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海南周刊 | 葫芦树上“铁西瓜”

This is a seemingly ordinary tree, planted in the Great East China Sea Plaza in Sanya. The trees are beautiful and upright, the leaves are lush and lush, and the leaves are unlimited. When the fruit is not hung, it seems that it is not much different from other trees in the square, and pedestrians rarely stop. And once the tree is fruits like watermelon, it always attracts the attention of tourists. When everyone takes pictures, they will discuss around the trees: What kind of tree is this?

Large like watermelon

海南周刊 | 葫芦树上“铁西瓜”

In fact, this is a gourd tree. Its fruits are as large as watermelon. The shell is smooth and very hard. It looks like watermelon hanging on the tree. Gourd tree is native to tropical America. It is cultivated in Guangdong, Fujian, Guangxi and other places, and in Hainan, the gourd tree is mainly distributed in Haikou, Sanya, Baoting, Ledong and other places.

Gourd tree, Latin scientific name Crescentia Cujete. Although the difference is only one word, the difference between the two is not small. According to “Chinese Plants”, gourd is a one -year -old climbing herbal plant, but the gourd tree is an evergreen small green tree of the gourd tree of the gourd tree of the tube -shaped flowers. The stems of flowers “Plants, its fruits are not like gourds hanging under the vine, but directly growing directly on the trunk and old branches.

The shape of “iron watermelon” is very similar to watermelon.

What is “old stem raw flowers”? It turns out that the flowers and fruits of the green and cold trees generally grow on the peak of branches or branches for one or two years, but on the tropical rain forest, some plants have flowers and fruits on old branches and trunks. Some experts believe that this is because the trees are relatively low, and they cannot compete with the sunshine with the upper plants. Blooming on the old stems, the flowers are more likely to be discovered and patronized by insects, which is convenient for insects to pass on it. It is conducive to breeding offspring; in addition, its thick trunk can also withstand the weight of fruits and a large number of seeds.

Many of the plants of Ziwuchi belong to the big flowers and trees, the branches are high, the trunk is straight, and the crown is strong. Not only that, the vast majority of the genus have bright, beautiful and beautiful flowers, and the flowering period is longer. For example, the flame wood we know is half a year. It is also like the yellow flowers and Feng Suzuki. When blooming, the trees are golden and attracting people’s attention.

海南周刊 | 葫芦树上“铁西瓜”

The same belongs to the family, the flower of the gourd tree is elegant green and yellow. Judging from the pictures in the Chinese plant image library, the corolla of the gourd tree is wide and slightly shorter, and the upper cracks are expanded to bell -shaped. The middle flower is like the tentacles of anemone, and the top of the flower is slightly pointed and contracted. The flowers of the gourd tree are generally about 5 cm long, about 2.5 cm-3 cm in diameter, and 5 cracked slices. A single flower period is short, blooming at night, and withering in the morning.

“Explosion” does not explode

Although it is elegant and low -key, the fruit of the gourd tree is very strong. When the flowers are withered, the green fruits will be knotted on the branches. Their growth rate is not slow. The young fruit will be spherical soon, and the diameter can reach 20 cm. It’s like a green watermelon hanging on the trunk.

“Iron Watermelon”.

Those who have seen the fruit of the gourd tree can’t help but reach out and touch. At this time, everyone will find that its fruit is smooth but very hard. It is difficult for ordinary people to open it. Therefore, there will be “iron watermelon”. title. In addition, the gourd trees also have nicknames such as scoopwood and trees, Pugua trees, and red gongs, all named after the shape of its fruit.

“I have seen this kind of tree in Baoting before. I heard that it is called the” shell -shell fruit ‘. The power of explosion and explosion is great. I have never dared to approach. “Beying on the gourd tree, tourist Chen Xiaohan took out his mobile phone and took a picture, saying, The mature gourd tree fruit will burst automatically when it comes to fire. The sharp and hard fruit fragments fly around, and can even be injured by birds. These fruit fragments are not only powerful but also long. “The farthest can fly more than 20 meters, so during the maturity of the fruit, the trees will be surrounded.”

海南周刊 | 葫芦树上“铁西瓜”

Will “artillery fruit” really explode? The name “shells” can be seen in the “Chinese Seed Plant Department”, which refers to the fruit of the gourd tree as the “shell fruit”, but there is no expression that the fruit will explode. The explosion has also gone through rounds of rumors. In the Qihua and Fruit Greenery of the South China Botanical Garden of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, a gourd tree was cultivated, and its name was “Iron Watermelon”, which did not explode. The surrounding around the gourd tree is not allowed to pass through it, because the fruit of the gourd tree is very large and smashed into the body, which will cause people to avoid the consideration of the gourd fruit falling into mistakes.

It seems that the name of “shells” is not true. However, there is a shell tree in South America, which is also called “shell fruit”. The shell is a tropical plant in Yuruicee, a scientific name Couroupita Guinensis. Different from the flowers of the gourd tree, the petals of the cannonball tree are shallow dish, pink or dark red inner pink, and the inflorescence is usually born directly by the trunk, arranged in general sequences.

“Iron Watermelon” that grows on the old branches.

The shell tree is not only beautiful, but also the fruit is also very strange. During the mature period, the fibrous or near -wood spherical fruits grow out of the stems, and the trunk is full of trunk, which is spectacular. However, the fruit of the shell tree will not explode. The color of its fruit is tea brown, and the small texture is also visible to it.

At present, the plant is widely cultivated in tropical areas such as India and Singapore. It is said that many Hindus believes that the shells are sacred trees, because their flowers are like Naga, and they are also planted in the Temple of Dianpo.

Edible melon

“Since it is called” Iron Watermelon “, the shape is similar to watermelon. It looks green. I really want to pick it down, open it, and put it in my mouth to taste it.” Can the fruits of the gourd tree be eaten? What is the taste?

People who are talking about may be disappointed. Although the shape of the “iron watermelon” is given “iron watermelon” because the shape is very similar to the watermelon, the taste of “iron watermelon” is not as refreshing and sweet as watermelon. It can be seen that the fruit of “iron watermelon” is thinner, and the flesh is white and sticky. Because the taste is not good, it is not conducive to people’s consumption.

When the fruit of iron watermelon is immature, it is easy to be eaten by mice, but once its shell becomes mature and hard, even the mouse is helpless. According to information, in the place of origin, there is a horse that can open its hard shell to help them spread seeds.

The fruits of “iron watermelon” are white.

However, this does not mean that the fruit of the gourd tree is useless. Because the gourd tree is regular for the last 6 months, it is often used for garden viewing. In addition, its peel is very hard after ripening, and people in some areas will also dig to the internal flesh after they are mature, and then clean them into daily life supplies such as water scoops. In addition to making various containers with iron watermelon skin, people will also make brains to make various handicraft products with local characteristics.


Iron Watermelon (Crescentia Cujete L.) is a small green small tree of the Ziwuchi gourd tree, 5 meters-18 meters high. It is a typical tropical rain forest “old stem raw flower” plant. ; Corolla bell, light green and yellow, browning pulses, blooming in spring and summer. Iron watermelon is native to tropical America. It is cultivated in Guangdong, Fujian, Hainan and other places in my country. It is a good and strange ornamental plant. Because of the hard shell, the mature fruits are often used as water scoops.

Original title: “Iron Watermelon” on the gourd tree