Dysmenorrhea, girls can’t hide. Some people say that dysmenorrhea girls are like folding angels, but when they hurt, they only feel that they are grilled wings.

How much pain is the soul torture?

Medically, the pain is divided into 12 levels. The higher the level, the greater the pain you feel. The pain when the first level is mosquito bite, and the nurse tied the needle during infusion. The 12th level is the pain of the mother during delivery.

And dysmenorrhea has reached level 8


The description is described by real feelings:

“Pain to shock, like being scraped by a needle”

“It can only curl up on the bed with one motion, accompanied by cold sweat and nausea and vomiting …”

What can I do to relieve dysmenorrhea appropriately and maintain a good mood? Today I will present some intimate tricks for everyone!

1. Anti -painkillers

The first choice of ibuprofen sustained release tablets, generally starting from a small dose, mastering your own dysmenorrhea, the best effect when taking medicine at the beginning of the attack.


2. Hot compress


Place the hot water bottle in the abdomen to keep the body temperature, which can significantly reduce the pain.


3. Appropriate exercise

A small amount of exercise can improve the blood circulation in the pelvic cavity, which is conducive to eliminating the congestion in the uterus and appropriately alleviating dysmenorrhea.


4. Choose a comfortable sanitary napkin

Every time the girl is in her aunt, she will feel uncomfortable, flammable and angry, and they must choose a comfortable sanitary napkin.

The concubine sanitary napkin is a rare disinfection -grade sanitary napkin on the market. It uses advanced “epoxy ethane” disinfection technology, which meets national disinfection standards. “Super clean experience.


Only 0.1cm thin, no lightness, completely 0 burden to use ~

Water absorption is the key to testing the strength of sanitary napkins! The concubine sanitary napkin uses imported SAP water absorption factors to quickly absorb and maintain dryness. It firmly locks the tide again and again. With the breathable base film, it can effectively improve the breathability, improve the softened and humid feeling of the use of sanitary napkins during menstruation, and feel more dry.

Light and breathable, safe and comfortable, pet concubine disinfected sanitary napkins, care for your good mood.