for liquefied materials, so it is often added as a plasticizer to a polyvinyl chloride and other substrates.

It is highly relocated and is easy to release from the product. It can enter the human body through the respiratory tract, digestive tract, skin and other channels. It has similar hormonal endocrine interference characteristics, reproductive toxicity, may interfere with endocrine, affect reproduction and development.

Two products were found to contain short -chain chloride chloride and chloroplastine

In addition, the test of 15 sample polygon aromatic hydrocarbons meets the requirements of EU standards and performs excellent performance. Two plastic slippers are found to contain short -chain chlorine chloride and chloride, of which the fast deer slippers purchased in Tmall supermarkets are detected by 15 times the standard limit requirements.

Shenzhen Consumer Council said

Short -chain chlorine chlorine chlorine wax has biological toxicity and cumulative. The short -chain chlorine chlorine chlorine chlorine chlorine chlorine chlorine chlorine chlorine chlorine chlorine chlorine chlorine chlorine chlorine chlorine chlorine chlorine chlorine chlorine chlorine chlorine wax will accumulate in animals and humans for a long time, which may affect the immune system and reproductive system of the human body and biology, and cause environmental pollution.

Good non -slip performance performance excellent performance

In addition, comparison test results show that in terms of non -slip performance, 15 plastic slippers are far higher than that of Australia and New Zealand’s ground safety friction coefficient safety levels and perform well.

The top three of the non -slip effect of the sole and slippers are: fast deer slippers, back force casual slippers, Jimei slippers; combined sole slippers in the first three non -slip effects are: George, non -slip women’s slippers, Philfu anti -slip men’s shoes, Lidani men /Women’s shoes.

Shenzhen Consumer Council reminds,

When buying slippers, the taste is pungent and carefully choose, try to buy some slippers without odor or scent;


Consumers who pay attention to non -slip can pay attention to the material and texture design of the sole when buying;


Choose the slippers to just meet the length of the length to meet the part, avoid being tripped during the walking process because the shoes are too long;

It is recommended to replace it at least once a year. It is best to change the new for half a year. If the sole is worn seriously, replace it in advance to avoid slipping and falling.

Content source: Shenzhen Consumer Council, Economic Daily, etc.

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